Clever Pallet Project Ideas For Every Room

Everyone knows that pallets are incredibly versatile and can be repurposed in all sorts of ingenious ways, but just how versatile are they really? Could you possibly incorporate a pallet in every single room of your home? We’re confident that the answer to this question is yes and we’ve prepared a bunch of pallet furniture and accessory ideas that support it.

Garage organizer

Nobody likes a messy garage but unfortunately we see it all too often and it’s a shame considering how easy it would be to organize the space. A pallet is all you need in order to make a practical storage and organization system for all your tools, including the tiny ones. Check out the tutorial on funkyjunkinteriors.

Entryway welcome sign

You don’t need an entire pallet to make this lovely welcome sign. A single pallet board is enough. Paint it in a color that matches your house or pick a theme and go with it. You can even add some string art to make the design more interesting and special.

Pallet planter


A large pallet planter like this one would be perfect for the entryway or the balcony. You can even keep it outside and place it next to your front door or out on the porch. If you prefer a different color, switch the white exterior for something that suits you better.

Garden bench


For your garden you could build a simple bench using pallets. This one has a colorful design that gives it a playful and cheerful look but you can definitely customize your own bench however you see fit. There’s no backrest since the bench sits here against the fence but you can add cushions for increased comfort.

Herb garden in a pallet

With only a few easy modifications you can turn a wooden pallet into a vertical garden for all your favorite herbs. Use chalkboard paint to make built-in labels for your herbs and feel free to paint or stain the rest of the pallet if you want to. You could add this pallet herb garden to your kitchen or keep it outside.

Kitchen wine rack

Another cool pallet project for the kitchen is this wall-mounted wine rack. It’s small which makes it versatile as you can find room for it even in a tiny kitchen. Also, it has this nice built-in rack at the bottom for glasses which is a cool touch.

Living room table

A reclaimed pallet can also be used to create a custom little table which you can add to your living room. Give your pallet table hairpin legs so it looks sleek and lightweight. This could be your new coffee table or you can keep it by the sofa as a sort of accent piece.

Bedroom wall

In case your’re wondering how you could possibly introduce a pallet to the bedroom, here’s the answer: an accent wall. It’s a wonderful idea as it adds lots of warmth to the room. You need a few pallets for this projects so be sure to mix and match the boards to create a nice patchwork-inspired look. Check out charlottehupfieldceramics for more details.

Crafting room storage

If you’re the type of person who likes to wrap the gifts themselves (who wouldn’t?!) you’re probably struggling to find a good way to store and organize all your wrapping paper. Well worry no more because pallets save the day. Use one to make storage shelving similar to this. The idea is perfect for the crafting room or, in case you don’t have one, the home office or the storage closet.

Kids’ room bookcase


Isn’t this bookcase adorable? Sure, you can keep it in your office, bedroom or even living room but the small size actually makes it perfect for the kids’ room. You can make this out of pallet which saves you a lot of money and also gives the bookcase some character. Check out southerninlaw if you’re interested in the project.

Patio furniture

Pallet wood is perfect for making outdoor furniture mostly because it’s easier to incorporate all the imperfections in the design and because the shabby-chic look is expected here. Combine several pallets to make an outdoor dining table and use the leftover pieces to make matching benches for it. You can find more details on kleinworthco.

Balcony furniture

The balcony is a part of your home so treating it as any less than that would be a mistake. Try instead of make it look and feel like a little extension of the living room. You could make some furniture using pallet wood and even use reclaimed boards for the floor and walls to make the balcony more inviting. Check out apieceofrainbow for instructions.

Dining room table

The different nuances on reclaimed pallet boards would look gorgeous if you ever decide to add them to a dining table. It would be a fairly simple project and you can even use an existing table in the process. You can find more details about the project on lanared.

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