8 Repurposed Churches Turned Into Spectacular Homes

Living in a house that used to be a church may sound like an odd thing to do but the more we think about it the more it’s starting to sound increasingly appealing and interesting. Repurposed churches offer all sorts of unique advantages, one of the most important ones being the history of the building and its significance. Of course, the architecture is remarkable and sets the foundation for a stunning and unique interior design. The following projects will prove it.

Situated on a corner lot in London, United Kingdom this house is defined by a traditional aesthetic on the outside and a modern and sophisticated vibe on the inside. It was originally a church and it’s been converted into a residence by studio Gianna Camilotti. The exterior was left pretty much untouched so the building still retains its original character. The interior however has been completely revamped, with spaces that take advantage of the high ceilings and amazing arched windows.

When it comes to repurposed churches, the stained glass on the windows is one of the best and most unique features. That’s a detail which studio Zecc Architecten decided to preserve when they transformed this church from Utrecht, The Netherlands into a residence. They kept the stained glass even though it makes the rooms appear darker compared to regular clear glass windows which let in lots of natural light.

This is the Church House, a residence located in Brisbane, Australia. Originally it was the Church of Transfiguration which was built back in 1924. After the transformation, its facades remained almost unchanged, a testimony to the past. In addition to completely redesigning the interior of the existing building, architecture firm DAHA also created an extension. The two structures contrast with each other and have very different architectural styles.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, this charming house dates back to 1892 and originally served as a church. The historic timber building was transformed into a home by studio Bagnato Architects. The fact that it already had a size and shape similar to that of a typical suburban house helped the process and made the conversion easy and smooth. Of course, major changes were made. The ground floor was opened up towards the backyard, ensuring a seamless indoor-outdoor transition and the interior was updated and divided into smaller areas.

Another wonderful church conversion was completed by Scrafano Architects in collaboration with studio Linc Thelen Design. The church is located in Chicago, Illinois and has been transformed into a family home. It now has 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms as well as an amazing living space with 25 foot high ceiling and a stylish fireplace. The interior design is fresh and simple, with an emphasis on neutral colors. The stained glass windows make exquisite focal points throughout the house.

Originally built in 1928, this Reformed Evangelism Church in Haarlo, The Netherlands has been converted into a one-of-a-kind residence by Leijh, Kappelhof, Seckel, van den Dobbelsteen Architects. The building retained a lot of its original charm, with many architectural features being preserved almost intact, in particular the facade and the bell tower. Other historic elements include the wooden roof, the doors and the arched windows. The stained glass gives the spaces a really special look and stand out thanks to the new minimalist interior design.

All church conversions have a unique wow factor but not all of them take full advantage of this. One example of a project which makes the most of its unique history is the Cairns House which is located outside Kelso, in the UK. It’s now a 5-bedroom family home with a modern interior and a traditional exterior. The interior design is spectacular, taking advantage of the architecture, large open spaces and the beautiful stained glass arched windows. Check out crabtreeandbrabtree to find out more about it.

The Chapel is another wonderful church turned holiday home located in the United Kingdom. The structure is quite small and looks rather cute with its stone-clad facades, gabled roof and red door and window frames. The interior is modern with just a few subtle hints of rustic charm. The original windows were preserved and the frames are painted red on the outside and white on the inside, in order to match the fromt door and respectively the walls. Check out camenzindevolution for more details.

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