30 DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas That Look Just Beautiful!

If you love décor that feels organic, close to nature and holds a few imperfections here and there which make it even more gorgeous, then farmhouse DIYs are for you! DIY farmhouse décor is one of the most beautiful and easiest to craft. Everything from reclaimed wood and chicken wire to old furniture and discarded items can be turned into farmhouse style home décor. The best farmhouse DIYs for the interior combine form and functionality in a seamless fashion. And you need not scurry around trying hard to find the necessary items for the craft. Step in and discover 30 of the very best out there –

Farmhouse style wall cabinet made from reclaimed wood and chicken wire is a showstopper!

Living and Dining Room Farmhouse Décor DIYs

Ever thought about turning a milk can into a large coffee table with wooden top? If not, then this DIY idea will take you down this fun path. You can see the beauty of the milk can with distressed white finish acting as the base here while the wooden table top feels much more modern and polished.

Cool and unique milk can coffee table DIY

If you are really into the mood to take up a more expansive farmhouse-themed DIY, then creating your own dining table in the style is a great starting point. This smart creating is much easier to shape than you would imagine. It will take more than a weekend or two, but the final result is a stoic décor piece that will remain the central focal point of the dining space for years to come!

Awesome DIY farmhouse style dining table

From the dining room, we move to the entry and here we have the old and upcycled DIY windmill décor addition that welcomes guests with a rustic twist! This one is a bit different from your usual farmhouse crafts and definitely is one of the most beautiful ideas you will come across. Just place it above the slim entry table and create a stylish wall display.

Striking and unique DIY windmill decor idea for the farmhouse entry

These space-savvy hanging shelves look as good in the tiny entry, mudroom and living room as they do in the dining space or even the bedroom. Yup, these smart savers can be made at home within no time and they do also add a touch of coastal chic appeal thanks to the use of rope. Painting the wooden shelves white makes them even more elegant and ensures they blend in with the backdrop.

Space-savvy hanging shelves in the corner DIY

If you are looking for decorative pieces with farmhouse flair for the living room, then it is hard to find ideas more gorgeous than the wooden frame wall art DIY below. Knick of Time showcase how it can be easily made at home while the DIY birch wood candle holders are a lot simpler to make and a whole lot more festive! It the perfect way to wait for fall and all the joy it brings along with it.

Rustic wooden frame wall art DIY
Birch wood candle holders made at home shout out shabby chic

Mason jar crafts have been a hit for years now because of the flexibility that they offer and the beauty that the carry. It all started with paint show how just mason jars painted in white can serve as lovely farmhouse-styled centerpieces and decorative items all year long.

Mason jars painted in white are a hit every season!

The industrial / farmhouse style towel rack made of a pipe and wooden block fits in pretty much anywhere; from the bedroom and kitchen to dining space and bathroom. This one is an understated space-saving delight and once you make one, you soon will want more around the house!

One of the biggest reasons why we love DIYs is the ‘eco-friendly’ appeal that they have. With DIY Galvanized Planters, this green tinge is enhanced further as you have an old tub being turned into a charming planter. Metallic dazzle and ample green ensure that this DIY is anything but dull!

Sparkling Inexpensive Galvanized Planters DIY Idea

Farmhouse Style Crafts for Kitchen

The kitchen is a space where farmhouse crafts seem to be most comfortable and their textural brilliance adds to the overall appeal. Even if you have a small modern kitchen, a nifty and adaptable kitchen island made from wood like the shown by Shanty 2 Chic can make a big impact indeed. An even better aspect here is that the wheels of the tiny island allow you to move it without blocking space.

Amazing little kitchen island on wheels made at home

Every kitchen needs a plethora of storage options and the vegetable and potato cabinet made from wood and metal mesh is a staple that will serve you well for a very long time. This addition really does shout out ‘farmhouse’ in its look and you can place it in the contemporary kitchen as well with ease. Add a sign like the striking ‘Coffee & Tea’ board you see here and you are all set!

Craft your own potato and vegetable storage bin at home!
DIY farmhouse style vintage kitchen sign idea

A small cabinet that can be wall-mounted with ease and has a sliding wooden barn-style door – this is a décor item that is as perfect for the small kitchen as it is for the tiny bathroom. Whether you wish to use it as a medicine cabinet or just a regular kitchen cabinet, you cannot go wrong with its functional ease.

Smart DIY sliding barn door for the bathroom medicine cabinet

You can explore even more storage options and go down the route of creating a beautiful and slim farmhouse-themed display in the kitchen with sleek floating wooden shelves. Every kitchen needs its dose of open shelves and these serve that necessity perfectly!

Slim DIY farmhouse style shelves made from wood

There are things you can try out to give the kitchen farmhouse charm. Then there are a few stoic additions that work every single time. The sliding barn door with chalkboard paint is one that falls in the latter category. You can use it for you modern pantry and jot down everything you need on it without ever worrying about forgetting things again.

Sliding chalkboard wall for the kitchen pantry surely adds a great farmhouse chic touch

Even in the kitchen, it is not about practicality all the time. And the festive snow globe jars add merry sparkle to the space even when it is not really Holiday Season. We love to keep a bit festivity around all year long and these jars accomplish that without taking up too much space.

Lovely DIY snow globe jars ensure the festive spirit stays alive all year long

Upcycling is a big part of DIY world and with two projects like the DIY enamel mug organizer and the grater towel rack, you get just that! These simple ideas could easily spur you to turn something entirely unexpected into kitchen décor piece with farmhouse tinge to it.

Turn that old grater into a vintage towel rack with a twist!
Wall-mounted DIY enamel mug organizer works in more ways than one!

Bathrooms and Bedrooms with DIY Farmhouse Flair!

Finally we move on to bathrooms and bedrooms where farmhouse décor adds warmth and a sense of belonging. Giving it the DIY touch makes them that bit extra special and cost-effective. Bedside farmhouse sconce lights add this warm, cozy touch perfectly and they can be crafted on budget with ease. Complement it with chic farmhouse mirror in the bathroom with wooden frame in the master bathroom and you have a cool personal space with woodsy charm.

Bedside farmhouse style sconce lights DIY
Chic DIY farmhouse style mirror with storage options

The farmhouse style gallery wall need not be relegated to the entryway or the living room alone. It can be a part of the bedroom as well. Try adding different décor pieces with farmhouse appeal to the wall and you can build it over time to get the exact look you want.

DIY entryway gallery wall with farmhouse chic appeal

Looking to add shelf space to the bathroom with a bit of farmhouse charm? Then the corner DIY turnbuckle shelves are the perfect options. Couple them with Mason jar vanity lights and you have a bathroom that feels organic, elegant and has ample textural contrast.

DIY turnbuckle shelves look as good in the modern bathroom as they do in farmhouse space
Fab DIY mason jar vanity lights with modern farmhouse vibe

The bathroom sign that says ‘Flush’ is one of our absolute favorite when it comes to easy DIY bathroom crafts. This one is a bit fun and you will not have to remind your loved ones to flush all the time. Adding industrial edginess with farmhouse appeal, this is a DIY that you just cannot skip.

Farmhouse style bathroom sign with an industrial twist

A standing mirror in the small bedroom adds light and visual space to the setting. Now you can make one of these large and striking mirrors at home and give it a wooden frame that is absolutely exquisite. Couple it with bed crafted using same wood and maybe even a side table and you a complete set which creates a curated bedroom.

Gorgeous DIY wood mirror frame with modern farmhouse style
Homemade farmhouse style bed made with supplies on the cheap

The step-ladder shelf is a hot trend that is taking over homes across the globe and if you have an old ladder frame around, you can make one as well in no time. Just place it next to the bed in the corner and you will have ample room to put everything from your favorite books and smartphone to other essential accessories.

Ladder shelf and vintage DIY nightstand for the farmhouse style bedroom
Step ladder side table DIY for the farmhouse style bedroom

Finally you have the antique headboard made out of window frames; something that feels casual, striking and yet can fit into a versatile number of bedroom styles. Be it farmhouse or industrial, modern or shabby chic, pretty much every bedroom can embrace one of these custom headboards.

Antique window DIY headboard for the shabby chic bedroom

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