Make your Windows the Star of the Room With These Bedroom Curtain Ideas

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Of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom seems most unfinished when it doesn’t have curtains. Bedroom curtains do more than just provide privacy in this very personal area of the home. They add an element of softness and a cushion against the outside world. Let’s face facts: Everyone wants the bedroom to be a retreat from the harried everyday world…a place to relax and get restful sleep each night.

Besides a supportive and comfortable place to sleep, curtains are the other key element to shutting out the world beyond. They can take many shapes, forms and styles, so take a look at these bedroom curtain ideas and see which ones might help create the restful retreat of your dreams.

Floor to Ceiling Drama

For a restful space, floor-to-ceiling drapes create drama as well as keep out bright light. Sheer layers add an extra element of privacy when the drapes are open, providing the best of both options. For extra style, as in this Faloria Mountain Spa Resort bedroom, the casement at the top of the drapes features recessed lighting, which adds extra style to the drapery arrangement. Neutral fabrics maintain the restful nature of the room’s design.

Bright and Cheery

In a perfect demonstration of how formal curtains do not have to look heavy or overwhelming, this bedroom by Sarah Bartholomew features crisp white drapes that are traditionally styled and topped with a pleated valance. Green ribbon trim ties in the color of the bedframes and adds a cheerful pop of color to the window treatments. The overall look is a clean palette for the addition of printed accents like those found on the pillow shams.

Light and Airy

Many modern spaces often forego window treatments, but light and airy styles are ideal bedroom curtain ideas for these types of homes. Here, Israeli designer Moran Gozali chose plain, white sheers that filter the light when closed and hang softly and unobtrusively when open. The voluminous sheers are an easy way to lend a softer touch to an otherwise minimalist space.

Dramatically Striped

Bold and horizontal, the stripes on these bedroom curtains are not of the usual kind. Almost more of a color-blocked style, the swaths of gray, white and navy blue fill the wall with drama and make the bedroom seem taller. Re:source Lifestyles mounted the curtains near the ceiling, which contributes to the illusion of a loftier space. Instead of traditional pinch pleats, the curtains are more casually gathered onto the nearly invisible rods, ideal for a contemporary bedroom.

Framing the View

When there is a great view out the bedroom window, the curtains should highlight it, not hide it. That said, the option of cutting off all the bright light is a necessity for sleep. K Studio of Athens uses tall and neutral curtains on both sides of the sliding door in this bedroom to highlight the view. Hidden rods behind the soffit give the impression that the room is much taller, and the darker beige draws the eye toward the window without detracting from the scene outside.

Minimalist Necessity

It’s spectacular to have walls of windows in the bedroom…that is, until it’s time for bed or some privacy. The best way to handle bedroom curtain ideas for a room like this is the way that Casa sull Albero did. Two layers of curtains on pocket rods are hung at the very top. The sheer layer can be pulled to screen the room from view while the heavier curtains can be used at bedtime. By pulling them in the corner when not in use, they leave the windows completely unobstructed.

Pinched and Pooled

When a window is modest in size, the bedroom curtains can help make it seem more substantial in several ways.  In this bedroom by Leivars, the curtains are mounted about a foot above the actual window frame, which makes it seem taller, as does the pooling of the drapes on the ground. Also, the curtains are far wider than the actual window, so that when they are fully open, it seems as if the window is larger. Finally, the curtains set the color scheme for the bedroom, matching the lively upholstered headboard both in color and in heft.

Traditionally Styled

Bedroom curtain ideas for traditionally styled spaces are quite wide-ranging. This bedroom by Amanda Webster Design is a beachside retreat that is comfortable yet crisp. The bed, with its blue-edged linens and printed accent pillows, is the focus of the room, so the white curtains blend in with the breezy style. Traditional pinch-pleats and curtain rings hang on a brass rod that matches the other metal accents in the bedroom.

Curtains as Wall Decor

Bedroom curtain ideas for a rich and luxurious bedroom like this one styled by Studio L London are many, however, making them work as part of the wall decor is genius. Large glass doors leave little wall space around them and the central artwork would feel rather naked without the drapes on either side.  In addition to being functional bedroom curtains, they also frame the art and turn what would be a mediocre wall area into something very special,

Casual and Functional

Bold bedrooms call for more basic curtains that don’t detract from the decor. In this vivid teal space that serves as a teenager’s bedroom, the curtains hang on a very large window. Claude Cartier Studio chose a contemporary style with large grommets that is casual, easy to use and durable. With so much color going on in the space, the light bedroom curtains complement the one neutral wall and balance the design.

Out of Sight

Wall-to-wall windows mean that bedroom curtain ideas have to be carefully considered: The view is key, so the style of curtains must not get in the way. Re-New Architects opted to install plain, neutral curtains whose mounting is nearly hidden at the top. When not in use, the drapes retract to the back end of the wall so that nothing impedes the sweeping vista.

Updated Georgian Style

When the style of a bedroom is decidedly traditional, the curtains should fit the decor. Imperfect Interiors used neutral cream colored drapes in the traditional form to put the focus on the two large windows with transoms. The drapes are hung at the top of the frame and extend past the sides of the windows, creating a more dominant wall. Although they already have shutters, the voluminous drapes add softness to the windows.

Purely for Looks

Artfully lit by Buzzi & Buzzi, this bedroom adds some pulled back curtains purely for decorative purposes. Full sheers provide privacy and while the mauve colored drapes can be closed if desired, their main purpose is to add a pop of color and make the window a highlight. Designed with a minimalist aesthetic, the bedroom is softened by the billowing panels tied back with old-school tassel tiebacks.

Contemporary but Formal

Contemporary doesn’t always mean casual and this bedroom by the Micasa Group features custom bedroom curtains that are both formal and distinctive. A hefty curtain rod supports formally pleated drapes that have a middle section to match the graphic textile on the bed. Matching tassels hold back the large panels when open. The curtains contribute to the opulent yet contemporary look of the entire space.

Dominant Color

Among all the bedroom curtain ideas, the use of drapes to emphasize a bold color is one of our favorites. Designed by Domus Nova, this bedroom is all about the deep teal that enlivens the otherwise white and cream color palette. The deepest shades of teal are reserved for the headboard and the drapes, which helps pull the eye toward the three large windows. Slim rods keep the focus on the drapes and windows.

Filmy and Flowing

Even modern bedrooms focused on minimalist decor can benefit from a little softness in the form of ethereal, flowing sheer curtains. This design is by Studio Tate and, in general, has a very tailored feel, emphasized by the houndstooth chair. Flowing sheers in a smoky gray match the bedding and add a little more edge to the room than plain white sheers would. Smoky colored sheers are also great for softening a masculine space without diminishing the overall vibe.

Wide and White

Bright, white and sophisticated, this girl’s bedroom avoids all the clichés and is appropriate for a wide age range. L&C Company designed the space with just a touch of pink amid the cheery white palette. The room has a single bank of windows placed high on the wall and the curtains are set wide, making them seem wider than they are – a very useful technique for most spaces. The plain pleated style is versatile and will fit whatever decor is placed in the bedroom.

Black But Not Basic

Black isn’t always a popular choice when it comes to bedroom curtain ideas, but this space at the Marktgasse Hotel Zurich shows how it can work. Overall, the bedroom has a minimalist feel and a just a pop of color with the chair and side table. The windows pop against the gray walls with the addition of the loose and casual curtains threaded onto the poles through oversized grommets.

Totally Victorian

This girl’s bedroom is totally committed to the Victorian vibe, emphasized by the bedroom curtains. Designer Hélène Dabrowski used a salmon-colored toile fabric for the scalloped valance as well as the short curtain panels that are tied at each juncture between the windows. It’s an ideal bedroom curtain idea for a bay window that includes a window seat. The general style is repeated as the headboard over the bed, in a more dramatic style.

Alexander Pollock Design shows this great bedroom curtain idea for a space that has windows at one end. The wall is not too large, however, installing the curtains to run wall to wall creates a suggestion that the windows might also be that big. The dark blue shade of the drapes adds to their dominance and basically creates an accent wall of bold color in the space, especially when the drapes are fully closed.

As you can see, bedroom curtain ideas are countless and should be driven by the type of windows as well as the desired vibe for the space. Even in minimalist bedrooms curtains have a role as well as a function and shouldn’t be overlooked.

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