Stylish Wall Planters You Can Buy Or Make Yourself

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The walls are not just for paintings or shelves. In fact, if you’d rather do something special for your home, you should try decorating the walls in a less common and mainstream manner. We suggest wall planters. They make spaces look fresh and they’re great if you want to add some color to a room without being too obvious while at the same time inviting nature into your home. Wall planters are more versatile and more interesting than we often consider them and this can be viewed as an opportunity to create something surprisingly beautiful.

Cool 35 Wall Planter Ideas

Wall planters you can make

Wall planters

Individual planters can be mounted on a wall just like you’d hang framed pictures or paintings to create a gallery display. This can be easily done using a drill and some wall anchors. You can use simple terra-cotta pots since the plants are the ones that stand out. You can hang the pots at different heights to create a unique arrangement, in a way similar to what’s shown on themerrythought.

Instead of attaching the planter itself directly to the wall, an idea can be to build a sort of frame around it. This way the planter is removable and you can just leave the frames in place and rearrange the plants however you want. The frame can be triangle-shaped and you can built it out of scrap wood or from an old picture frame. You’ll also need a drill, screws, wall plugs, a hammer, nails, wood glue and a screwdriver. The rest of the details can be found on burkatron.

If you prefer a more organized and compact look, you can arrange several small planters in a grid and attach them to a wooden panel which is mounted to the wall. Each planter can be held by a ring and they can be rearranged as desired. Shanty-2-chic offers a really nice tutorial regarding this project. You can use this as a decor feature for the dining room, living area but also in the kitchen where instead of flowering plants you could grow herbs.

How about repurposing a wooden pallet? That usually works…given how versatile these things are. You can turn a pallet into a support structure for planters and since you’re eco-friendly and all you could also repurpose some glass jars or some tin cans instead of using pots. You can hang them with wire, rings or you can come up with your own custom idea. Check out stylemepretty for reference.

Isn’t this arrangement just pretty? You have three rectangular wooden boxes, each able to two or three planters or a planter and a vase or a picture frame. It’s a beautiful combination of decorations with lots of character and the best thing about it is the simplicity. This is something you can put together yourself if you have some wood and a bit of paint or wood stain. You can find out more about it from the description offered on littlevintagenest.

Geometric shelves and wall displays go great with modern and contemporary interior designs. Let’s see how you can built a triangle-shaped wall planter. You’ll need some things, including three pieces of plywood, some wood glue, a saw, a drill, some nails and a hammer. Cut the plywood pieces at  a30 degree angle and cut a hole the size of the planter at the center of one of them. Glue the pieces together to form a triangle and then use nails to secure it. Hang it with screws. {found on themerrythought}

Anything shaped like a hexagon looks nice in a modern and minimalist setting. An interesting idea suggested on cottonandcurls is to use a shadowbox to create a succulent planter which can be displayed on walls. If you’re worried about how you’re going to water the succulents or the lack of sunlight, you can use faux plants instead.

It seems hexagonal wall planters are quite popular. They’re also surprisingly versatile. The version showed on stylemepretty has this panel at the bottom which encloses this section of the shelf, making it easier to use it as a planter. You can also hide small vases in there so only the flowers are showing.

A vertical garden is quite a challenge. If built right, it should be sturdy, durable and user-friendly, not to mention fresh and good-looking. You’ll probably need a tutorial if you’re to craft one. You can find one on 17apart. It shows you how to put together the planter from start to finish and it also offers a complete list of all the materials and tools required for the project.

We came across the very interesting idea of combining a vertical planter with a house number. The project is featured on sarahhearts and requires the following supplies: a circle wall planter, house numbers, spray paint and primer, glue, a drill, screws and, of course, potting mix and succulents. You can display your creation on the wall right next to your front door or on your porch.

Instead of a mainstream plant pot perhaps you’d like to be original by using something else. It’s always fun to repurpose things and to recycle. In this case, you could turn some baskets into planters. You can hang them with wire and they can become wall decorations displayed next to a mirror or a framed picture. The ones featured on akailochiclife are filled with faux plants.

Speaking of recycling and repurposing, we absolutely must mention mason jars again. Turning them into vases or planters requires very little effort and they’re excellent especially in rustic or retro settings. You should check out makingitinthemountains if you’re curious how you can use jars to make displays of greenery on the walls of your home or even your office.

Wall planters you can buy

Of course, there’s no need to go through all the trouble of making the planters or the supports yourself when it would be much easier to buy some ready-made ones. There are a lot of options to choose from, like the very simple and slick Toro plant hanger. It’s made of steel and wood and it can be used in several different ways, not just for displaying beautiful plants but also as a handy surface on which to keep the keys, sunglasses or other things.

These pyramid wall planters featured on etsy are really chic too. They’re simple and they have a clean, geometric design. They come in five different sizes and 10 different colors and they can be used in groups or as standalone decorations. This is the type of wall planter that can look stylish in an office but also on a hallway, balcony or in a living area.

The Lorenas are wall planters designed to hold cacti and succulents. They come in sets and each set is made from a single block of wood. They’re simple and elegant and they’re easy to install using the hardware provided. They’re made of walnut protected by several coats of finish and they’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as long as they’re protected against excess water or sunlight.

With the ceramic Wallscape series you can mix and match different planters of different sizes and colors to create a gallery wall, like an indoor vertical garden. The planters are sold individually and you can get as many as you want in order to turn your vision into reality.

Aren’t these pocket planters just charming? They can be purchased from etsy and they’re handmade out of porcelain, leather and wood. A ceramic planter hangs from leather fastened with brass screws and the combination of materials is chic and elegant. The planters look casual but they also an elegant allure.

The Plant Pods are designed by Domenic Fiorello specifically for succulents. They’re the result of a research process regarding the care required by these plants and its form has been optimized to offer the best possible views of the succulent without compromising its comfort and health.

Made out of birch wood and shaped like a ring, this plant holder is designed to make the pot appear to be floating on the wall. This lightweight appearance also maintains a minimalist look and puts an emphasis on the pot and the plant rather than on the support that holds them. {found on Etsy}

This reclaimed wood wall planter, in addition to being eco-friendly, is a beautiful decoration with just the right amount of simplicity and charm. it consists of a polymer unit lined with a moisture mat irrigator inside a decorative frame. It can be mounted on a wall or it can be placed upright on a table or a counter.  You can find it on Wayfair.

Vertical wall planters are excellent for creating a small herb garden. This one, for example, offers 10 small compartments arranged in a grid. They’re framed by a chalkboard panel which is perfect for keeping track of the contents as they grow. Consider this planter for the kitchen. You can also use it outdoors but the writing might get erased by mistake. {found on williams-sonoma}.

There’s plenty of planters that are designed to be mounted onto the wall which is very convenient if you don’t have space for them on the counter or anywhere else. This lovely kitchen display featured on thecheerfulspace makes use of an Ikea Sunnersta system and consists of three simple white rails and 9 planters that can be easily hanged on them. If you’re doing something similar, make sure you don’t put the soil and the plants directly into these containers. They’re meant to act as a second layer and they don’t include drainage holes.

If you’re interested in something a bit more customized, consider creating a unique living wall or display area for your plants, something like this. This plant wall featured on inspiredbythis is built around a console with mirror and makes use of a variety of different types of planters some of which are hanging from the ceiling, others from the wall or are attached to the mirror frame and some are simply placed on the table.

Don’t dismiss a planter just because you don’t like its color or finish. These details can easily be changed. If you like the system and overall idea behind the design, take the planter home and give it a makeover. That way you can make it suit your style and make sure nobody else has one just like it. A nice example can be found on akailochiclife, a hanging bowl planter that was spray painted which completely changed its look.

You can also make a lovely hanging planter out of various cool finds, like vintage cheese boxes for instance. In this tutorial from petticoatjunktion you can see there are two boxes and one is smaller than the other. Since they’re pretty old and not in the best of conditions, they needed a bit of sprucing up using some wax. That really refreshed them and make this unique planter even better-looking.

It’s quite understandable to want a bit of greenery in your home but not the actual living plant itself. If it’s too dark for a living plant or if you can’t care for it properly, a faux plant could be just what you need. Check out this tropical leaf plant featured on pillarboxblue. It’s vibrant, eye-catching and really easy to make as well. You can make a few of these leaves and display them in a cool way in your home.

Speaking of artificial plants, here’s a really cool way in which you could display a few of them on a wall. You can make these wall art pieces using stretched canvases as a base and a variety of faux greenery pieces. Start by painting the canvases in a color similar to that of the plants and then add the greenery using pipe cleaners to attach them. Check out abeautifulmess for more details.

Have you ever multiplied your plants? You can usually take a small section and put it in a bud vase or a glass so it starts to grow roots, then after a while you can plant it. You can easily propagate most types of plants but while you’re waiting for them to be ready you don’t have to be stuck looking at an ugly container filled with water. You can make your propagation tubes look lovely and even turn them into decorations. Check out this simple tutorial on themerrythought that explains how it’s done.

A practical option if you want to make a green wall or to have a herb garden in your home is to use a vertical design like the one featured on abeautifulmess. This one has a series of pockets that can hold a planter each. It’s simple and convenient and you can make as many pockets as you need in any size you want. The materials needed for this project include weed barrier fabric, a copper pipe piece, cotton rope, a bunch of pins and a sewing machine.

Succulents are really cool as plants because they’re not very demanding and they’re quite resilient as well. They don’t need lots of soil and they can even grow in unusual planters, like this vertical box for instance. This is something that we found on jenwoodhouse and that looks really nice as a decoration for the mantel or for a shelf but you can also put it up on a wall if you want to.

Show some love for the outdoor areas as well. Even if you don’t have a big garden you can still have greenery outside. A cute idea comes from cieradesign where you can find out how to turn tin cans into cute hanging planters that you can use to decorate fences and walls with. They really do look lovely on this wooden fence and because they’re outdoors you can just casually spray them with water and let them drain on the ground.

It’s not just tin cans that can be upcycled into hanging planters for your outdoor fence but lots of other containers as well, even some less common ones. These for instance are recycled aminition boxes. They have a rugged look and they’re definitely interesting plus they already have a finish that’s nice to look at.

If you trellises as much as we do, you’re going to love this project. It’s a trellis plant wall that you can make for an indoor area like your living room or perhaps your bedroom. Building the wooden trellis takes a bit of time and planning so make sure you measure twice before making the cuts to save yourself some time and effort. Once that is done you can move on to the task of making these little leather hangers for each of the planters, making sure they fit properly. You can find all the details on vintagerevivals if you’re interested.

The idea of having fresh plants and herbs in the kitchen is definitely very appealing but as soon as you start to think of how you’re going to make it happen it turns into a real challenge. The plants need light and there’s usually no space to spare in front of the window. Luckily, you can easily solve this issue with a custom hanging system like the one featured on thebirdandhersong. This works great if you have wall cabinets on either side of the window.

How about something small that you can fit in a little empty space on a wall? This trio of hanging planters that we found on room6design could definitely work. It’s a vertical, wall-mounted system that you can make from a repurposed cabinet door or a piece of wood, some knobs and these cute mini buckets. Check out room6design for more details.

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