The Future Is Now – 3D Printed Home Accessories

3D printing has opened a whole new range of possibilities in all domains including interior design and decor. Numerous designers have embraced this technology and that means you can now furnish and decorate your home or office with things like 3D printed vases, planters and even tables, chairs and other furniture pieces. Their designs may not always be very unconventional but even something minimalist can be outstanding in this case. Check out below some of our favorite 3D printed home accessories.

The Blue and White is a series of 3D printed porcelain vases created by Olivier van Herpt. The vases are 70 cm tall and very thin thanks to a technique developed by the designer which allows the clay to maintain its shape during printing.

The New Raw is a research and design studio which developed the Print Your City initiative that allows citizens to recycle their plastic household waste and to use it to design custom street furniture which is then 3D printed. Those interested can also choose a location where they’d like to see these pieces placed. Of course, these unique pieces can look great not just out on the street but indoors as well and we can definitely learn something from this project.

This is a limited edition ionic sound system, the first one to be 3D printed with sand. It’s created by design studio Deeptime which developed a special technique that turns sand prints into airtight and resonance-free forms using custom-made hardeners and pigments. This allows the sound system to not only look cool but also deliver great quality. The system is comprised of a subwoofer and two satellite speakers.

The Tamu chair is created by designer Patrick Jouin. The prototype was unveiled earlier this year at Milan Design Week and the design is inspired by nature and aims to be organic and also to use as little material as possible. This cool-looking 3D printed chair is even more impressive through the fact that it’s foldable and takes up surprisingly little space when in its most compact form which also allows it to be portable.

3D printed objects tend to be more impressive when they’re small because of the amazing amount of detail which they can include. A good example is the series of geometric planters created by Minimum Design. They’re made of PLA wood which is a mixture of bioplastic and recycled wood fibers. The planters come in different styles and sizes and can be customized in various ways. They have origami-inspired designs which gives them a delicate and playful appearance.

The Unfinished Vase collection was created by Japanese studio Doogdesign. It consists of a series of modern 3D printed vases. The printing process starts with the base pf the vase. Once done, the glass dish is inserted by hand and the 3D printing continues, encasing the dish within the case. An opening is left on the side of each vase so that the glass dish can be filled with water whenever needed.

Studio Model No. Furniture unveiled their first fully customizable 3D printed furniture collection which includes tablets, planters, bins and vases. They all feature sculptural forms inspired by nature and can be modified in real time. The customers can go online to customize each piece by adjusting its size, shape, curves or color. This allows every piece to be unique and to capture its owner’s style and vision, making the interior design more personal.

A few years ago an exhibition by designer Joris Laarman showcased a series of amazing furniture pieces with unique designs, including the blueprint for a chair which could be produced by anyone with a 3D printer. Other pieces featured then include a set of geometric chairs with continuous curves referencing the iconic Pantone chair. The Vortex table and bookshelf are also outstanding pieces of furniture. The bookshelf is especially eye-catching as it features shelves that are straight and ordinary at the bottom and become increasingly curved and convoluted until they end up being purely decorative with no functionality.

These cool-looking 3D printed benches are the result of a collaboration between Studio 7.5 and XtreeE. The benches are made of concrete and have a beautiful woven pattern which gives them a pleasant texture and a really cool appearance. They’re made using a minimal amount of concrete, a lot less than mold forms use in general.

This is the Bow chair designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and it looks like a beautiful sculpture like many of the studio’s creations for that matter. The inspiration for the design came from nature. The designers explored the natural growth process occuring in marine biology focusing on coral formations. The chair is 3D printed using biodegradable, non-toxic materials from renewable sources and features a glamorous appearance based on shades of black and purple which seamless transition into one another.

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