Living Room Coffee Tables With Designs that Break with Tradition

After the sofa, the coffee table is likely the biggest focal point in the living room, and if it’s not — it easily could be. For decades, the average coffee table was generally rectangular and, frankly, a little boring. Fast forward to today and there are countless styles available to jazz up the living room. Whether it’s used to set down a book or a cocktail, or as a handy prop for feet (sorry mom) design-forward coffee tables can turn this mainly functional piece of furniture into a decor highlight. Here are 20 examples of statement coffee table designs that are fresh and fun.

Modern and Metal

Using aluminum plate as his canvas, industrial designer Alex Brokamp created his Collate coffee table with modern techniques. The Computer Numerical Control toolpaths — a part of computer-aided design — make the intriguing pattern on the tabletop. It’s super interesting because as you walk around the table, the nature of the design shifts depending on the viewing angle. This is a large and splashy choice for a coffee table and works best in a contemporary or modern style of interior decor.;

Colorful Ombré


Aluminum coated in a gold mirror finish makes these Gaby coffee tables by Chapel Petrassi a gorgeous choice for any living room. The metallic shine of the base sets off the multicolored ombré top that is very evocative of a sunrise or dramatic landscape colors along the horizon. It’s not often that a coffee table serves as the vehicle for introducing some additional color into a room, but these painterly pieces are a great reason to do so.



This streamlined coffee table is longer and thinner than is typical — and it was created by a tile company. Under the tag line of “Far Beyond the Surface,” AKDO presented this table to demonstrate how beautiful its surface materials are. The marbling pattern is stunning and the thin stone top stands out more when paired with these thin rectangular legs fashioned with a chrome finish.

Geometric Style



Highly reflective around the sides and marvelously patterned on the top, this geometric coffee table arrangement has it all. Presented by CB2, wither piece would be suitable as a table on its own but put together, the shapes form a modern statement for the living room. Having two sections allows for flexibility in placement and are hefty enough that they could also be used as extra seating for entertainment.

 Glamorous Focal Point


For furnishings that have glamour and shine, the brands of Covet House are the go-to source. A spectacular three-part coffee table is the statement around which the entire room is built.  The mirrored sides, darker top and golden surfaces of the inner “split” come together in a very artful and modern piece that exudes luxury.

Artful Display


Like a glass case around a precious object, this glass coffee table encloses a sculpture comprised of metal and stone orbs. While completely functional as a coffee table, the piece is also a work of art that can be appreciated from all angles. This type of statement coffee table is a sophisticated way of adding art to a space, especially one that might have a more minimalist design.

Earthy Design


A solid wood table with an innovative design is an instant statement in any living room. This Pilar Coffee Table by Indo is dip-dyed to achieve the ombré blue tones and are reminiscent of the technique used for glazing ceramics. The fluted side of the table plays with light and adds visual depth to the table. Handcrafted, the piece is highly functional and has an earthy vibe.

Study in Contrasts


Keystone Designer Furniture created the Aerin Coffee Table to showcase the beauty of wood by using two contrasting pieces in a single table. The angular design has a hefty feel yet is sleek in appearance. Geometrically, the table is composed of two identical shapes that are positioned opposite one another, creating a unique illusion. The Aerin is a one-of-a-kind piece.

Multicolored and Reflective


Artful yet modern and minimalist, the Wave Table from Kin and Company is a fascinating coffee table. Underneath the large glass top is a base of steel sheets, rolled and curving like the curl of a wave that is about to crest. The unusual multicolored surface of the steel sheet is achieved using a process of heat treatment that realigns the molecules to create the colorful sheen.

Handcrafted Minimalism


Clean lines and superior handcraftsmanship make straightforward furnishings very special. This Hull Parabola Coffee Table from O&G Studio sports a Carrara Venetino Marble top supported by a hand-planed solid wood base. The table’s low profile does not diminish its grandeur in any way. The beautiful simplicity of the design lets the materials speak for themselves.

For Book Lovers


Paperbacks, magazines, coffee table books — there’s never enough space for keeping these close at hand for book lovers. This midcentury-style coffee table solves that problem with its multiple levels and slanted storage section. Named the Biblio Cocktail Table it is crafted from a single piece of wood by Alexander Giray. This technique allows the beauty of the woodgrain to follow across the table without interruption. Using a slatted lower shelf keeps the piece from feeling too heavy yet still offering plenty of space for books.

Materially Focused


Another beautiful design option for book lovers is the Bookscape Coffee Table by Trey Jones. A specially designed section is meant to display coffee table books. Made from inlaid Carrara marble, the holder keeps the book open. Two moveable coasters that fit into the corners of the table are also made from marble and add to the overall aesthetic. The table itself is crafted from oak.

Centered on Nature


Adding living plants to a room is always a good idea for so many reasons, especially when you can do it with a super stylish coffee table like this one from Opiary. The studio focuses on biophilic design that melds nature and modern style in unique furniture, wallscapes and planters. The centerpiece of the table can be any living plant you want to highlight. The designs are made to order and coffee tables can take many organic shapes, not just this round style.

Like a Landscape

Like a landscape punctuated by gardens, the  Pokopoko Table from Wooyoo design studio makes excellent use of the space in a table that most often goes unused. A modern wood design includes small openings for pots that add pockets of green space to the table. With its gently sloping wood surface that rises up and surrounds each opening, the tabletop is truly like a natural landscape.

Concrete Style


Round and durable, the Forum Coffee Table from Phase Design can be used indoors or outdoors. The piece is made with reinforced concrete and has a slightly industrial look but also plenty of architectural flair. The arched fluting on the side adds dimension through light and shadow. Color options for this modern coffee table include chalk, fog, madrone and obsidian.

Bold Color


It’s not often that a coffee table offers the opportunity to add a pop of color, but the Lucite works from Italy’s Poliedrica certainly fit the bill. Handcrafted from high-quality material, the bold coffee table is unique because of the underside that is enhanced by folds and dips in its surface. Evocative of ice sheets or shifting waters, the tabletop has movement and plays the light in an attractive way. The hefty brass base is an ideal match for the beautiful top.

Upcycled Artistry

There’s creative reuse — and then there’s the stunning artistry of woodworker Richard Haining. Magnificent for its variations in wood color and grain, juxtaposition of smooth and ridged, the STACKED coffee table base is created by piece by piece. While the inside displays the dimension of each individual piece the outside is planed and smoothed by hand. The creativity involved in transforming scrap wood destined for the trash heap into such a beautiful coffee table is astounding. It will definitely be the focal point of the living room and a major conversation piece.

Unconventional Composition

When a coffee table is crafted from unconventional materials, you can be sure that it will attract attention like this one from Ryspot Design. Focused on non-traditional materials in creating pieces that build a relationship to the urban environment, the studio aims to “challenge your expectations of a material.” Legs formed from extruded material supporting a painterly top make for a colorful coffee table that has a traditional shape yet is anything but expected.

Upholstered Geometric

Is it a coffee table?  A seat?  Geometric ottoman?  Yes to all. Talbot & Yoon’s Soft Diamond Seat can serve multiple purposes, not the least of which is as a coffee table. Just as many people use a large ottoman in place of a traditional coffee table, this padded piece can be the centerpiece and very functional with the addition of a tray. Inspired by mid-eighteenth century French tufted furniture, this work using tubes instead of buttons. Its tubular steel frame is padded and covered in 100% wool felt from Maharam.

Playing with Perspectives

Billed as an “experiential” piece of furniture, the Sundial Coffee Table from Yield Design changes perspectives and plays with light and shadow. Depending on the viewing angle, the base of the table can appear thin and delicate, but from another, it is bold and substantial. The clear center support makes it seem as if the three tinted spans are precariously balanced, supporting the glass top.

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