You’ ll Love This Fascinating High Ceiling Home

One of the clear highlights of this tastefully designed family home is it’s spacious, open planned kitchen, which boasts high ceilings and crisp, classic white walls. The latter of which suit this kitchen’s tuxedo kitchen aesthetic as most of the decor items in this modern kitchen are either black or white. As examples, the kitchen has been decorated with black countertops, black stools, black window trimmings, black light fixtures, and white counters.

While many homes lack adequate countertop space, this home’s thoroughly modern kitchen’s back wall backs straight on to a line of counters, which ensures that there’s always enough space to cook for guests. Better yet, while cooking the home’s owners are also fortunate enough to be able to look outside into their garden, through the kitchen’s tall, narrow windows.

One feature that makes this particular kitchen unique is that it offers a low padded bench which doubles as extra storage space for kitchen utensils. Lastly this tastefully designed family kitchen also features a stylish yet functional kitchen island, where individuals can share informal meals together.
The sophisticated white and black theme continues into the home’s lounge which boasts white walls, black windows, black wood furniture, multiple white lamps, black photo frames, and a white sofa. While some home’s feature rooms which don’t share common themes and feel like a hodgepodge of different styles, the rooms in this particular house share a pleasing aesthetic uniformity.
Each room in this beautifully decorated home also has another common link, fresh greenery. Each room features one or more live, leafy plants, which brings a sense of tranquility to this bright and airy home. While you’ll find a couple of pot plants in the kitchen, there’s actually a tree inside the lounge, which is arguably one of the key focal points of this stunning, well planned out home. You may even notice that the tall tree, also helps hide the homeowner’s speakers.
However, this stunning home’s eye-catching plants aren’t the only tie to nature as both the living room and the kitchen also offer aesthetically pleasing, light-colored, hardwood floors.
This modern abode also boasts plenty of character, thanks in part to its bold pieces of artwork. Key examples of which include two bronze sculptures which depict two elegant hands, a small genie style lamp and a large black and white piece of art. The latter of which is hung up on the central wall in the living room.

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The homeowners of this gorgeous property firmly believe that individuals shouldn’t be afraid to express their personalities through carefully selected pieces of art and all the art pieces displayed in this particular home, have great sentimental value to the home’s owners.
If you’re inspired by the design aesthetic of this thoroughly modern home, which mixes simplicity with nature themes, it’s well worth experimenting with black and white color schemes, greenery and bold pieces of artwork. All of which beautifully combine for a stylish, yet unique design look, that is sure to attract plenty of positive comments.
Image: LEVA & BO

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