20 Homemade Hot Tubs that Are Budget-Friendly

There are plenty of DIY projects that help you with improving the style of your garden and in creating a more curated landscape around your residence. But there are times when you find mere aesthetics taking a backseat to ergonomics. When it comes to the idea of DIY hot tubs, it is not just functionality that wins, but you also get to save a truck load of cash and resources. Just like a beautiful DIY natural pond in the garden, the homemade hot tub is a showstopper that helps you relax, rejuvenate and gives any space it adorns an entirely new focal point.

Fabulous outdoor hot tub made on the cheap for those who love nature [From: tetongravity]

The best DIY hot tubs come in a wide range of shapes and finishes with wood being the undoubted leader among the pack. There are those that feel modern and elegant, others that seem natural and calming and then those that are simply sensational and justify the extra effort that you put in. From homemade hot tubs for eco-friendly folk to ones that pamper you endlessly with comfort, this is a list of 20 awesome budget-friendly DIY hot tubs.

DIY Hot Tubs on the Cheap

Wood pallets offer the easiest and cheapest way to build a hot tub without having to struggle a whole lot with the crafting part of it. The small wooden hot tub made at home can easily accommodate a single person and once again it is wood that provides the source of heat as well. Keeping the source of the hot water a fair distance away from the tub itself is a good way to prevent any accidents. A galvanized steel tub that has not been used in a while can also make a great hot tub with right insulation while vintage bathtubs can be quickly and safely transformed into trendy homemade hot tubs.

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Gorgeous DIY hot tub in wood with the right insulation
Hot Tub Stock Tank Pool DIY from [From: heywandererblog]
Hot tub with jets and awesome lighting is a great place to relax
Turn that vintage bathtub into a homemade hot tub that adds comfort to the backyard life! [From: Annie Thornton]
Wood pallet DIY hot tub with sauna feature [From: instructables]
DIY wood-fired hot tub built on the cheap
DIY wood-fired hot tub idea

Green and Planet-Friendly DIY Hot Tubs

If wood is not your thing, then you can turn to concrete for another cost-effective and smart homemade hot tub option. This might take a bit more work and you will have to also wait a touch longer to use the hot tub, but it is easier when you want a hot tub with ample space to use concrete. For those who want greener options, there is also the idea of a homemade hot tub with solar panels that provide the necessary hot water. This offers a pocket-friendly option in more ways than one and you will save on power bill for years to come.

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Custom hot tub design with solar panels is powered using green energy
Custom relaxing concrete hot tub will last you a while!
Round wooden hot tub DIY built on the cheap
Small, single-person homemade hot tub on a budget
Chofu wood fired hot tub DIY idea [From: makezine]
Cool and awesome solar-powered hot tub is for those who love planet-friendly design

Awesome Concepts to Inspire You

Those seeking more extravagant hot tub options on a budget can try out designs that can be built into the ground and give the garden a more natural and exotic appeal. The round, wooden hot tub with steps stands out with ease while putting it in the solarium gives you a more sauna-styled setting in your own backyard. Choosing from many of these options is just the beginning and then you will have to get started on a project that will take a large chunk of your time for several weekends in row.

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Cool and cost-effective homemade bathtub idea
Cozy and efficient DIY hot tub from Pure Living for Life
Custom-built DIY inground hot tub idea for the modern backyard
DIY outdoor hot tub idea for those who want an affordable option
Amazing DIY hot tub in ground idea to beat the cold in homemade style!
Awesome hot tub solarium crafted at home is a showstopper indeed [From: social dance]

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