40 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas for a Live Garden

With warmer months here, it is time to again welcome our feathery friends after the chill of winter. For bird lovers, DIY bird feeders provide a great option to express their love for their winged buddies. The best DIY bird feeders give your garden a facelift. Even more importantly, they fill the garden with chirping little delights that give it a completely different appeal. This is a look at the best DIY bird feeders around –

Old wine bottle turned into a beautiful bird feeder you will love

Crafting a gorgeous bird feeder takes little time and more often than not, you do not really need amazing crafting skills to get the job done. The options are obviously endless and the best ideas are the ones closest to your heart. We are here only to offer inspiration along with some amazing DIY guides that will take you through every step of creating the bird feeder you love. Be it your own improvised design or one from the list of 40 below, we are certain that your bird feeder will fill your life and garden with ample joy!

Quirky and Fun DIY Bird Feeders

An awesome bird feeder need not be always one that sticks to conventional design ideas. You can think a touch different this summer with a DIY bird feeder that adds color and personality to the backyard garden. Allow the bird feeder to express your personality along with your love for birds. From innovative LEGO-themed bird feeders to those crafted using paint cans and tea cups, there are plenty of options to try out. The Christmas tree DIY bird feeder is another idea that serves you well in festive season while the pumpkin-shaped feeder is perfect for Halloween months and even Thanksgiving.

Easy DIY bird feeder full of color [From: scattered thoughts of a crafty mom]
DIY colorblock bird feeders full of vivacious color from Handmade Charlotte
Colorful and bright paint can DIY bird feeders from Mom Endeavors
Gorgeous homemade bird feeder made from recycled silverware [From: birdsandblooms]
Innovative DIY Sisal Rope Bird Feeder Idea
LEGO bird feeder lets your imagination take flight with new wings
Lovely little teacup bird feeder is a hit in every garden
Many variants of the popular teacup bird feeder
Pumpkin shaped DIY bird feeder is perfect for festive season
Christmas tree that feeds your feathery friends with ease!

Ample Inspiration for Your Home Projects

Watching that little sparrow sit on the edge of a small DIY bird feeder that you have carefully crafted gives you a satisfaction like nothing else! Instead of searching for DIY guides, those with intermediate crafting skills can borrow from designs like the ones below and create their own amazing bird feeder that meets the style and design requirements of their garden. Ideas like the Burlap Thistle Sock bird feeder and tire bird feeder go easy on your time and pocket as well.

Custom DIY bird feeder full of rustic charm
DIY Burlap Thistle Sock bird feeder
DIY Tube-style bird feeder from Family Handyman
Duncraft EZ Bluebird Feeder offers a template you can easily copy!
Spellbindingly beautiful bird feeder crafted from an old shoe!
Spiral style DIY bird feeder idea
Stylish and chic Chandelier bird feeder DIY
Awesome Hummingbird Feeder that you can draw ample inspiration from
Colorful and charming lighthouse bird feeder from Mod Podge Rocks
Create your own tire swing bird feeder this summer!

Easy-to-Craft DIY Ideas

Speaking of easy-to-craft DIY bird feeders, few come easier than the orange and Macrame design that takes just a few minutes to shape and is super-effective. Another super easy project is the DIY carton bird feeder that you can craft along with your kids. It is pretty easy to turn almost anything in your home into a bird feeder; from those paper plates from last night’s party to pine cones that you have salvaged from the local garden. It is only your imagination that counts!

Easy wooden DIY bird feeder that costs just $4 [From: 100 Things 2 Do]
Easy-to-craft Macrame and Orange DIY Bird Feeder [From: blue corduroy]
Kids’ craft – DIY carton bird feeder
LEGO bird feeder for those who love color and flight!
Mason jar DIY bird feeder from the country chic cottage
Paper plate DIY bird feeder [From: Happy Hooligans]
Recycled jar bird feeder just takes a few minutes to make
Ultra-easy pine cone DIY bird feeder idea [Photography: Steve Byland / Family Handyman]
Custom star-shaped bird feeder idea for the trendy garden
DIY Bundt Pan Bird Feeder [From: Kelly Elko]

Colorful, Glassy Bird Feeders

Few DIY bird feeders feel as glamorous and amazing as those crafted from old wine bottles. Wine bottle crafts always add a touch of glitter and vivacious charm to any setting they adorn. It is no different in case of bird feeders as well and even the best take little glass cutting skills to make. Couple them with some lovely lighting in the evening and you have an even more beautiful garden. Be it colorful tin cans or those old, discarded coke bottles, the best DIY bird feeders always bring with them a touch of glam!

Perfect feeder for those Hummingbirds gracing your yard
Simple and easy-to-craft wine bottle bird feeder DIY idea [From: Hometalk]
Small decorated tuna can filled with food is all you need to attract some birds
Smart little bird feeder made using craft sticks and glue
Soda bottle bird feeder takes little time to craft
Wine bottle bird feeders add charm to your garden all on their own [From: thegardenroofcoop]
Beautiful DIY tin can flower bird feeder
DIY Acorn bird feeder idea
DIY geo style wood and copper bird feeder

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