Some Beautiful Bathroom Themes To Consider For Your Next Remodel

Every interior design has a theme, even if you don’t choose to follow one consciously. That applies to all spaces and our focus right now is on bathroom themes. More specifically, we’d like to share with you a few design and decor ideas which you might not thought of yourself and to pinpoint a few details that can potentially inspire your next remodel. So what could be the next theme of your bathroom? Stick till the end and you might find out.

Mirrors can be a theme and if we’re to generalize a bit this is related to the desire to make the bathroom look more spacious and airy by creating the illusion of space. You can achieve that with a single oversized mirror or several displayed together as a group.

Another theme you might want to pursue with your next renovation project is marble. White marble is particularly attractive and quite affordable too. You can have a marble floor, marble walls and even marble counters and sinks. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re working with this exquisite material.

Another idea is to think of your bathroom walls as blank canvases and to create beautiful and eye-catching compositions using tiles. How about an abstract mural? That could be a nice bathroom theme.

Another idea you can focus on is geometry, more specifically geometric designs and patterns which you can create using tiles on the walls and the floor of your bathroom. The theme can also incorporate the furniture and accessories.

You could also pursue a Scandinavian design theme which focuses on simplicity and pure materials and finishes. White can be the main color and you can complement it with light wooden accents and soft neutrals.

Speaking of colors, a grey bathroom theme might also look nice. A darker nuance would add a refined touch to the decor and you can complement it with warm wooden floors and white details for a balanced look.

A nice way to make your bathroom seem more welcoming is to look for inspiration in nature and to create an organic decor. Focus on textures and make use of soft and neutral colors.

If you want your bathroom to look glamorous and luxurious then that can be the theme of your design. Add metallic accents, mirrored surfaces and use select materials and finishes to create an outstanding setup.

Color-blocking can also be a cool bathroom theme. Take advantage of this technique to incorporate your favorite colors into a design that’s both simple and eye-catching.

Instead of thinking of your bathroom as a purely utilitarian space or a service area, you might want to consider a different approach. You can design it in a way similar yo the living room, with wooden furniture, warm and exciting colors, ambient lighting and even a stylish accent chair in the corner.

A glamorous approach can also give great results. How about a Hollywood-inspired bathroom theme? Maybe you could turn that beautiful clawfoot tub into a focal point and add some backlit mirrors for a powerful visual effect.

Here’s another beautiful bathroom which embraces the Scandinavian style. It’s bright and airy even if there are no windows in sight. The herringbone parquet flooring is a gorgeous detail.

Similarly, this bathroom also has herringbone flooring. It also features subway tiled walls with a brick-inspired look. Together with other key design elements, these details give the bathroom an urban feel.

Minimalism is a great theme if you know how to take advantage of it. It’s about sending a powerful message using as little elements as possible. That means a lot of attention to detail. Focus on the materials and the textures involved as well as on the lighting.

The lighting is, as mentioned before, very important. It can completely change a space. Subdued accent lighting creates a very pleasant and intimate ambiance. This allows the bathroom to feel very welcoming and comfortable.

You can also make your bathroom stand out by turning away from certain common ideas. For example, you can choose to not include tiles in your design at all. You can simply paint the walls and use wood flooring for a warm and pleasant look.

Another bathroom theme can focus on storage. This is oriented more towards function rather than aesthetics. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t still make your bathroom look amazing.

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