Our Favorite Top 19 Hallway Table Picks For Modern Homes

These days we take a lot of things for granted, including furniture pieces which we now perceive as very common but which have evolved over time, being shaped by our needs and by the ways in which we use them. One example is the hallway table also commonly known as a console table. It’s elongated and narrow because of the lack of space in entryways and hallways and it mixes looks and function, providing a focal and often offering a surface on which to display all sorts of decorations. Today we’ve made a selection of hallway table designs which we hope you’ll like as much as we do.

First, a stylish and elegant console table from the Ziggy collection designed by C. Ballabio. The frame is made of canaletta walnut and the top is available in wood or marble, which gives the table a lot of character, preventing its simple and slender silhouette from being perceived as bland.

Another example of a simple but nevertheless exciting hallway table is the Catlin console which pairs an elegant metal base with an oval table top available in two rare marbles: Arabescato Purple and Sahara Noir. The marble top has a polished finish and the metal base features a cross-pattern motif with a bright chrome or gold finish.

This is Anthony, an exquisite hallway table created with a gilded stainless steel base and a top made of Sahara Noir marble. It’s a luxurious piece able to stand out and as a focal point in any type of space.

If you like marble tops, perhaps you’d also enjoy the Olivier table, a stylish and elegant console with a heartwood frame featuring a charcoal gray lacquer finish and a polished Emperador marble top. The table was designed in 2014 by Mario Dell’Orto and Emanuel Garbin.

Let’s mix it up a bit. Next we’d like to show you a simple hallway table designed in 2016 by Jean-Marie Massaud as a part of the Home Hotel series. The table is made entirely out of wood and this gives it a special appeal, emphasizing its elegant, warm and timeless nature.

We mentioned in the beginning that hallway tables offer a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality and based on that we’d like to now show you the Teso table. It’s made entirely out of glass and was designed by Renzo Piano in 1991. the shelves are made of 15 mm and 25 mm thick float-glass and offer generous storage for books, decorations and much more.

Designed by Christophe Pillet in 2014, the Novel hallway table features a metal and wood structure with a slender base and a tray-style top which is ideal for storage. There’s also a leather-covered storage compartments hidden under the top. Speaking of which, the walnut tabletop contrasts with the chromed metal tube legs in a way that looks natural and refined.

Another very refined and stylish console table was designed in 2016 by Mauro Lipparini. It has a metal frame made of light tubular elements and a sculptural and solid top with sleek angles. The metal base extends above the top, holding a stylish round mirror. The Coseno console can be used as a dressing table but also as a regular hallway table.

The console designed by Riflessi LAB is spectacular without being complicated. Its base features two inclined legs which overlap each other asymmetrically and are available in several different finishes. The top is thin and slender, in contrast with the base.

Glass hallway tables are appreciated for their ability to maintain an airy and open decor and to look lightweight and delicate. This is the Amaca table designed by Calvi Brambilla in 2018. The name is very suggestive: amaca means hammock. The notable feature in this case is a shelf available in cowhide or fabric which hangs below the top, just like a hammock.

It’s always nice to have a little bit of extra storage and hallways are no exception. The Ashton console table is great in that regard, featuring an open shelf at the bottom and two open cubbies at the top. It’s a nice piece for an entryway and it can potentially fit well in various other transition areas as well. The slender metal frame helps it look lightweight and maintains a slender design which is great for small spaces.

Narrow console tables are excellent for small hallways and if you really want to create the illusion of more space you can also opt for a table with a glass top. That brings us to this lovely piece. The Justyn console was designed with smaller spaces in mind and has a simple and versatile look which allows it to fit in living rooms, hallways, entryways and other spaces without taking up much floor space. It has a narrow rectangular top made of glass supported by a polished steel base and it can hold up to 50 lbs of whatever you choose to display on it.

Speaking of slender and narrow console tables, the Oneybrook is yet another great example. It has a metal base with super clean lines and a black finish which gives the table a graphical and slightly industrial look. The rectangular top is made of oak and features a functional drawer on metal glides which adds depth to the design. You can use this as a sofa table, as an accent piece for the home office or as a hallway table.

There are also plenty of tables that stand out and have eye-catching designs without being very intricate or taking up more space. The Huddleston table featured here is one of them. It’s a bold statement piece for hallways, living rooms, offices and various other spaces, featuring a thick panel design which asymmetrical lines and a bold geometric look.

If you want to go fully transparent then an all-glass console table would be an amazing idea. This one is super simple and has a contemporary feel to it but at the same time it’s very versatile and can complement any color palette. The Stephan console table measures 32’’H x 47’’L x 16’’D and it’s a nice fit for entryways, hallways and a variety of other spaces.

Live edge wood table look really nice but sometimes they don’t need fit the theme of the décor. There are some ways of getting around that however. The Spurlin console for instance has a rather interesting design. It measures a solid wood top and iron hairpin legs. It’s minimalist and modern and has a sturdy construction but at the same time it looks quite slender. Also, each piece is unique given that no two solid pieces of wood are alike.

The design of the Bennet console is quite unusual and intriguing. The table has a narrow rectangular shape and an overall very slim and slender silhouette. It’s a nice accent piece with an X-shaped base and an antique gold finish. The top is really cool and made of concrete which looks cool in combination with the metal accents.

The Gallo console offers a good amount of storage space. It’s a classic piece of furniture with an elegant design and a warm farmhouse-inspired vibe. It has a big open shelf at the bottom which can hold boxes, baskets and all sorts of items and a set of drawers at the top for smaller items that you want to keep out of sight.

The Ledoux console has a very graceful silhouette which gives it a classy and feminine allure. It has tapering legs and a lovely antique vibe. It’ perfect for hallways and entryways and a lovely addition to a variety of other spaces. There are two drawers at the top with ample storage inside for various essentials like keys, sunglasses and other things. The table is made entirely of solid and engineered wood.

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