How To Design And Decorate The Space Around Your Dining Table

When it comes to interior design and decor, every room and every space is different and special so you need to think of it as a standalone area. At the same time, it’s important to also let the context guide you and to take into consideration your home and your style as a whole. If we focus on the dining area and the dining table in particular, we can discover an infinite number of ways to configure, design and customize it. We’ll have a look at a few examples shortly and we hope at least one of them can inspire you and give you some ideas of how to decorate your own home, whether it’s dining table centerpiece ideas you’re after or something more general.

Too much light can ruin the mood in the dining room so consider replacing the typical chandelier or ceiling fixture with something a bit more subtle such as accent lamps or a couple of stylish pendant lights like these ones. They’ll actually also become beautiful decorations for this space.

Floral centerpieces are perhaps the most common way of decorating a dining table. There are lots of different way to approach this idea. One option is to embrace minimalism. A simple clear glass vase would allow the focus to be on the beautiful flowers and would do so in a very stylish way.

A different idea is to play around with different forms and colors to create a dynamic but at the same time harmonious dining table setup. For the centerpiece, you can group up a few items such as some decorative vases and you can match their colors to some of the furniture or other elements present in the room.

In another scenario, the dining table itself can be the main centerpiece of the room. A sophisticated choice of materials, an eye-catching finish or an interesting shape can all help you achieve that look. This particular table for example features an elegant marble top paired with a sculptural wooden base.

The focus can also be on the overall look and the ambiance rather than specific furniture pieces or decorations. Certain elements can help create an inviting and comfortable decor. For example, you could place some shelves on the walls adjacent to the dining area, add comfy upholstered armchairs, an area rug and some warm accent lighting.

Speaking of area rugs, they’re a great way to delineate a certain area within a large open floor plan. A round rug can go well with a dining table that also has a round top. You can also complement them with dining chairs that feature soft, rounded edges and stylish designs.

You can skip the table centerpiece entirely and instead turn the light fixture hanging above the dining table into the focal point of this entire area. It’s common for dining tables to be complemented by low-hanging pendant lamps and chandeliers and there are lots of cool designs to choose from.

Create a coordinated dining area decor through matching furniture pieces and accent details. For example, this beautiful dining table has a white marble top which matches the cupboard doors and the chairs have sleek golden metal frames which go perfectly with the modern chandelier.

An oversized light fixture centered above the dining table can also look interesting. You can go for a sophisticated and opulent design if you really want to but you can also opt for a simple and subtle design and allow size to be the only eye-catching detail.

On a similar note, large dining tables are quite impressive on their own. This one has a beautiful wooden top which contrasts with the sculptural base but in a rather harmonious way. Also, the combination of textures here is very beautiful as well.

Neutral colors are wonderful. They’re incredibly versatile and can make a dining area look really inviting and stylish. We love the gray with just a hint of brown and the combination of matte and glossy finishes. At the same time, the subtle accent colors are a very elegant addition.

The transparent acrylic base gives this dining table a really cool look. This exposes the underside section allowing the chairs to stand out more and it also means that other details become more relevant as well, such as the oversized pendant lamp and the bookshelves.

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