Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias Home Interiors

There’s a new show on Netflix that deserves your full attention. Sweet Magnolias, a series that’s based on books written by Sherryl Woods has a sweet, uplifting feel and puts on a full and charming Southern atmosphere.

What is Netflix Sweet Magnolias about? More importantly, what is the show’s interior inspiration and film locations?


About Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias is a Netflix-exclusive TV series that centers around the lives of three lifelong friends in a small South Carolina town called Serenity.

The first episode aired on May 2020 and is currently on its first season. The powerhouse cast is made up of JoAnna Garcia (as Maddie Townsend), Brooke Elliott (as Dana Sue Sullivan) and Jamie Lynn Spears (as Noreen Fitzgibbons), and Chris Klein, Heather Headley and more.

Interior Inspiration for Sweet Magnolias

The interior inspiration for the show is undoubtedly Southern- after all, it’s based on a fictional town called Serenity, located in South Carolina.

Sweet Magnolias perfectly captures the Southern vibe- cozy, sweet and easy. Yellow lights, wooden tables and the presence of nature can be seen on just about any scene!

While it’s tempting to believe that Serenity, South Carolina does exist, Sweet Magnolias was actually filmed on a different state and location.

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Netflix's Sweet Magnolias spa Interior
Netflix's Sweet Magnolias Maddie Townsend's Home Interior

Sweet Magnolias’ Film Location

The Netflix show was filmed entirely in Covington, Georgia. It’s one of the most popular towns in terms of film location, which include The Vampire Diaries, Goosebumps 2, Sweet Home Alabama and The Dukes of Hazzard, among others.

Covington has that quaint and beautiful downtown feel which served as the perfect backdrop for Sweet Magnolias. The cast began filming in 2019 and the show was released to the public in May 2020.

Most of the indoor scenes are shot at The Corner Spa, which was a huge mansion being converted into a spa. For this location the director chose a real law office that’s a stone’s throw away from Covington Square. A few shots were recorded outdoors at the Lee-Porter Mansion and some were made on a sound stage.

Vampire Diaries fans may recognize Sullivan’s as the show’s Mystic Grill location. Sweet Magnolias also had a few scenes outside Covington- Oakhurst Presbyterian became the Prince of Peace Church and Henry County School became Sweet Magnolias’ high school.

Overall, the film and crew managed to put together a believable Southern world for the three close friends to live in. The Southern interior design inspiration is one of the best we’ve seen in a TV series.

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