12 Glass Coffee Tables Showcase Their Glamorous Designs

Love them or hate them, coffee tables are something special and have lots of charm in their own unique way. Whether it’s an all-glass table or one with a few select glass details inserted in its design, you can be sure it will stand out. Today we’re looking at a few select coffee table designs which have glass into their composition and make the most of it.

The B-Wave coffee table was designed by Massimo Castagna. It has a circular top made of glass which allows the sculptural base to be seen from above and all sides. The top is available in extra clear or bronze glass. Pick the option that best suits your living room decor.

The Continuum coffee table features a steel frame with a wooden base and a glass top. It’s designed by Matteo Nunziati and it offers built-in storage in the form of shelves at the bottom as well as a vertical partition for books, magazines and other such things. The table is both very convenient and very elegant.

The Rialto coffee table is designed to complement sofas, sectionals and armchairs and to perfectly mold around furniture corners. The lines are sleek and fluid, combining a right angle segment with geometric, rounded forms. This unique design allows the table to be used either as a standalone piece or as an complementary item.

Fab Glass offers a wonderful selection of glass coffee tables with sleek and modern designs such as this one. They fit beautifully in a variety of decors and they’re able to complement any living room sofa, love seat, armchair or sectional. A lot of designs also come with built-in storage compartments.

What about a glass coffee table that doesn’t really look like any other table but more like an abstract sculpture? The Mastea series designed by Matteo Zorzenoni is the perfect example. The company started experimenting with Murano glass in the ’70s and they’re still using the same glass blowing techniques as back then.

All-glass coffee tables such as the Tangkula have their own special way of standing out in a very subtle manner. This particular table is made of thick tempered glass. It’s strong and durable and it has a sleek and delicate appearance which contributes to a bright and airy ambiance all around it. The minimalist design also makes the table incredibly versatile.

This stylish coffee table is really cool because it has a lightweight appearance and a simple design that’s not void of character or charm. The SoHo table features a faux birch top and a matching lower shelf which has an angular shape designed to better hold books and other items.

The Wire Copper coffee table has a mirrored glass top which reflects the surroundings and anything you place on it. The circular top rests on a round frame made of rine, copper-colored rods which radiate elegance and glamour. You can find the table in two different sizes as well as in two other finishes: the timeless black and white.

This chic table is as much a decoration as it is a functional furniture piece. It’s eye-catching, strong and durable, featuring a sculptural and geometric frame that supports a glass top. The design as a whole is clean, modern and simple. This coffee table becomes a focal point in any decor. Check it out on Amazon.

Featuring a glamorous and elegant design, the Bangle coffee table is inspired by jewellery. The base holding the round glass top resembles a cuff bracelet with a clasp. It has precious details in varnished polished Light Gold aluminium sheet which contrast with the coffee-colored surfaces, resulting in a sophisticated look.

The Bifronte table has a truly wonderful design. It consists of a clear glass frame which gently curves around the edges, with an exquisite drawer reminiscent of live edge wood pieces that are always unique and spectacular. The shelf is the focal point of the design and the glass table takes full advantage of this.

Coffee tables with glass tops and sculptural bases made out of wood are very popular right now and for good reason. One such example is the Newton table which has a slender and lightweight appearance and a very stylish design which won several awards since its inception in 2009.

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