15 Beautiful Kitchen Remodel Ideas To Inspire Your Next Makeover

A lot of people would agree that the kitchen is the most important room of the house. It’s where you cook all those delicious meals but it’s also a space where family members and guests interact with each other and spend time together. In many cases the kitchen is part of the whole living area ensemble which makes sense in the modern home setting. It’s no surprise that many before and after house renovations focus extensively on the kitchen area and perhaps your own home could use an update in this regard. The following projects could be your source of inspiration.

A lot of times a change in color is enough to breathe new life into a space. White is very popular in many modern and contemporary kitchens and we have a few cool examples to share in this case. One comes from foreveramber. The new white look is super clean and bright and fresh and in this case the floor tiles were replaced with wooden flooring which is a wonderful choice.

Here’s another example that shows white is a great color for a kitchen. If you want to keep the kitchen remodel cost low, consider simply repainting the walls and the furniture. In the case of this particular kitchen featured on shadesofblueinteriors the layout and overall arrangement remained pretty much intact, with the exception of the newly added island.

White also suits this kitchen from sarahshermansamuel very well. We love the little golden accents and the new countertop. White marble is always elegant and its timeless vibe can also have a positive impact on the rest of the kitchen and the surrounding area by extension. Also, the kitchen was opened up to the adjacent space and that really changes the ambiance.

A great way to open up a kitchen is by replacing the closed cabinets with open shelves. Shelves are more accessible and they give out a breezy and airy vibe which suits kitchens well, especially the small, enclosed ones. The kitchen featured on abeautifulmess also got a new color scheme and was simplified by getting rid of unnecessary ornaments and patterns.

A dark color scheme can make the kitchen seem gloomy and less inviting as opposed to a bright  palette which creates an airy and welcoming ambiance. You can see how successful a change in color can be in this before and after kitchen remodel from dearlillieblog. The exposed beams and wooden flooring remain while the walls and furniture got a makeover.

Originally this kitchen had light-colored flooring and dark cabinetry. After the remodel, the balanced changed and all the furniture is now white, with contrasting wooden flooring. This gives the kitchen a simple and more spacious look even though the layout and overall proportions didn’t change. Check out the full story on studio-mcgee.

Small kitchens and light color tones go hand in hand. It doesn’t all have to be white. Gray is a beautiful color which even though neutral has lots of character. In the case of the remodel project from chrislovesjulia a few structural changes were made as well. The cabinetry on either side of the windows is gone and that really opens up the space.

Other changes you can make in your kitchen include getting a new countertop. Buying a ready-made one is easy but may not always work, especially if you only need a small portion or a custom shape. An alternative is to make a concrete countertop yourself. You can of course work with other materials if you prefer a different look.

A new backsplash can also change the kitchen. You can turn this into an awesome DIY project. You can install a subway tile kitchen backsplash quite easily and the simple and timeless look would suit any style. If the white tile look is not for you, pick a different tone or use colored grout to create an interesting combo.

This can be a pretty big change but have you considered adding a new window to your kitchen? Sure, it’s not as easy as repainting the cabinets but it can be very benefit in the long run. Natural light is very important and can totally change a space. If your kitchen already has a window perhaps you can look into some ways to maximize its impact on the space as a whole. Check out this project from lifeonvirginiastreet for inspiration.

This kitchen went from having a dark color scheme to a light, almost entirely white scheme. The overall style didn’t change yet the new look is completely fresh. The golden accents and marble surfaces give the kitchen a sophisticated vibe and the mirrored cabinet fronts have a similar effect, creating a glamorous appearance. Check out randigarrettdesign for more details about this renovation project.

A kitchen remodel project doesn’t have to be very extensive or to include too many major changes in order to be successful. You can simply paint the existing cabinets and that alone would have a big impact on the kitchen’s decor. Making a change in terms of flooring material, the design or color of the backsplash and the countertop can mean a lot as well. Find more inspiration on housemethod.

Simplifying the kitchen by getting rid of some of the furniture can ultimately have a positive impact on the space.You can maximize your storage in other ways. For instance, you can extend the cabinets remaining all the way to the ceiling, add storage above the fridge and even add an island. A good source of inspiration here can be the project featured on somuchbetterwithage.

Sometimes switching from white to a different, more colorful decor can give the kitchen a cheerful and very fresh look. A light blue nuance could give the space a calm and serene ambiance plus it would look lovely. Pastel colors in general are a nice fit for contemporary decors and are trendy right now. Perhaps you could use this makeover project from stylebyemilyhenderson as your source of inspiration.

An emerging trend right now is to make the kitchen look like a seamless extension of the living room. That often means opting for wooden floors instead of tiles and using warm finishes and textures. Open shelves are also great because they look more casual and are more versatile than the typical kitchen cabinets. Check out maefoster for more awesome ideas.

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