DIY Mini Monogram Fake Plant Decor

One trend that has been super popular lately is monogram planters. The whole idea is really unique and can be a great way to show off your favorite plants. However, if you are like me and can’t keep a plant alive to save your life, then this trend may seem out of your reach.

Fake Plant Decor

With that being said, if there is a DIY for real plants, then there can also be a DIY for fake plants! To help out all of those who are not plant savvy, today I will be showing you how to create a Mini Monogram Fake Plant decor!


This Mini Monogram Fake Planter is a great way to spice up your space with a little greener and color. I decided to go the mini route because the monogram letter would take up less space and be cheaper to purchase. In addition, you wouldn’t need as many flowers or plants to fill up the planter, since the monogram letter is smaller. In this DIY I will show you how to create one single fake planter, but you could easily use this same technique to spell out a work or your whole name!

Supplies you’ll need for this fake plant decor:

  • Mini Paper Mache Letter
  • Xyron® 1.5″ Sticker Maker and Permanent Refills
  • Paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Ribbon
  • Mini Succulents or other fake plants/flowers
  • Craft Knife
  • Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)
  • Scissors (not pictured)

How to craft this monogram fake plant decor:

Step 1: Cutting process

Grab your craft knife and cut out the top layer of your mini paper mache letter.

Step 2: Paint

Paint your mini paper mache letter inside and out. Then set the whole thing aside to dry.

Step 3: Ribbon and wrap

Grab your ribbon and wrap it around your mini paper mache letter, to get an idea of how much ribbon you will need. Then cut off that amount of ribbon and run it through your Xyron 1.5″ sticker maker.

Step 4: Stick paper

Once you have run the ribbon through the Xyron 1.5” sticker maker, rub the top of the sticker paper. Then peel the ribbon off the sticker paper and wrap it around the edges of your mini paper mache letter.

Step 5: Faux succulent plants

Grab your mini fake succulents and glue each one on the inside of your mini paper mache letter, using your hot glue gun.

Once your mini paper mache letter has been filled up, you are now ready to display it!

This Mini Monogram Fake Plant Decor is so cute and could be customized to fit any type of décor!

On a final note, this Mini Monogram Fake Planter can also stand up on its own (this can be seen in the last photo). So, if you didn’t want to place this fake planter on your desk, you could stand it up on your bookshelf or nightstand. The possibilities for decorating and styling your Mini Monogram Fake Planter, are really endless!

If you made this Mini Monogram Fake Planter what flower or plants would you use?

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