10 Stylish Ways to Bring Good Luck to Your House

Good Luck House decorating idea

Check these 10 Stylish Ways to Bring Good Luck to Your House

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Good Luck House decorating idea 2

1. Good Luck House Colors

Green, purple, and red are all wonderful colors to use in your home design. Green is the color of abundance and will promote growth and vitality. Purple is royal and regal, it will bring self-confidence, high energy, and passion to your life, While red is conducive to the overall success and will prove to help especially in your career.

Good Luck House Plants 
2. Good Luck House Plants

Adding a bamboo plant will bring about good luck into your life and will reduce stress and inspire health. Contrary to popular belief, having a bonsai tree inside your home will not necessarily bring about positive energy, and many people believe it can actually have a negative effect on your life.


stylish white Buddha coffee table decor
3. Good Luck Charms

Place I-Ching coins, a laughing Buddha, or a lucky cat your home to bring good fortune, happiness, and balance harmony. Windchimes can be helpful both in and outside of your home to clear away any existing negative energies and keep them away. If you are looking to improve your financial state, try a statue of “Sim Chi” the toad!

red Good Luck Front Door
4. Good Luck Front Door

If you are looking to bring in good luck and keep negative energies out of your life, you cannot go wrong with a red wooden door. Also, make sure to place a horseshoe over your door; This tradition is popular in Eastern, as well as Western countries.

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white linens for Good Luck to Your House
5. Good Luck Linens

Choosing white, light soft linens will cause you to get a restful nights sleep and bring calming energy while you sleep. Blue is another great choice for calming linens or perhaps choose a bright, happy yellow.

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Good Luck Fruits kitchen decor idea
6. Good Luck Fruits

Fruits are a great thing to keep around the house to bring good energy into your life. Peaches are a symbol of immortality and by far the most popular fruit in feng shui. Pineapples, pomelos, pomegranates, papaya, apples, bananas, and grapes are also wonderful options!

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Good luck home Layouts

7. Good luck Layouts

When incorporating feng shui into your home to bring good luck into your life, choosing a layout is very important. Placing the bedroom or office near the front door of the home will bring harmony and cause a peaceful, welcoming environment. However, be sure neither the bedroom or washroom door can be seen from the front door as this is said to allow positive energy to escape. If you are trying to keep your weight down, make sure to not place the kitchen closer to the back of the home, as a kitchen near the front door is said to cause people who live in or visit the house to become overweight.

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Good Luck pink peonies living room decorating idea
8. Good Luck Fresh Flowers

Flowers are a wonderful way to draw good luck to you. In summer, place fresh orchids and peonies for love and success. In summer the lotus flower will bring beauty and enlightenment. The chrysanthemum will give you optimism in the Fall. And finally, plum blossoms that bloom despite the snow will bring you a fortune throughout the winter and into the New Year.


stylish gold Hands Incense Holder Set
9. Good Luck Insense 

Burning incense in your home is a wonderful way to purify the environment of negative energies. Patchouli is a favorite among many, as it will also bring an abundance of good luck into your life.

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glamorous white and blush pink living room idea
10. Declutter 

Clutter in your home will have a negative effect on your luck, energy, happiness, and overall well-being. It is especially important to assure your home’s entryway, bedrooms, and kitchen (especially the refrigerator) is always decluttered and organized.


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