How A Daybed With Trundle Can Help You Make The Most Of A Small Space

You may have heard this term being thrown around before without really understanding what it refers to so today we’re here to tell you all about trundle beds. What is a trundle bed anyway and what makes it special from other types of beds or from sofas and couches? It’s really simple actually. The term refers to a small bed which can be stored underneath a larger bed and which has rollers or casters and thin but still pretty comfortable mattress. Since it’s pretty similar to a couch or a sofa when in its compact form, it can serve as a daybed most of the time. In other words, it’s a daybed with trundle. But why would you want to have one in your home? We’ll get to that in a second and we’ll show you some actual design options and products that you can buy too.

First of all, we should mention that a trundle daybed is very versatile and that’s because it’s suited for a lot of different types of people and a lot of different spaces. Most often, it’s a good option for kids, teens or for overnight guests but not so great for old people or for anyone with back problems since the mattress on the lower bed is thin and the support is not exactly ideal.

Basically a daybed with trundle offers two individual sleeping surfaces which only take up the space of one until you also roll out the second mattress. That makes it a very practical option for kids’ rooms, being a good alternative to bunk beds. Check out how beautiful this trundle bed from Rooms by Zoya B looks in this nursery room.

A daybed with trundle is also a wonderful option for a guest room. This way the space could serve as a home office or as a secondary lounge space most of the time and can become a guest sleeping area whenever you need it. Just roll out the bed and everything it all set up. LDa Architects designed such a space for one of their clients and this is what it looks like.

Trundle daybeds can also be used in playrooms. Basically the idea here is to have a comfortable little couch or sofa to sit on so since you’re doing that why not add an extra bed in there too? After all, it doesn’t take up any extra space and it stays hidden unless you decide to use it in which case it becomes practical.

The main reason people choose to put trundle beds into their homes and not other types of beds or sofas is often a very simple one: because these beds allow them to save a lot of space and that’s important when there’s little floor space to work with in the first place. That’s true for a studio apartments, many children’s rooms, nursery rooms as well as some attics or the interior of this beautiful lake house family room designed by Bergland + Cram.

One of the best things about daybeds with trundle is that during the day you can throw some pillows on them and use them as a sofa or a couch. The extra mattress rolled under the seat doesn’t interfere with the rest of the room in any way. You can see how beautiful such a decor can be in the case of this contemporary bedroom designed by Rayna Marz.

Trundle beds are also perfect for spaces which serve multiple purposes, like this bedroom/ office/ playroom for example. When the daybed is expanded it’s possible for two or even three persons to sleep here. It would be impossible to fit three regular beds in this room and to also have room for other pieces of furniture or even to move around freely.

There’s no definitely choice of style when it comes to trundle beds which means it can be designed to suit any type of interior or decor. As far as size goes, there aren’t that many options to choose from so you have to stick with standard mattress dimensions. Of course, you can have a daybed with trundle custom made to fit in a particular area of your house, like in this home theater designed by Brooke LLC.

At this point you might be thinking that having a trundle under your daybed is pretty practical and convenient but you’d much rather prefer to have some extra storage in there instead. Well why not have both? That’s right, you can have a daybed with a trundle and with storage drawers, all in a compact and stylish package. Check out FlatFair for a few options, including the one in this image.

This is 2Much!, a modern bed with trundle that’s perfect for the growing family or for multifunctional spaces with ever-changing roles. Its design is playful, funky, simple and cool and the colors it comes in are fun and cheerful, allowing it to become a chic focal point for any space you put it in. We recommend this bed for spaces like a child’s or a teen’s bedroom, a home office or a small living room or guest bedroom.

The 4005 bed is very cool as well. What makes it stand out from all the other daybeds with trundle that we looked at today is the fact that it has a built-in desk and an open-ended bookcase. That means this is actually more than just a simple bed with a trundle. It’s a whole furniture system which is perfect for a child’s bedroom where you need to add a desk and some bookshelves anyway. With this system you can have it all and save plenty of space in the process.

Twin Daybed with Trundle

This twin daybed with trundle is as lovely as it is practical. It has a beautiful curved back for an elegant look and four small knobs for symmetry. The overall design is a blend between modern and traditional details. It has clean lines and inset paneling and it’s made of solid wood combined with manufactured wood and a neutral finish that allows it to easily adapt and fit into any space.

Gilberts Twin Solid Wood Daybed with Trundle

The Gilberts daybed is really great if you’re short on space. It’s small and compact and has a casual look when in its most compact form and it can easily expand in case you need to accommodate overnight guests at any time. It’s a wonderful piece of furniture for areas such as a guest bedroom or a multifunctional space that can serve as a home office/ extra bedroom. The design as a whole inspired comfort and elegance.

Chingford Twin Daybed with Trundle

If you’re looking to add a bit of a retro feel to your home, it would easy to do so with the Chingford twin daybed. It has a stylish and elegant design with French country style influences and a beautiful antiqued finish. The decorative details are well blended with the otherwise simple construction of the bed. It can be paired with a mattress of your choice which rests on a slatted surface. The pull-out trundle is disguised as a faux drawer face front.

Hillsborough Twin Metal Daybed with Trundle

This right here is a beautiful twin daybed with trundle and the detail which distinguishes it from many other models is the metal frame. The Hillsborough daybed has a slender, strong and sturdy metal frame available with a white or a black finish. It has spindle decorations on the sides and back and it curves around the edges for a smooth and delicate look. The trundle is exposed at all times and the design is not meant to hide or to disguise it in any way.

Dawley Twin Daybed with Trundle

The Dawley daybed has a very sofa-like appearance. The tufted back and armrests are at the same level and give it a very clean and uniform look. They’re also nice and soft, making this twin daybed very comfortable at all times. The double nailhead trim adds a classic look and gives this piece a modern-traditional style. The under-bed trundle is easy to pull out and offers an additional sleeping spot for overnight guests or other occasions.

Pennrock Central Point Twin Daybed with Trundle

White trundle bed with a classic design


The design of the Pennrock Central Point daybed is really cute even though it’s also quite simple and doesn’t include many details or decorative elements. Its frame is crafted from solid and manufactured wood and showcases clean lines and an elegant silhouette. The slatted panels and round finials give this bed a feminine look which makes it perfect for a little girl’s bedroom. The trundle bed is great for slumber parties and sleepovers.

Rossford Daybed with Trundle

Elegant and casual, this is how we would best describe the Rassford daybed. It has a fairly simple design with clean lines, straight angles and a selection of warm neutral colors and finishes. The satin nailhead trim adds character to the frame and draws attention to the under-bed trundle which blends in elegantly and takes up minimal space. The overall dimensions of this furniture piece are 41” H x 80.5” L x 42.25” W.

Burks Twin Daybed with Trundle

The Burks twin daybed has a compact and boxy design, measuring 43.5” H x 80.25” L x 38” W. The frame is crafted from solid and manufactured wood and features smooth curves and sinuous lines which create a nice transition between the back and side panels. There’s also a little of detailing at the top for a traditional vibe. The trundle measures 13” H x 75” L x 18” W and has two small cutouts for easy access instead of protruding handles or knobs.

Astra Twin Daybed with Trundle

The button tufting makes the Astra twin daybed look super soft and comfortable while the design as a whole follows a simple and clean aesthetic. This gives it a modern appearance with a contemporary vibe without putting a lot of emphasis on minimalism. The frame is made of solid wenge, rubberwood and manufactured wood and is enveloped in polyester upholstery available in light grey or beige. A set of slats holds a twin mattress of your choice and there’s also space for an additional one inside the roll-out trundle.

Minehead Daybed with Trundle

Unlike many other pieces, the Minehead daybed doesn’t attempt to look like a sofa but rather embraces its pure bed functionality. It’s a full-size daybed with a trundle below which adds an extra sleeping space, making this piece ideal for small guest bedrooms. The frame is made of tubular steel with slender spindle access and a solid finish available in several color options. The design is simple, airy and practical.

Rinaldo Twin Daybed with Trundle

The Rinaldo daybed is a nice option if you’re looking for something elegant, space-efficient and with a traditional design. It has a sturdy and stylish frame crafted from solid wood with a beautiful cappuccino finish. It has turned ball finials, bun feet and carved camelback rails which add a lot of character to its design. A lower trundle offers space for a second twin mattress and is disguised as a pair of large drawers with four little knobs for symmetry.

Lanning Twin Daybed with Trundle

A combination of classic and contemporary design details give the Lanning daybed a very elegant and sophisticated look. The graceful shape and slender frame design are complemented by foam padding and fabric upholstery in a soothing beige nuance. The button-tufting and nailhead trim add elegance to the already eye-catching design.

Zac Twin Daybed with Trundle

Another very elegant design is featured by the Zac daybed which also has button tufting and nailhead trims for an added classical touch. The trundle is clever hidden away at the bottom without any knobs, cut-puts or handle to give away its presence. That makes this a really great piece for many different spaces such as small living rooms, guest bedrooms or home offices. Additionally, the dark gray color makes it easy to incorporate this daybed into a variety of different interiors.

Bright Pop Metal Twin Daybed with Trundle

What immediately stands out in the case of the Novogratz Bright Pop daybed is the metal frame which is very airy, slender and compact. It’s also very strong and sturdy and includes heavy-duty steel slats to hold up the mattresses. There are many rounded details and decorations which give this bed a really stylish and graceful look, making it a lovely piece for a chic home office, a child’s bedroom or a guest room. You can get it in three beautiful colors, the timeless black and white as well as in turquoise if you prefer a bold touch of color in your life.

Fort Collins Twin Daybed with Trundle and Toybox Divider

Versatility is a major defining characteristic for the Fort Collins daybed which has a design that beautifully blends looks and functionality. The frame is crafted from solid and manufactured wood, with open sides for an airy look, a paneled back and an arched silhouette for an elegant and stylish appearance. The overall design is eclectic, suitable for spaces with modern, traditional, farmhouse or rustic decors.

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