20 Stylish Ways To Bring Brick Wallpaper Into Your Home

We’ve often expressed our love and admiration for exposed brick walls, revealing all the cool ways in which you can take advantage of them and turn them into beautiful interior design features. The major downside is that not every home has brick walls and adding them requires a major renovation. With brick wallpaper, you can skip all that and get the look for less. Obviously, a wallpapered wall would be missing the texture and the dimensions of real bricks but from an aesthetic point of view, it’s a major win.

Installing a brick wallpaper mural is not that difficult as long as you know what you’re doing. You don’t need experience but you do need to pay attention to the details and to follow all the instructions. There’s a tutorial on prettyhandygirl which would be quite useful in this case.

There are ways to get the look of exposed bricks without using actual bricks. The alternative is to use faux brick paneling. It’s easy to install and it gives you the look and the texture plus you can customize it as you would with a regular brick wall. Check this awesome-looking whitewashed accent wall featured on sawdust2stitches as inspiration.

An even easier and faster way to replicate the look of bricks on your wall is with a stencil. Of course, it won’t look perfect and it will clearly lack the authenticity but it’s still a suitable solution if you’re renting or if you plan on doing something special with the design such as using a crazy color for example. Check out this YouTube video for more details.

Brick wallpaper is another good alternative in case you can’t make structural alterations to your walls or simply want to avoid a messy and costly renovation. There are many wallpaper options with very convincing designs, like this one for example. You can find it on Amazon.

This whitewashed brick wallpaper looks great too and is a beautiful choice for a backsplash. The light shades of gray and brown coordinate nicely with the kitchen cabinetry and the hardware. You can find out more about this particular wallpaper on Amazon.

Here’s another beautiful example of how brick wallpaper can help you enhance and complement your home decor. In this setting, the wallpaper was used to create an accent wall for the bedroom. It adds warmth to the space and maintains a bright and open look. You can get it on amazon.

Because this brick wallpaper is waterproof you can use it for backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms without fear that it would be damaged by moisture. In addition to its versatility, the wallpaper also has a beautiful pattern with a certain dose of authenticity to it. Check it out on Amazon.

This black brick wallpaper has a really cool look and simplicity works in its favor, making it ideal for modern and contemporary spaces which focus a lot o minimalism. Further more, the pattern and design are quite realistic. Find more details about this product on muralswallpaper.

If you like the look of old brick walls with cracks and chipped paint on them, there’s an easy way to recreate that using wallpaper. On muralswallpaper you can find a great selection of designs among which there are also a few which are designed to give you that rustic-industrial look plus a variety of advantages.

This silver brick wallpaper has a really cool design which gives it a 3D effect, with shadows that add depth and make it stand out while maintaining a pleasantly simple appearance. Check out limelace to find out more about this product.

One of the advantages of brick wallpaper is that it comes in many different colors and is easy to install, meaning you can change the decor and ambiance of a room without tearing down the walls or making any major changes. If you like this beautiful shade of blue you can check out limelace for more details.

This green brick wallpaper looks stylish and exquisite and the color is quite exceptional meaning it’s an excellent choice for an accent wall, whether you choose to add it to the living room, your bedroom or even your workspace. Check out limelace for more info.

This is a type of wallpaper which captures the unique beauty and character of old and rustic brick walls. The different color shades and the look of chipped paint create a rather authentic look. You can find out more about this particular type of wallpaper on wayfair.

This wallpaper doesn’t recreate the look of exposed brick but that of stone. The colors and the play of light and shadow is truly wonderful, giving the wallpaper a very realistic appearance. You can check out more details about it on photowall.

Another beautiful wallpaper design from photowall inspired by exposed brick walls also brings something else to the table; the fresh and bohemian look of vines and foliage. The design is once again perfect if you want to create an eye-catching accent wall.

Exposed brick walls and by extension wallpapered walls add character to a space and can suit a variety of different areas. This is an open kitchen setup where the accent wall makes the transition between spaces seamless.

Patterned wallpaper especially the kind which mimics certain materials such as wood, stone or brick are generally well-suited for bedrooms because they add warmth to the decor. You can even mix and match different types of wallpaper for a rich vibe.

Brick wallpaper is very versatile which means you can use to give any space a more welcoming look and more character. This applies to the kitchen too where you can use brick wallpaper for the backsplash or as a backdrop for open shelves.

Applying brick wallpaper to the walls of a room would sometimes give the space an industrial appearance. You can use this to your advantage if you wish to give the room an urban vibe inspired by old building lofts and historical houses.

Of course, if the rustic-industrial appearance of exposed brick is not what you have in mind, you can go with something more minimalistic instead such as white brick wallpaper which has a nice Scandinavian vibe to it.

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