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Cool Things To Add To A Living Room To Make It Extraordinary

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If you watch a lot of TV or visit many houses, you’ll probably notice that most living rooms look very similar. There’s a couch, a TV, a couple of chairs, and maybe a coffee table or ottoman. Things don’t vary often.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of cool things to add to a living room to spice things up. Most living rooms are ordinary. But it doesn’t take much to add something “extra” to make your living room extraordinary.

Leaning Ladders

One cool thing you can add to a living room is a ladder leaning on the wall. It’s very inexpensive and can even be your own DIY project. All you need are PVC pipes and a can of spray paint. Dress the ladders with lights for that extra oomph.

Another thing you can add along with your ladders is a two-toned couch. You can either buy one that is already two-toned or buy two single couches to create a sectional, which may be cheaper in the end.

Large Potted Plants

Everyone knows that a live plant can add life to any house. But if you really want to add something special, consider a large potted plant or tree. If you get the right one, it can be the focal point of the entire room.

There are many different options when it comes to large potted plants. You can get a ficus, a fig tree, or a palm. But some other favorites include the feisty dragon tree, the hearty Norfolk pine, and the luscious jade plant.

Non-Traditional Coffee Tables

While a coffee table can be an asset to any living room, a standard coffee table can be boring. It isn’t too hard to find something that is a work of art that will bring your living room to the next level. Try searching “unique” or “eclectic” coffee tables.

Eclectic coffee tables are one of the cool things to add to a living room, but so are curved couches. Couches like this are easy to shop for and can add an entirely new dynamic to any living room. Some have curved backs while others have curved seats.

Gold Shelves And Freestanding Units

A lot of people believe that gold is dated. But the truth is that if you like gold then it is the coolest thing you can add to your living room. One of the easiest to find things to add to your living room in gold is a shelf.

You can either mount simple gold shelves to your wall or get a gold frame with glass or wooden shelves. If you can’t find any gold shelves then get a standard frame and add gold trays to it.

Freestanding Bookcases

Most bookcases are either built into a wall or set up against a wall. But that’s not the only way to display a bookcase. A new trend is to get freestanding bookcases that you set up in the middle of the room.

Since they are in the middle of the room, most freestanding bookcases are round or square, with access to the bookshelf on all sides. To really amp things up, try adding a backlight to each shelf and decorate it with aesthetically pleasing books.

Blown-Glass Hanging Lights

Blown-glass is one of the most beautiful artistic gifts in interior design. This glass comes in every color and with unique designs. So, of course, the idea of turning blown-glass into lights was a genius one.

While most blown-glass lamps and lights have metal accents, a going trend is to have more rustic accents. Hanging lights are often hung with rope and standing lights are often wooden.

Since blown-glass often looks modern, the merging of the two is an excellent artistic choice.

Floating Shelves With LED Lights

Floating shelves are trending this year, but there’s one thing you can do to make them even more interesting. If you have floating shelves, try adding some LED lights underneath them. The floating effect will be enhanced.

In fact, this works with shelves of all kinds. If you add LED lights to shelves, they will look more modern, sophisticated, and open the room up more. There’s nothing that makes a living room look better than extra space.

If you go for floating shelves, make sure the books are pleasing to the eye since they will be overtly displayed.

Eccentric Side Tables

Side tables aren’t all that unusual alone. That is, when you’re referring to the standard square wooden ones. One cool thing to add to a living room is a set of unique side tables. You can add them to the couch or set of chairs.

If you’re wondering how to find unique side tables, you’re not alone. Try searching floating table, drink table, and accent table if the simple side table search isn’t cutting it for you. Also, don’t forget that you can use these accent tables for your color accents as well.

Accent Wall Lights

Speaking of accents, there’s more than one way to light a living room. Although ceiling lights and standing lights are acceptable, there’s no light more unique than a wall light. You can buy stick-on lights or wire them in if you can afford it.

The most common type of wall lights are sconce lights, so if that’s not what you’re looking for, be sure to search for “accent” lights instead. Although, a combination of the two is ideal for a truly unique living room setup.

Varying Plant Sizes

If you only add one plant to your living room, then consider a large potted plant. However, if you plan on adding a jungle then make sure you buy varying sizes. This will add depth and personality to your living space.

Get large ones to curtain a wall, accent ones to clutter shelves, and medium-sized ones for tables and floor pieces. When you have a combination like this, you can’t go wrong as they balance each other out.

Oversized Mirrors


If accents mirrors appeal to you, then, by all means, get them. But the trend for mirrors right now is to buy them oversized. The mirror doesn’t need to cover an entire wall, but full body mirrors can make your room look even bigger.

Along with mirrors, some other cool things to add to a living room are glass tables, accent glassware, and furniture with mirrors. Glass is known to brighten a place up as well as make it appear larger.

Floor Arched Lamps

Arched lamps, or arc lamps, arch over furniture and omit light overhead. They are a great addition to any room as they save space and add extra lighting. Just make sure that your arc lamp is tall enough that no one will hit their head.

If you want decor and furniture that goes well with arched lamps, then consider floating tables and modern sculptures. Arched lamps are contemporary lighting pieces so of course they should be paired with modern furniture.

Decorative Wallpaper

Wallpaper may have been all the rage in the 1970s but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cool now. Most people have drywall or paneling in neutral colors for their living room wall. That’s why picking out wallpaper is outside of the culturally mainstream thing to do.

If you like wallpaper but don’t want it to look gaudy, try going for a mural instead. A mural is a wallpaper that is added to one wall only, creating an accent wall. Many people choose landscapes for this such as New York, Paris, or a Japanese country landscape.

Modern Art And Decorative Objects

This is where your personality comes through. There are no rules when it comes to decorative objects and home decor. You choose what makes you happy and use it as inspiration for your entire living room.

If you don’t know where to start, then pick a color or theme and go from there. Many people like to use words like “peaceful” or “bright” depending on their own personality. Generally, it’s whatever you want more of in your life.

Standalone Wall Art

While an entire wall of pictures is great for family features, single pieces of art that speaks to you makes a bigger statement. Although any form of art is at the top of the list of cool things to add to your living room.

There are plenty of stores you can shop at, but if you already know exactly what you want, you can make your own art. Places like RedBubble, Zazzle, and Shutterfly will let you create that perfect piece of art for your living room.

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