The Unique Bond Between Wine And Architecture – Amazing Winery Designs

A winery is either a building or a property which is involved in the production of wine. Usually associated with famous regions such as Napa Valley in California or Bordeaux in France, wineries can be found all over the world. Their architecture, although often overlooked, can be very impressive and very beautiful as you’ll see in the images below which capture the wonderful charm of the vineyards and the structures built around them.

The Silver Oak Winery in Sonoma Valley

This winery from Sonoma Valley produces the famous Cabernet Sauvignon. It was designed by studio Piechota Architecture and it occupies a 113-acre site (46 hectares). As visitors approach the estate, the buildings are gradually revealed. They all have gabled roofs made of repurposed wood. The visitor area consists of two bars with large outdoor spaces including a promenade lined with trees and a reflecting pool, tasting areas, a library, an event area, a kitchen and cold and dry storage rooms.

The Furioso Vineyards estate

The Furioso Vineyards estate is located in northwestern Oregon and was very recently renovated and expanded by studio Waechter Architecture. The existing building has been updated and remodeled and now features charred cedar cladding. Part of the project was also the addition of a new tasting room, a structure with large glass walls which take advantage of the beautiful views. This entire project was meant to give the winery an identity and to open it up to the marvelous landscape which surrounds it.

The Jackalope hotel

Vineyards are so charming that, not surprisingly, people want to spend as much time here as possible. Some vineyards have hotels such as the Jackalope which is surrounded by century-old native landscape and extraordinary views. The hotel was created by Carr Design Group and featuring a contemporary architecture with luxurious suites and a gorgeous infinity pool. The poolside deck is lined with sunbeds and also includes a pavilion and a heated plunge pool.

The Zinfandel house

The Zinfandel house is a private residence located in Napa Valley, surrounded by vineyards and with a stunning forest behind it. It was designed by studio Field Architecture and it has a U-shaped floor plan. Its architecture is simplistic and unpretentious which allows the house to keep a low profile and to blend in with the landscape. It’s a single-storey structure with a modern and welcoming interior and large windows which frame the gorgeous views.

The Anthony von Mandl Winery

In the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia one can find Martin’s Lane Winery for which Olson Kundig Architects designed a complex back in the ’90s. Recently they’ve been asked to create a new facility which would use gravity to produce pinot noir wine. This is the new Anthony von Mandl winery. It’s set on a hillside, following the land and using the downhill slope in its favor. It includes a production area as well as a visitor area, the latter featuring large windows and openings which overlook the mountains, lake and vineyards.

The Sentinel Ridge house

For this charming house on Howell Mountain near Napa Valley the main source of inspiration was the surrounding landscape. Studio Field Architecture used aged wood to give the structures character and to make them blend into the surroundings seamlessly. There are three volumes in total, all with gabled roofs made of metal and exterior walls clad in reclaimed Douglas fir. The facades also feature tan stucco portions which were inspired by the color of the soil.

The COR Cellars winery

Located on the outskirts of Lyle in rural Washington, the COR Cellars winery was designed by goCstudio and is an homage to the picturesque landscape surrounding it. The winery is family-owned and was originally established in 2004. It initially included an old shed used for bottling to which the owners wanted to add a tasting room, a prep kitchen and a storage area. The architects built a set of volumes organized around a courtyard and they made sure to embrace the beauty of the nature throughout the project.

The L’Angolo winery

This is the new tasting room which studio Lever Architecture designed for a family-owned winery from Yamhill County, in Oregon. The main already-existing building had cedar-clad walls and a sloped roof with deep overhangs so the architects took inspiration from that. The owners wanted the design of the new tasting room to reflect their minimalist winemaking philosophy while at the same time embracing the beautiful landscape which surrounds it. This is the design that the team came up with.

The Red Hill residence

The views in the Red Hill wine region south of Melbourne are breathtaking and this building takes full advantage of that. This is the private home of the winery owner and was designed by studio Finnis Architects. A key feature of the design is the terrace which is recessed inside the building, featuring angled surfaces and a glass balustrade which makes the most of the panorama and allows the interior living room to enjoy an unobstructed view over the vineyard.

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