All Our Best Project Ideas For Newbie DIYers

You don’t have to be an expert DIYer in order to create something beautiful for your home, something that you can really be proud of. After all, everyone was a newby at some point plus a lot of projects don’t require any special knowledge or experience and that’s what we’re focusing on today. Check out below some of our favorite home improvement projects for newbie DIYers. We can’t wait to try some of these ourselves!

Chalkboard paint is pretty great and more versatile than many think so it’s nice to have some stored on a shelf just in case you want to make something funky one day, like this mini chalkboard for example. The project is super simple and only involves two things: chalkboard paint and glass (or a large picture frame).

A wood cheese board may not be exactly the type of thing that you absolutely need, but you will once you see how amazing this one looks. We love the uniqueness of this project and the fact that this wood cheese board actually has character.

Isn’t this clay giraffe planter adorable? You can make something like this for the kids’ room or as a gift for someone you love. The giraffe design is definitely cute but feel free to try other ideas as well. Maybe you can put an entire zoo on your shelf.

Presentation is everything when it comes to cakes and you can make sure everything is just right by crafting your own custom cake stand. this one has a small upside down bowl as a base and looks modern and stylish. You can adjust the dimensions of the elements involved based on the size you want for the stand.

Sure, coat racks are easy to find and there’s a ton of designs and styles to choose from but none is as charming as a rustic coat rack that you build yourself. The project is very simple and only requires a few easy-to-find supplies so there’s really no reason to postpone it.

This hanging wine rack is also a surprisingly easy project that you can try. The reduced difficulty combined with the fact that wine racks are generally quite expensive make this a great DIY project for beginners. If you want to, you can save even more money by making this out of reclaimed wood.

A side table might be just what your living room is missing. Finding one that’s just right however is not easy, not to mention that prices can often be unreasonably high. You can solve both problems by crafting your own chic side table with hairpin legs.

Constantly losing your keys? Well, no more of that with this lovely wire key holder. All you need if you want to make something like this is some wire and pliers. You can shape the wire into a variety of cool shapes, including creating a this “stay a while” design that also sends a cute message.

We absolutely love baskets. They’re very useful around the house. You can store all sorts of things in them like towels, blankets, food, etc plus they also look nice. You can make them look even better by decorating them with pom-poms. This pom-pom basket DIY project is one of the simplest ones yet.

A lot of cool DIY home improvement projects focus on recycling and repurposing and this right here is a great example. This is how you can turn a chair into a garden planter. It’s a very clever idea really and it works for pretty much any type of chair.

As nice and versatile as bookshelves are, they’re not very practical when it comes to magazines. That’s where you have to be a little bit creative. You can store them in a box and you can make it look pretty. Check out this lovely paper mache box and think of all the ways in which you could customize it.

Need a few new planters for your little succulents? Why don’t you repurpose some old tea cups? It’s a lovely idea and a great way to personalize your indoor garden. You can use spray paint to give your new repurposed tea cup planter the color that you want.

Faux flowers can look kind of… fake when you simply put them in vases. However, they make more sense when you integrate them into a more artistic display piece such as a fake flower wall art piece. This one has a beautiful 3D effect and is also quite easy to make. You need paper straws, canvas, foam board, a glue gun and flowers.

A cork board can be very useful in the house plus you can also make it look nice and pretty. An idea is to cover the frame in tissue paper or perhaps even in fabric just too add some color and pattern to the design. Think about using a theme in your design… that might be cool.

You know those glittered wine glasses that are sometimes customary at weddings and other fancy events? If you like those, you can make your own so you can admire them every day. You only need a few simple things for that: some wine glasses (obviously), glitter, decoupage glue, a foam brush, clear acrylic spray and some masking tape.

Not many know how to make a kokedama planter and it’s a shame but it also makes this project that much more interesting. First of all, the supplies needed for this: some moss (Sphagnum or sheet moss), Bonsai compost, some twine or string, a bowl and of course a plant.

Speaking of planters. how about a mini fake one? It may not sound like a very grand project but look how cute and adorable this is. You can customize a mini monogram planter in lots of different ways using stickers, paint, ribbon and other such things.

Pallet wood is a great resource for a lot of DIY projects including some very simple ones that are perfect for newbies. This for example is a pallet welcome sign with some lovely string art embedded in its design. It looks nice and it offers lots of opportunities for customization.

Mason jars are also super versatile so it’s no wonder there are tons of cool DIY project ideas involving them. Something simple that’s also useful and pretty would be a mason jar wall organizer.This one features a combination of wood, glass, metal and leather which looks very stylish.

Maybe you don’t absolutely need a coffee mug holder but one would definitely look pretty in your kitchen. You might even free up some space in your cabinets this way. You can choose to repurpose a tray for this project or to get a new one specifically for that. Either way, have fun customizing it and don’t forget the cute knobs… they’re the best part.

In case you feel like you’re home is missing some decorations, maybe you’d enjoy making a tassel wall hanging like this one. It’s simple but it looks nice and it can make a space look and feel more inviting and more comfortable, more like home. For this project, you’re going to need a wooden dowel, some yarn (standard and chunky) and scissors.

A wire basket can be turned into a shelf, who would have thought? This is a little project that you can do for your entryway, just to have a place to hang and store some accessories and a few other little things. Of course, the wire basket shelf idea can also work for other spaces such as the bathroom for instance. Rectangular-shaped baskets work best but don’t let this limit your options. Be creative.

Here’s another unusual but just as simple project idea: turn a rake into a wine glass holder. As it turns out, this is a perfect match. To make things more interesting you can use an old rake head that has a nice vintage vibe. Just clean it a little bit and hang it on a wall upside down. If you want to you can spray paint the rake to match your glasses.

Not everything you make has to be functional. Sometimes it’s just nice to make something that simply looks pretty without serving a different purpose, like these colorful fabric-covered letters for example. You can use them to personalize your home and you can keep them on a shelf, display them on a wall or put them on your desk. You can also think of other ways to add these letters to your home decor or you can offer them as a gift.

Wine bottles make nice vases, especially if you dip them in paint first. This is a very simple technique which anyone can master. Just take a bottle, clean and remove the labels, dip it in some paint and let it dry. You can use tape to get clean lines and you can even mix different colors to create even cooler designs. Geometric patterns are also an option for paint-dipped vases, planters and other such things.

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