Spectacular Dubai Office Inspired By The Beautiful Sandy Dunes

Smart Dubai is a government initiative aimed to make Dubai the happiest city on earth, with many projects already being completed. One of them includes this amazing workspace designed by studio dwp. The office was designed with a focus on a few key concepts such as sustainability, flexibility, human interaction and intelligent space planning. In other words, it’s a space which encourages multidisciplinary collaborations through user-friendly layouts, beautiful aesthetics and multifunctional setups.

The office looks spectacular and has a very modern but at the same time human design. The inspiration came from the unique landscape of Dubai. The spectacular ceiling designs are meant to reflect the desert winds over the sandy dunes, with organically-shaped spaces and fluid lines also defining the walls, floors and the entire workspace in general. The designers chose to focus on rounded and soft forms rather than linear shapes and straight angles in order to induce a welcoming and casual ambiance. The extensive use of wood throughout this entire project further helps to turn the offices into very inviting and comfortable spaces.

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