Flower Cage House

flower cage house

Flower cage house in Bangkok, Thailand designed by antonym studio.

“Flower cage house” is a former housing estate size 60 sq.wa with internal area of 300 sq.m.
The owner wants to renovate the house that was over 10 years to provide space that suit the needs to its full capacity. From home survey, architects have proposed to adjust the interior space, bring in natural light and add the multipurpose area over the original garage.
Ground floor, at the main living area we smashing most of solid wall and introduce steel frame glazing panels. Extend the extra space behind the house to meet the demands of increased usage and pull natural light into the house. Because it locates on the north side so we only bring the light but not the heat and with extra windows they enhance better ventilation. The main entrance has been adjusted to the pace to walk home and make it more interesting.
The garage area is improved by removing the old pole structure. Then rebuild new steel structure building over to have a multipurpose area on the 2nd floor, which can be connected to master bedroom. Underneath, area has been refreshed by creating fish ponds. The iron stairs above the pond lead to the multi-purpose area, act as the area’s features.
The upstairs interior is collapsed and transformed into a penthouse. This floor is truly a private residence, consisting of a master bedroom, living area, dressing room and connecting bathroom.
The new building represents the owner character who is strong, energetic, yet gentle and sensitive at the same time. It is reinforced with aggressive


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flower cage house 3
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