Tiny Apartment with an Innovative Wooden Platform that Morphs into Décor!

We are always pleasantly surprised by the limitless possibilities of space and how even a small 50 square meter apartment can be altered into a serene and engaging setting. Designed by A6A, this gorgeous little dwelling in Bordeaux, France finds one-of-a-kind solution to the ‘space problem’ with custom wooden platform that runs through the apartment and transforms into different decor pieces in various rooms. For instance, it acts as the wooden base that holds the luxurious bed while the same woodsy structure contains the sofa and the storage cabinets in the living room. Creating enticing archways and cozy walls, it is wood that shapes much of this fabulous little French home.

Tiny space-savvy apartment design in Bordeaux, France

Angled walls and inconvenient ceiling sections inside the apartment have been turned into an advantage with ceiling windows and other clever opening bringing in a flood of natural light. The color scheme is largely neutral with a beautiful selection of indoor plants adding greenery to the apartment in an understated manner. The white walls stand stark contrast to the pine plywood additions and this creates a trendy wood and white palette that takes over every room. It is gray in the bathroom that holds sway while the kitchen brings metallic panache with a stainless steel island that is a showstopper! [Photography: Agnès Clotis]

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Different textures and finishes combined in a smart manner inside the tiny French apartment
Doors open up way into the small corridor leading to the living room
Edison bulb lighting for the tiny kitchen inside the small apartment
Living area with custom wooden decor installation that holds the couch
Loft bed level offers additional sleeping space above the bathroom
Sparkling stainless steel kitchen island for the small apartment in white
Tiled bathroom brings gray to the interior
Unfinished wooden surfaces add a bit of rustic warmth to the modern apartment in white

A large platform runs along the apartment in its lowest part and provides access to the view. From the rooftops, there is a contrast of two architectural stories: the bell tower of the Saint Paul church of Ravez street built in 17th century blond stone faces the roof of the Palais des Sport, a recently renovated glass and concrete work from the brutalist movement of the 60s.

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Upper window brings ample light into the small apartment
Wooden walls and custom units create ample storage inside the apartment
Custom wooden platform morphs to create different decor pieces throughout the house
Custom wooden shelves and cabinets shape the interior of this tiny French apartment

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