How To Get The Beach Bathroom Vibe Using Simple Design Details

We’ve always liked bathroom interiors that have a breezy, beach-inspired vibe and recently we looked for ways to impart that charm and beauty to basically any type of bathroom. It’s actually easier than you’d think and it’s all about a few carefully-considered design details. A lot of things can help you achieve the desired result and it’s important to take advantage of each space’s signature details and to use everything to your advantage.

It’s easy to make a bathroom look fresh and breezy when you have plenty of space at your disposal. This spacious bathroom can offer plenty of inspiration in that sense. Also, the light color tones, the blue hues, the warm grays, the round mirrors and the clear glass walk-in shower all play an important role here.

This beach house has a very charming bathroom too. Although it’s small, the bathroom looks quite fresh and spacious. the beadboard walls create a very welcoming look and the simple sink and open vanity add functionality without cluttering the space. Of course, the stars of the decor are the ornate mirror on the wall and the hanging pendant lamp which go perfectly with the turquoise on the walls.

The general opinion is that a beach bathroom must have a color palette centered around blue and that makes sense since this color is associated with the sea and the ocean as well as with the clear blue sky. Of course, color is not the only element which can influence a space’s decor and ambiance or which can help capture a certain theme. Check out this bathroom of a Palm Beach resort. It features this colorful scalloped tile section which is a great focal point for the decor.

Like we said before, blue is not your only option is you want to make a beach bathroom decor look stylish and welcoming. Yellow is another great option. It’s the color of the sand and you can complement it with a few blue or turquoise details and some beach-inspired decorations like shells, corals or a themed shower curtain.

Another nice design direction when planning the interior design of a beach bathroom is to create a spa-like vibe. That usually means you need plenty of natural light, simple and pure colors such as white, blue, green and brown and a good amount of textures, finishes and materials which can help create a warm, comfortable and welcoming ambiance. This usually involves wood and natural stone.

Beach bathrooms often have a rustic vibe. They make use of reclaimed wood, driftwood, rattan and other natural fibers and materials which are usually complemented by white or light, pale colors like this soft turquoise nuance. There are a lot of elements here which inspire us: the ladder used as a towel rack, the vanity and its open shelves, the mirror which reflects the light from the window and also the window treatments.

The views and the surrounding landscape often have a major role in determining the layout, orientation and even interior design of a building or space. This villa is one of the best examples. Even its bathrooms take advantage of the splendid ocean views, letting the outdoors in and welcoming the vivid colors into the interior decor where warm wood accents complement them in a very elegant way.

Of course, context matters. This chic bathroom decor wouldn’t be as charming if the view outside the window would be dark and grim so once again this reveals how important it is to use everything to your advantage when planning the interior design of a space, starting with the location, orientation, view and other general details.

As important as the big elements are in achieving the desired look or ambiance in your beach bathroom, the little details matter just as much, sometimes even more. A simple remodel can make your own bathroom look as fresh and charming as this one. Just add a few decorations and accessories.

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