Beautiful Tribeca Inspired Loft In Moscow

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Tribeca style loft 72 м²

This beautiful modern two-floor Tribeca inspired loft apartment by yoroom design is located in the Moscow. This is a former factory buildings area that was redesigned and now it is one of the most beautiful and popular areas in Moscow. It is located in the central district of Moscow and from its windows you get a beautiful view of the whole city.


The main characteristic of this loft is a large window that covers the entire wall. Thanks to it, the living room looks very spacious and apartment has a lot of natural light. It has a great panoramic view and you can see the most beautiful part of Moscow. Also, ceilings are 6 meters high, which is pretty impressive. First floor has 48 square meters and second floor has 24 square meters, which makes it 72 square meters in total. The architect’s idea was to divide whole apartment in two sections: public and private. First floor can be considered public space, because it consists of large living room, kitchen and office space.

Living room is cozy and it has a lot of sitting space. It is perfect for spending time with family and friends because everyone can be comfortable. Neutral grey tones are dominant. but there are a lot of blue and turquoise details that give special charm to this room. There is one big, comfortable sofa decorated with many pillows. It makes you want to sit, relax and chat with your family and friends. Whole area looks very cozy and invites you to have a good time. The most notable detail is metal sculpture above the sofa, inspired by the space.

Kitchen is modern and fully equipped. It has everything one family may need to prepare healthy and tasty meals. When it comes to office area, it is located under modern metal stairs. It has a desk and a chair, as well as a large bookcase. It is near the window, so natural light can enter. It is very inspiring and creative space. It also allows you to work and be undisturbed.

The upper floor is reserved for private area. It consists of bedroom. large dressing room and a bathroom. It has everything one couple may need to feel comfortable. This bathroom is one of the most beautiful areas in whole apartment. It has a large window and it is decorated with many plants. Starting the day in such bathroom would boost your energy and at the same time lower your stress level.

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