How to Make a Headboard: 35 Great Ideas

There are few décor pices in the bedroom that make an impact as the bed itself. It is the protagonist around which the rest of the room revolves. It sets the style, theme and at times even the color scheme of the bedroom. Of course, one part of the bed that you can easily create on your own without expert level carpentry skills is the headboard. A smart DIY headboard does much more than bring custom charm to the interior. It reflects your taste, personality and maybe even your DIY skills at their impressive best.

Stunning custom DIY headboard crafted using wooden boards from I Spy DIY

Making your own headboard is all about discovering what works in your bedroom and also the material you love. There is a choice between the comfort of fabric headboards at their plush tufted best and wooden headboards in their many avatars. From pallet DIY headboards to those made using natural wood and ones that feel super stylish with plywood finish, this is a look at 35 amazing DIY headboard ideas that will keep you busy for weekends to come!

DIY Fabric Headboard Ideas

The DIY fabric headboard is one of our favorites and the main reason for that is the sheer comfort that it offers. For many of us, the ideal headboard is one that allows us to just relax and catch up on our favorite TV show or book with ease. Most DIY fabric headboards come with a tufted option, making them even more special. But simpler designs like the tribal chic headboard that you can see below can be created within no time at all and with complete ease. They also add ample color and pattern to the bedroom and create a cool focal point.

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Easy to craft DIY tribal chic headboard full of color and pattern
Floral headboard that you can easily create at home [From: Design Love Fest]
Fun Ruffled Fabric Headboard moves away from mundane DIY projects! from BHG
Gorgeous DIY blue tufted headboard for the modern headboard from Place of my Taste!
Perfect modern DIY fabric headboard
Retro-inspired DIY fabric headboard
Turquoise DIY tufted headboard is perfect for the classic bedroom
Beautiful DIY fabric headboard with tufting from Hey There Home
Contemporary DIY tufted headboard in chic gray is a showstopper in an understated fashion
DIY homemade velvet tufted headboard is hard top in terms of sheer style! [From: style by emily henderson]

Work with Cost-Effective Pallets

There is something undeniably beautiful about pallets being turned into home décor and these become even more impressive when you transform them into a headboard. Pallet headboards have a certain rustic or industrial appeal about them and you can play this up further with Edison bulb lighting that makes them even better. Dismantling some of the pallets and re-assembling them to create chevron or herringbone pattern is another option for those who seek pattern that pops out. Just painting the pallet white and adding it as the headboard also works for homeowners who love décor with distressed look.

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DIY pallet headboard with industrial style and Edison bulb lighting
Exquisite DIY pallet headboard with chevron pattern
Eye-catching bedroom lighting and DIY pallet headboard make a big impression
Fabulous pallet headboard adds character to the bedroom
Painted pallet headboard is super cheap and easy to craft
Reclaimed wood and distressed finsihes give this headboard a smart, shabby-chic vibe [From: Live Simply]
Turn those forgotten pallets into a snazzy headboard
Adding lighting to the DIY pallet headboard with ease
Create your own DIY Pallet Headboard with Dimmable Lighting
Custom DIY pallet headboard idea from Rice Designs

Beauty of Natural Wood Headboards

When it comes to wooden headboards, nothing beats the sheer splendor and joy of a natural-edge headboard at its stunning best. If you are lucky enough to find a large slab of wood that can be used as a headboard, do go for it! If that is not a thing you are fond of, then the woven wood headboard with color might be more down your style street. Mix and match different wood types in here to create a headboard that feels organic, unique and accentuates the bedroom style.

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Decorate your DIY wood headboard in simple style
DIY natural wood headboards do not come more stunning than this!
Easy-to-make reclaimed wood headboard
Fun and colorful woven headboard idea
Simple and easy DIY wood headboard with geo charm
Vintage shutters transformed into cool DIY headboard full of color
Add a bit of pattern to the bedroom with your DIY headboard
Awesome live-edge headboard is something you can create at home
Custom DIY wood headboard crafted under $50

Discover the Best DIY Plywood Headboards

Finding the right DIY plywood headboard idea is a bit more difficult; especially if you have a bedroom that is polished and modern. The amazing thing here though is that a simple sheet of plywood can act as a great headboard all on its own, in a minimal, contemporary bedroom. If you can add the outline of the cityscape to it or even another scenery you love, then much better!

Lovely DIY headboard crafted using plywood decorated beautifully [From bhg]
Minimal and easy-to-make DIY plywood headboard
Single sheet of plywood turned into a cool heaboard [From: curbly]
Awesome use of plywood to create a headboard that mimics city skyline
Floating DIY plywood headboard with bedside nightstands

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