How To Highlight And Decorate A Black Accent Wall

As an accent color, black is amazing because it brings out and highlights the other elements around it and it goes with everything. A black accent wall can potentially look amazing, especially in the bedroom although it may seem a bit odd to use such a dark and gloomy color in here.

Dark colors are nice in the bedroom because they create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere and black is especially wonderful because of its versatility. You can use it in many different ways and not just on walls but for things like curtains, carpets, artwork and more. Adding decorations to a black accent wall is almost mandatory if you don’t want it to look overwhelming, flat and boring. We have a few decor ideas that you might like to try out.

16 Black accent wall decor ideas

Add earthy accent colors and textures

Earthy colors based on brown and various materials and finishes like wood, leather or burlap can look really beautiful when paired with black. They help to tone it down and to balance out the decor. Here you can see a black accent wall decorated with woven baskets and although it’s such a simple thing to do it looks wonderful. Check out @hunkerhome on instagram for more cute ideas.

Hang a mirror on the wall

Black can of course make a room look darker especially if the room is small so a nice way to avoid creating that effect is by hanging a mirror on the wall. That makes even more sense and looks natural in a space such as a bathroom, giving you the perfect opportunity to add a black accent wall in here without fearing it will have a negative effect on the decor. This design shared by @saragreencollective is a perfect example.

Balance it out with wooden furniture

Wood is a very versatile material, one which is often used in order to add warmth to a space or a decor. Here you can see a black bedroom wall being complemented by a wooden headboard and a matching nightstand. The window treatment and the frame also break the flatness of the dark wall in a subtle and elegant way without complicating the decor more than necessary. Follow @houseofhanes for more inspiration.

Frame it with white walls and a matching ceiling

You can never go wrong with a black and white combination when decorating a space. It’s a timeless combination of colors and it suits every style. This bedroom is a nice reflection of this idea, featuring a wood-paneled accent wall painted black and minimalistic white walls and a white ceiling to go along with it. The flatness of the white walls is complemented by the textured black backdrop and this combination of neutral colors is also featured in other forms throughout the room. Check out @mybohemianhouse for more lovely ideas like this one.

Add coordinating accessories

A black wall can stand out a bit too much by its own and to avoid that it’s usually a good idea to add some other elements to the room in the same color. This dining room for instance has black chairs placed around the table plus a few other less obvious little details like the curtain rail or the chandelier hanging above the table. These elements together with the wall which is the most evident of all bring the room together and create a theme for its design. Check out @thegroundedhome for more inspiring posts.

Play with other similar colors

This might seem counterintuitive but adding more dark colors can help to make a dark wall look more natural and well integrated into the room. For example, a black wall in a bedroom can be paired with a dark gray headboard and a couple of nightstands with a dark stained finish. These elements can all be concentrated on one side of the room while the rest of the space featured lighter and brighter colors. Check out this design shared by @our.cozy.white.home as a reference point.

Let the color take over the ceiling

A simple trick for making a room appear taller is to paint a trim around the ceiling in a color that matches it in order to make the transition from wall to ceiling less obvious. This works especially well with dark colors such as black. If the room is in an attic or a mezzanine floor and has a low or slanted ceiling, painting one of the walls and the ceiling black can achieve a really sleek and stylish effect. You can see that in this beautiful design posted by @designbydama.

Pick a small wall

Obviously, since the idea is to create an accent wall you have to choose only one and since it will be painted black it could be a good idea to choose a small wall. That way you won’t add too much black to the room but you’ll still create a strong focal point. Don’t cover up the wall too much or place matching black furniture and other things against it. Some decorations are in order but keep things simple. We really like the fireplace and the warm neutrals featured in this design from @simplyelevatedinteriors.

Hang a bunch of picture frames

Black can be a perfect background color for a gallery wall. You could hang a bunch of picture frames on it in a grid pattern or however else you like and the frames themselves can also be black to blend in with the wall behind them. That way the pictures will stand out even more and will be the focal point of the entire wall. This idea can work wonderfully for spaces like hallways, entryways or staircases. We’re feeling really inspired by this design shared by @anthonymichaelinteriors.

Mix it with a bright and vibrant color

As we mentioned in the beginning, black is a color that helps to highlight the other nuances around it. You can use that to your advantage if you want to add a more vibrant accent color to a room. A black accent wall can help to bring it out even more by creating a dark backdrop and contrasting with it. For instance, you can add colorful window treatments, artwork or, in this particular case, matching curtains and bedding to give the bedroom a really cozy and chic look. Check out @dandyinreallife for more ideas.

Use lighting to highlight texture

Textured walls like this one look even better when accent lighting is used as a highlight. This black bedroom has a beautiful stone texture with a clean frame around it and the LED band at the top puts an emphasis on this particular section while also serving a practical purpose. This interior design by studio Architology shows how subtle details can completely change a space.

Add diversity through texture

There’s something very elegant and refined about a black-based interior decor and this is beautifully highlighted in this interior by studio aEa – agence Engasser architecture. This living room has a very simple palette of colors revolving mostly around black, grays and white but still it doesn’t lack character. The secret is in all the different finishes and textures that help black on black stand out. 

Spread out the color

In some cases clustering, an accent color to a single area of the room can look great but in other cases a more varied technique is better suited. Here you can see black surfaces on sections of two adjacent walls. One of the walls itself was painted black while the other one is white with black furniture and shelves taking up most of its surface. That prevents any one of the walls from standing out more than the other and gives the room a balanced and harmonious look. This is a design by studio wok.

Have more than one accent wall

Rather than limiting the use of color for only one of the walls in the room it could be interesting to have two or even all the walls painted black. However, that can quite easily add a dark and gloomy feel to the space. To prevent that from happening this stylish dining room has a white border all along the top which brings the ceiling down and a white wainscoting for the bottom section with white furniture against it. That brightens up space and breaks the connection with the dark-stained wooden floor.

Mix black tiles with light-colored grout

Painting a wall is not the only way in which you can add color to it. Tiles are a practical option for areas such as the bathroom. Check out how elegant this one designed by Four Brothers Design + Build looks with all the white marble, the white tub and sink and the black subway tiles mixed with light gray grout as a way to highlight the pattern they create. This mix makes the room look bright and airy and the neutrals are perfect for a guest bath.

Don’t hide it

If you’re going to make a big design statement with a black accent wall then you should keep it visible and not hide it behind furniture, doors and other things. That also applies to the bathroom. Black tiles can be used in the shower in which case a glass enclosure would be ideal. That looks especially great here given the modern design and the fact that the black is complemented by beige cabinets with matching countertops and a wooden floor. {image from pixcelcraft}.

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