Modern Dining Tables That Inspire You To Reimagine Your Home

Given that open floor plans are very popular right now, adding a stylish and sophisticated touch to basic features and furniture pieces is more important than ever. That includes the dining area where there’s actually a lot of freedom when it comes to the overall design, decor and ambiance of the space. Today we’re looking at some modern dining tables which have just what it takes to make this room look amazing.

The Bow table has a very elegant design. It combines two contrasting materials, featuring a marble top with soft, rounded edges and an ash wood base with a dark finish. The base has a beautiful fan-like design.

The Cube table puts together a sculptural base with a modern, geometric design and a simple and elegant top. The base is made from a single sheet of metal which gives it a continuous and wholesome look. The design gives the table a dynamic and exciting look.

The dining table decor is just as important as the table itself so it’s essential for these elements to now overpower each other. The Joker 200 is a cool option in this sense. It’s interesting on its own but it also maintains a simple appearance.

Another simple yet exquisite design is featured by the Yoko dining table. It’s defined by subtle luxury and refined elegance and here you can see it paired with a Braid bench and a set of Clear chairs.

A little bit industrial and a little bit vintage but mostly sleek and modern – this is how we would describe the Rebel table. Its wooden top adds a warm touch to the space and you can add a dining table centerpiece to soften the clean, harsh lines of the design.

Extendable dining tables are very practical and always a good option which allows you to be prepared at all times, just in case. The Transalpina table proposes a new system in a design which keeps the legs in place and includes a supplement revealed by gently lifting the top.

The Fusello table has a lightweight, delicate and at the same time sculptural thanks to its eclectic design. It combines an oval top and four spindle legs which get thinner at the tips. The base is made of wood and the top is available in marble, glass and wood with a variety of finishes to choose from.

Since there’s not flexibility when it comes to the shape or design of the top, it’s usually the base of the dining table which gets to stand out most. We’ve seen some pretty amazing designs so far and the list continues with the Rigadin table. It’s part of a collection which also includes storage modules with similar designs.

Dining tables are available in a wide variety of materials and even more options when it comes to finishes and colors. This, for example, is the Magnum table. It has a base made of concrete which is paired with a round top available wood, glass or Super Marble.

The base of the Fusion Round dining table looks like two interlocked rings. It’s a graceful and elegant design based on simple forms. The top is available in several different materials such as wood, glass and SuperMarble and the base can be in lacquered metal, wood or SuperMarble as well.

The Vortex table has a helical metal tube frame which gives it lots of character. It can be paired with a round top made either of glass or glass-ceramic. Dining tables with circular tops stand out and have a casual and friendly appearance. They’re great at bringing people together and creating a wholesome atmosphere.

Round or oval tables are rarely extendable which makes the Atlante pretty special. This table has a butterfly extension leaf which lets you add two more seats, great in the event of having to accommodate extra guests or a larger group or simply if you want more room for yourself.

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