Gorgeous Ways To Use Old Books Pages in DIY Projects And Crafts

A lot of DIY projects and crafts don’t require big budgets, special knowledge or experience or even any special supplies. There are lots of cool and interesting things that you can make from items that you already own or from things that can be repurposed. For example, you can make lots of interesting decorations out of pages from an old book. These are actually some of our all-time favorite projects and we can’t wait to share these ideas with you today.

A nice and simple project to get you started is a big paper flower. There are many different techniques that you can use and the one shown on diyncrafts makes use of a styrofoam wreath form. In addition to this form, you’re also going to need some rope, a picture frame, push pins, a hot glue gun and a few book pages if you want to craft something similar. Of course, the picture frame is optional and not necessarily needed, as you can choose to simply attach the flower directly to the wall or to another surface.

On a similar note, isn’t this paper wreath adorable? It’s made from old book pages like all the other things on this list and it’s tiny and cute, a perfect decoration for your kitchen cabinets, walls and any other surface that could use some sprucing up. To make these adorable paper wreaths you’re going to need an old book, mason jar lids (one for each mini wreath), a hot glue gun and some twine. All the details and instructions can be found on thehoneycombhome.

Using old book pages you can also potentially make a more modern-looking wreath, one with a bit of boho charm, like the one featured on apieceofrainbow. The supplies needed for this particular project are not many: some glue, twine, book pages and some sort of decorations that you can add to make the paper flowers look nice and pretty. In this case some faucet handles were used. If you like the look, a trip to the local hardware store is in order.

To get your book pages to have that old, yellow hue you can use some tea of coffee. It’s a very simple trick and all you need to do is soak the pages in the colored liquid and then let them dry. You can then use them in your project which in this particular case is a garland. As you can see here, you can use a sharpie to decorate your garland and draw or write various different things on the paper pieces. More details about this project can be found on paperandfox in case you’re interested.

Another thing that you can use old book pages for is to make cute little gift bags. This is a nice idea to apply when you’re making party favors or if you’re planning a bohemian wedding or some other special event. You could use pages from one of your favorite books to make it even more special. You can add all sorts of details such as lace or ribbon to customize the design. Check out craftandcreativity for more details and ideas.

Using old book pages as decorations can be as simple as just cutting them into pieces and sticking them to a wall. There are plenty of ways to make this look special. For example, you could make a sort of display area with pieces of paper resembling speech bubbles. You can actually cut out sections from your favorite books so you can have something interesting and special to read if you ever want to or to create a sort of inspirational board. Either way, be sure to check out cleverlyinspired for the details.

Some heavy-duty floral wire and a few pages from an old book are enough for you to make a lovely flower wreath that you can display on your front door or on a wall as a way to add some character to our home. You can add a few extra little bits and decorations to make the design special. For example, this wreath featured on diyncrafts has tiny little sunflowers and they look adorable plus they also add a bit of color to the design.

Another lovely idea is to use buttons for the centers of the paper flowers. You can make a bunch of small paper flowers and then combine them all to make a wreath. For the actual wreath form you can simply cut out a circle from a piece of cardboard and have the flowers glued onto this surface in any pattern you like. We really enjoy the simple design featured on diyncrafts. It’s something that anyone can pull off and the project can be done with items that you probably already have in the house which is amazing.

In case you didn’t notice it already, the beautiful star-shaped frame of this gorgeous wall decoration is made out of old book pages which were rolled tightly and then glued together. It’s such a creative and original idea and a really cool way of making custom frames for your decorations and projects. You can fill this lovely star with greenery and flowers to create a seasonal display but you can also use other supplies based on your own ideas. Check out the full tutorial on diyncrafts if you want to find out more details about this project.

Here’s an idea that you might want to save for Easter. These are Easter eggs decorated using old book pages. Yes, it’s a fairly tedious process but we think it’s well worth it. The idea is to cut out a bunch of strips of paper and to then glue them onto plastic eggs until the whole surface is covered up and becomes nice and smooth. You can then put the eggs in a cute basket and add a few additional details and decorations to make everything look extra pretty. The idea comes from roseclearfield.

Another cool project idea comes from muslinandmerlot. This tutorial explains how you can use old book pages to make beautiful ball-shaped flowers which you can use as decorations around the house. It’s not nearly as complicated as you may think. You can either use ping-pong balls or styrofoam balls for this project and you’ll also need a scalloped circle paper punch, a glue gun and a bunch of book pages plus an unsharpened pencil or something similar that you can use to push the paper bits into the balls and give them petal-like shapes.

Of course, book pages can also be sued for something other than flowers and wreaths. A really interesting and inspiring idea in this sense is offered on lizmarieblog where you can find a tutorial for a handmade bowl made of paper and rope. You’ll also need mod podge for this project as well as a hot glue gun so make sure you have all the supplies ready before you get started. This lovely bowl can become a nice accent piece or a decoration for the console table in the entryway or for the living room or dining area.

Paper roses are really cute and beautiful on their own and especially when you mix a bunch of them and make a paper rose ball. We’re talking about this gorgeous decoration which you can make for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about. You can use different types of paper for the roses to get different colors and you can also add a few extra little details such as beads. There’s also the option to sprinkle glitter onto the roses for a bit of sparkle or to spray paint the paper before you turn it into flowers. All the details and instructions can be found on diyncrafts.

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