DIY Branch Jewelry Tree Display Stand

Bring a little bit of the outdoors inside with this DIY jewelry tree stand! Mother Nature is the original designer out there, and I’m delighted by her simple solution for storing my necklaces.

Jewelry Tree Display Stand


Materials you’ll need for the jewelry tree stand:

  • Tree branch. Preferably dead (not still green), with branches that are a finger thick and have a few nubs along them, as perfectly smooth branches won’t hold anything in place.
  • Concrete plant pot saucer (this one is 23cm diameter)
  • Rubber chair leg tip, same diameter as branch base
  • Extra-strong glue that can bond to varying materials (in this case, plastic and masonry)
  • Medium-grit sandpaper
  • Timber wax or oil. I like this water-based wax product from IKEA – BEHANDLA – that I haven’t found anywhere else.

Step by step process to build the jewelry stand:


Step 1: Center tip

Wood glue the chair tip in the center of the saucer and let it cure overnight, or as long as the bottle stipulates. You want a strong bond for the glue so it doesn’t get swayed by the weight of jewelry!


Step 2: Wax process

For the branch, use secateurs to trim off any too-small or extraneous branches, as well as trimming the base flat.

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If you want to give the branch a little more lustre, then I recommend sandpaper and wax. Hand-sand the branch with 120-grit paper, just enough to take off the roughness of the bark, and then give the branch a couple of coats of wax. The branch looks more like a deliberate object, rather than just being plucked out of a garden, and the wax provides increased durability.

FYI: My branch was a cast-off from a eucalyptus tree, and it smelled AMAZING while I sanded it!


Step 3: Place the branch

Once both the glue and wax are cured, place the branch in the chair tip. Make sure it’s a snug fit; if it’s not snug enough, wrap a small amount of tape around the base and try again.

That’s it – your DIY jewelry tree!


This DIY jewelry tree project ticks several boxes in my mind: easy, cheap, functional, stylish. I like the contrast of cement with the tree branch, and I’m not just going to use it for jewelry, either: how does a Halloween display tree with a bunch of little bats dangling off the branches sound?

Happy crafting!

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