Gorgeous Narrow Coffee Tables Ideas for Your Home

A narrow coffee table is almost like a mandatory piece of furniture regardless of whether or not you’re a coffee lover. It is stylish and useful in so many ways, especially when you use to lay out a bowl of candy, your favorite magazines, or store the remote control so you’ll always have it at hand.

Narrow Coffee Table

Despite it being such a small piece of furniture, there’s quite a lot of stuff you have to know before investing in a coffee table, and we’re going to try and cover most of that knowledge in the following paragraphs.

Coffee Table Styles

You can think of the coffee table as a piece of larger puzzle that is the décor of your living room. Knowing what are the main styles of coffee tables that you can find on the market will help you narrow down your choices to styles that are actually suitable to be a part of your interior décor. As you start looking for coffee tables, expect to come across the following styles:

  • Traditional coffee tables are often considered to be formal furniture. They are available in different shapes and are mainly recognized due to their ornate details. They are likely to have everything from curved legs to carvings, and are normally made from rich woods.
  • Transitional coffee tables are right at the border between traditional and modern furniture pieces. They appear to be very casual and have designs focused on functionality. A lot of people prefer transitional coffee tables because they are suitable with a lot of different décor styles.
  • Contemporary coffee tables are focused on new models that are trending as we speak. They have very bold accents and you’re very likely to find them with metal bases and glass tops.
  • Cottage or country coffee tables mostly have distressed finishes and are characterized by feminine lines and detailing.
  • Rustic coffee tables are different than country-style ones because they are mostly made of distressed wood and feature visible metal accents. They do share some similarities with industrial coffee tables (we’ll get to those in a minute), but they are centered on the idea of using natural wood in the manufacturing process.
  • Industrial coffee tables are usually made from concrete, stainless steel, or weathered wood. Basically, any coffee table that looks like it has been salvages will most likely pertain to the industrial style.
  • Mid-century modern coffee tables are easy to recognize due to their clean and simple lines, as they are reminiscent of a style that was very popular between the 50s and the 60s. These wooden tables are characterized by clean finishes that don’t divert the focus away from the wood’s natural beauty.
  • Parsons are coffee tables that have a rectangular or a square shape and four square legs that match the tabletop’s thickness. The style dates back to the 30s, and is characterized by simple shapes. However, you will most likely find coffee tables in this category that come with upholstery materials or details that help embellish the pieces fitting in this category.

Common Coffee Table Materials

The materials that are used to make a coffee table will determine its looks and durability. When you’re in the market shopping for a new coffee table, you will most likely find it available in one (or more) of the following materials:

  • Wood is one of the most common materials on the list and you’ll find plenty of coffee tables that have wooden tabletop even if the legs are made from other materials. However, wood is also considered to be relatively fragile (this depends on what other material you compare it with) and susceptible to water rings, which is why a lot of people use coasters on their wooden coffee tables.
  • Metal coffee tables are made from metal alloys or durable iron or stainless steel. They usually come in combinations with glass and wood elements, such as tabletop.
  • Stone tables are usually made with a marble, stone, or slate table top. These will require a different type of upkeep depending on the type of stone used to make them.
  • Glass tables usually have a glass top and legs made from other kinds of materials, such as metal or wood. It’s important to choose tables made with tempered glass because there are less chances of injury should this break. Also keep in mind that water rings are pretty visible on glass surfaces and they are a regular fingerprint magnet, which means they will require frequent cleaning.
  • Upholstered coffee tables aren’t all that popular, but they double as an ottoman and can be used to rest your feet, which makes them a good choice for people who like to lounge on the couch/armchair while watching TV or reading a book. An upholstered coffee table is usually paired with a tray that can hold cups and glasses without you having to worry about any spills.

Top Narrow Coffee Tables for Your Home

1. Ashwood Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

Our first item in today’s list is a 19.1” H x 42.72” W x 13.8” D table that comes with three open cubbies which are perfect for storage needs or for showcasing items you want to see in your living room, such as books, plants, memorabilia, and others. The table is made from a combination of metal and wood, being one of the most beautiful modern pieces that you can buy at this price. It can support a weight of up 70 pounds and has a minimalist design with some industrial-inspired elements that make this a perfect narrow coffee table for those in need of one with some additional storage space.

2. Lovisa Sled Coffee Table with Storage

Very similar to the model we’ve shown you above, the Lovisa coffee table is yet another product that lies at the border between industrial and modern designs, offering you an item built from a good-looking combination of wood and metal. It measures 19.7” H x 39.4” L x 15.7” W overall and comes with two interior shelves that measure 19.7″ L x 9.85″ H each, and offer you plenty of storage space for items such as books, remote controls, or even fruit bowls. The construction of the table allows it to support up to 150 pounds in weight, while the wood with the espresso finish can successfully match a lot of existing bedroom decors.

3. Kyrie Frame Coffee Table with Storage

The Kyrie coffee table may seem like a very simple model, but it’s actually quite the elegant choice for a variety of different home setups. Thanks to its contemporary design, it can find its way into differently-furnished living rooms, but will excel in those where wooden furniture prevails. It measures 16.02” H x 38.58” L x 15.98” W overall and, with its 42 pounds in weight, it’s not the easiest product to move around. It’s made from manufactured wood and can support a total weight of 66 pounds. It comes with a bottom storage shelf that’s as wide as the table itself and offers plenty of storage space for all kinds of books and trinkets.

4. Upson Bench Coffee Table

Welcome to the motherload of coffee table storage, all packed into the Upson bench. It is a 18’’ H x 62’’ L x 14’’ W that weighs a total of 80 pounds and is built around a frame made from solid and manufactured wood. It comes with three storage drawers that will conveniently hide stuff out of sight, but place it still in reach, so you’ll never have to look too much for the remote control or the PS5 controllers ever again.

5. Ali-Raza Frame 3 Nesting Tables

There is something about these three nesting tables that looks absolutely ingenious. We find it to be one of the best design ideas for space-saving endeavors, which is something we all engage in when there’s not much free room to work with. The steel frame is adorned by the manufactured wood top, resulting in three tables that open up a world of possibility in terms of placement and room design. As far as measurements are concerned, the large table measures 19.7 x 19.7 x 17.7 inches, the medium table is 17.7 x 17.7 x 15.7 inches, while the smallest one is 15.7 x 15.7 x 13.8 inches.

6. Winget Cross Legs Coffee Table

Sporting a design that’s a little bit different compared to the other models we’ve looked at today, the Winget coffee table is an oval masterpiece with metal X-shaped legs that result in one of the most interesting coffee table designs we’ve seen so far. It has a classic outline that somehow manages to be modern nevertheless. On top of the metal legs lies a tabletop made from sandalwood, resulting in a combo that can support a generous 100 pounds in weight. It measures 43’’ H x 21.7’’ L x 12.8’’ W and has a weight of only 18.5 pounds, which means it’s super easy to carry it around whenever you want to switch its location or vacuum underneath it.

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7. Punchard Coffee Table with Storage

When you’re on the market looking for a simple coffee table, with clear lines and a wooden construction, you have to check out the Punchard coffee table. It’s made from solid and manufactured wood and can support a total weight of 50 pounds. At only 50 pounds in weight, it’s a pretty lightweight coffee table. It measures 19.7’’ H x 39.7’’ L x 15.75’’ W so finding adequate space in your living room for it shouldn’t be very complicate. It comes with a bottom storage shelf that’s as wide as the table itself and allows you to place a variety of items on it.

8. Isakson Trestle Coffee Table

The fascinating thing about the Isakson coffee table is the fact that’s so difficult to fit it into a single design category, as it has industrial, farmhouse, and mid-century elements that make it such a versatile piece of furniture, fitting into multiple décor styles at the same time. The metal legs are paired with a wooden shelf and a tabletop, leading to a coffee table that measures 18’’ H x 47.25’’ L x 23.75’’ W overall, and that supports a total weight of 80 pounds. The rustic wooden finish is perfect for vintage-style rooms but can easily make the table fit into a more modern décor, perhaps even in an industrial-style studio apartment.

9. Colo Frame Coffee Table with Storage

The Colo coffee table is another masterpiece, even if it doesn’t have the most durable construction. It has a minimalist design that looks astonishing because of its asymmetrical construction. It’s made from wood with both a brown and a white finish, and multiple storage shelves for placing different kinds of objects that you want to showcase or get out of the way but still have at a hand’s reach. Measuring 19’’ H x 31.5’’ L x 15.5’’ W, this is a lightweight and narrow coffee table that weighs a little under 30 pounds. It can support a total weight of 55 pounds, with 22 pounds weight capacity of each of the shelves.

10. Waddington Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

Coming it hard at 17.4’’ H x 39.37’’ L x 19.69’’ W, this is a mid-century coffee table that doesn’t just look good, but it also very practical due to its various storage compartments that are excellent for organizing stuff and getting some other stuff out of the way. Made from oak, the Waddington coffee table can support a total weight of 100 pounds. It comes with a lift-top mechanism that reveals a hidden compartment which is perfect for getting magazines, cables, or other stuff out of the way, while still having it at hand whenever it’s needed. In addition to the hidden compartment, there are other two visible shelves that serve other storage purposes.

Bottom Line

You might think that just because you don’t have too much living room space to spare, you simply can’t afford to waste any of it by putting in a coffee table. However, today’s article was focused on a selection of narrow coffee tables that won’t suffocate you while you’re sitting in front of the TV, but rather expand the coziness of the room with practical storage space and designs that are simply pleasant to the eye. Keep in mind that coffee tables are different depending on the materials they’re made from, and also note that the different styles available might make shopping for one a tad more difficult than it should be.

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