Farmhouse TV Stand Ideas With Extra Charming Designs

While wall-mounted TVs look great and right at home in many contemporary environments where minimalism and a clean and clutter-free look is key, we can’t say the same about decors that are more rustic or traditional. In those cases, a farmhouse TV stand would be a wonderful option and as it happens we have a few designs and ideas that we’d like to share with you today.

With a beautiful design and a super fast and easy assembly system, the Santa Fe TV stand has all the right features to become the new focal point of your beautiful and inviting farmhouse living room decor. No tools are required to put together this piece and it can be done in under 10 minutes.

It’s big enough to hold a large TV and look proportional while doing it and at the same time it’s small enough to not take up more space that needed, even in a small living room. This farmhouse TV stand is made of engineered wood with a lovely oak finish and storage space in the form of open shelves at the center and two closed sections on the sides. Check it out on Amazon.

Here’s another farmhouse TV stand with a fairly simple and straight-forward design and a certain je ne sais quois which really makes it look extra charming. It has to do with the little details such as the exposed hardware and also the barn door-inspired look of the cabinet doors. The stand is made of high-grade MDF. Find out details about it on Amazon.

Speaking of all the little details that end up having a big impact on the overall design and look of a farmhouse TV stand, check out the Bolanburg unit featured above.  It has a two-toned finish in weathered oak and antique white with a gently distressed look and it offers plenty of storage behind the ornate cabinet doors.

Barn doors are a huge source of inspiration for a lot of the farmhouse TV stands including this one. This is a really cool piece because it has two doors which can slide from one side to another and can hide various sections of the unit, depending on how you want to organize everything. The stand also has four adjustable shelves and two drawers. Check out the specs on Amazon.

This is another farmhouse TV stand with sliding doors, similar to the one we mentioned above. This one is made of high-grade MDF and can a TV up to 64” in diagonal. It includes cord management features, three adjustable shelves and two sliding barn doors that look absolutely charming. Check it out on Amazon.

The Market Street TV stand has open shelves on the sides, an open cuggy in the middle and two more storage shelves just below, hidden behind tempered glass doors. The frame which holds everything is made of steel and has a vintage look to it. The overall style of this stand is a mix of farmhouse and industrial details.

The modern farmhouse style has a really cool vibe because it’s warm and cozy but it also maintains a simple and fresh look. You can emphasize that look but choosing to not even place your TV on the stand but to actually have it mounted on the wall. After all, the stand is not just a support structure for the TV itself but also a storage unit for everything related. Check out this stand on Amazon.

Many farmhouse TV stands share very similar designs, with a combination of open shelves and closed door compartments. This stand from Amazon is no exception. It’s a versatile piece which can suit a variety of spaces including the living room, bedroom and even a home office. The cabinet fronts are inspired by the look of barn doors.

The Barndoor Highboy TV stand has an aesthetic similar to the rest of the designs we showed so far. It has two barn door inspired cabinet fronts with open shelves to the left and an extra large open shelf above. Overall, a good balance of open and closed spaces and a modern, asymmetrical appearance.

DIY farmhouse TV stand ideas

The farmhouse style is generally very forgiving and goes hand in hand with a lot of DIY project ideas including the TV stand. You can think of this as a console table with extra shelves. If you want to get that distressed look consider using reclaimed wood or antique stain finish. Check out the story of this stand on lifestorage.

This right here is a very solid-looking TV stand with a wonderful farmhouse-style design. The side panels of the frame and reminiscent of barn doors and the whole piece is built of lumber with an intentionally distressed finish. The stand is wide enough to hold a large TV for the living room an even leaves a bit of room for extra decorations. Check out the details of the project on remodelaholic.

Open shelves look good on farmhouse TV stands and are very practical too. At the same time, they make the design and the project as a whole easier so you can definitely use this idea as a source of inspiration. A good example to follow is the tutorial featured on thewhitecottagefarm.

This is also an easy to build TV stand. It has a simple frame with two big modules on the sides and three small shelves at the center. If you prefer to also have closed storage compartments on your TV stand you can adjust the design a little bit. Check out the full description on buildsomething.

This right here is a farmhouse TV stand that was made out of plywood. It has a beautiful distressed finish which gives it lots of character and hardware which completes the look and emphasizes the style without overpowering the design. You can check out rogueengineer to find out the list of materials and tools needed for this project.

If you want to build a TV stand that’s solid and practical, we suggest checking out this project featured on imgur. The design of this stand is super simple which makes it a nice fit for modern and contemporary living rooms but also for certain more rustic or traditional settings. The stand is made of wood and was designed to hide all the wiring.

This DIY farmhouse TV stand has a lot of character and it’s all thanks to little things such as the choice of contrasting colors, the chic hardware and the cute look of the glass panel cabinet fronts. You can find out how it was built from start to finish if you follow the tutorial featured on buildsomething.

Want your TV to sit in the corner of the room. There aren’t that many TV stands which would fit in there but luckily you can build one yourself. There’s a nice tutorial about it on rogueengineer which explains the whole process from start to finish. The design is simple, practical and beautiful as well.

Pallets are a wonderful resource for all sorts of DIY projects, including a TV stand. With little effort and almost no money you can build a custom stand for your TV which you can customize based on the dimensions of the TV and the space. In this case, the hairpin legs look lovely in combination with the pallet. Check out the project on preparingforpeanut.

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