25 Living Room Color Trends for Summer and Beyond – Ideas, Photos

With changing seasons, the colors outside change ever so beautifully, giving us a whole new perspective on life. And as the colors outside move towards a warmer palette this summer, we are also inspired to give our homes a quick and smart makeover that matches the flavor of the season. This is all about finding a balance between the short-term trends and long-term classics and in the summer of 2019, there are plenty of hues out there that satisfy both the criteria. Today, we step into the most essential room of your house that defines its overall appeal and style statement – the living room; and look at how the trendiest colors of the season find space within its confines.

Polished and elegant green backdrop for the modern living room

The best and most popular living room colors of summer 2019 serve you well in fall as well and do so without seeming out of place one bit. This ensures that you will not have to alter the hues all too often and can utilize the same backdrop until the Holiday Season with ease. From the natural and the vivacious to the understated and the classy, there are plenty of options here and those that serve different styles with ease. These 25 living room inspirations embrace these hot trends in a eye-catching fashion –

Coral Holds its Sway

There is not much that we can add about coral that we have not already shared with you apart from the fact that it is a hot favorite that is set to continue well into 2020 as well! Dubbed the color of the year already, coral in its many hues can make a big impact in any living room; even when used in moderation. Most of us tend to staunchly stay away from shades of orange because it feels all too bright. But coral offers a smart compromise between bright orangy glint and modern, understated elegance. Try out coral this summer and you will not regret it one bit!

Decor and accents in coral enliven the living room [From: Julie Mifsud Interior Design]
MIx and match different shades of coral for a snazzier living room [From: Labonte Construction Services]
Combining coral with sea green in a stunning fashion in the living room!
Dark coral accent wall for the modern living room in white

Woodsy All the Way!

Wood might not be a color, but adding reclaimed wood to your living room is a wonderful way to give it a brand new appeal in a neutral, elegant fashion. This not only leaves the color palette of the house untouched, but ensures that the modern living space has a warmer and inviting visual appeal. Fromm the contemporary ceiling to the accent wall, there are plenty of options here. You can go a step further as well with a living room in wood that embraces rustic, farmhouse or industrial styles in a classic manner.

Small eclectic living room uses reclaimed wooden panels beautifully [From: Ana Donohue Interiors / Michael J. Lee photography]
TV wall section draped in wood in the white living room [From: Design Directions]
Accent feature in reclaimed wood for the modern living room [From: Wine Country Builders]
Cabin-style rustic living room in wood and stone
Modern rustic living room in reclaimed wood [From: Inspired Dwellings]

Give Green a Try in 2019

Green is another one of those colors that rarely gets a major mention in the living room. Maybe it is because the color feels too bright for some and maybe the trend of grays and neutrals is what we want to emulate. But green backdrops and décor choices are a hit in the living room this year and even if you are not fully committed to the color, you can try out accents in green to start things off.

Green and yellow combine in a classy manner in this light-filled living room
Smart living room of Moscow apartment in shades of green [From: haecker]
Delightful Mediterranean style living room with textured green walls
Emerald green living room for those who love the jewel-toned look
Exquisite use of dark green in the living room

Finding Space for Yellow

Yellow décor is a hot trend in modern living rooms that you just cannot ignore and smart pops of yellow in the living room make a big visual impact indeed. Yellow comes in many vibrant shades and in living rooms with styles such as Mediterranean, traditional and rustic, textured yellow walls are a great option indeed. In the more polished and modern living spaces, you can find space for yellow using furniture additions and accent features.

Striped yellow chair in the white living room catches your eye instantly
Tone-on-tone yellow living room idea with warm, elegant glow
Balance between gray and yellow in this modern living room is just perfect
Eclectic modern living room with yellow grasscloth wallpapered feature wall
It is the vibrant yellow sofa that steals the spotlight here!
Modern Mediterranean living room in yellow with sofa in matching color

Warm Earth Tones

It is not all that difficult to discover warm, earth tones that look best in your living room. Just look at the landscape that surrounds your home and you will know what works best! Summer is a great time to try these colors out and since they feel neutral and inviting, they look great all year long. You will not be forced to switch between hues too often when you use them and adding brighter, trendier colors is easy here as well.

White trims elevate the beauty of the dark brown backdrop in this living room [From: Lauren Ostrow Interior Design]
Who says Mediterranean living rooms are boring!
Dashing accent wall section makes the room much brighter
Walls covered in American clay add warm earth tones in here

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