20 Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas Unlike Any Others

What better way to spruce up your home and get it ready for Thanksgiving Day than with a beautiful wreath? A Thanksgiving wreath would definitely improve your home’s curb appeal and would make your guests feel more welcome.

There are tons of designs and ideas that you can use as inspiration and sifting through all of them would take an eternity. We did some research lately and we think we managed to select some pretty cool examples to show you today.

First, check out this unconventional wreath featured on hunker. It’s not round and it doesn’t really use any of the usual materials and that’s exactly what makes it so special. If you’d like to try your hand at something similar you’re going to need the following supplies: a copper pipe, a pipe cutter, yarn in any color and texture you prefer, scissors, faux flowers and dried branches, wire cutters, transparent tape, gold floral wire, a hammer and a single nail.

Speaking of unconventional wreaths, there’s also a really cool project on sincerelymariedesigns that we’d like to share with you today. This is a horseshoe wreath and it’s made of wheat. Underneath it all there’s a 12” wire wreath form. It’s decorated with 2 wheat handles attached using floral wire and ribbon.

You don’t necessarily need a wreath form in order to make a beautiful Thanksgiving wreath, not even if you want it to have a more typical, round shape. A great example is this beautiful wreath featured on apieceofrainbow which is made using lots of magnolia leaves attached to a cardboard circle.

In case you have a bunch of leftover yarn samples, this would be a perfect time to use them in a project. Wrap all the yarn around a foam wreath and then make some pom-poms and a few felt flowers to use as decorations. Mix and match different colors and textures and create various patterns and designs. Check out wermemorykeepers for inspiration.

The turkey wreath featured on busycreatingmemories is really cute as well. If you’re interesting in creating something similar, you’re going to need a few things including a foam wreath, acrylic paint, a styrofoam ball for the turkey head, two small ones for the eyes, some red craft foam, brown yarn, toothpicks and a bunch of tulle in different colors such as red, orange, yellow and brown.

Minimalistic wreaths are truly wonderful and perfect for contemporary homes. This one was featured on eighteen25 and is absolutely perfect for the fireplace mantel. It was made using an oval embroidery hoop, a few branches with leaves and flowers (these ones look like cute little pom-poms) and green zip ties. You can also add the Thankful sign if you want to.

Grapevine wreaths are super versatile and can be decorated and customized in lots of beautiful ways. A great Thanksgiving wreath is featured on heidiswapp. It’s simple but at the same time very charming and features tiny pumpkins, greenery and a “blessed” sign running across it.

This felt wreath looks super cute and beautiful as well. It’s easy to make too. Start with an embroidery hoop and a few sheets of felt in different colors such as brown, orange, yellow and red. Cut out the felt into leaves and then start gluing the leaves onto the embroidery hoop. Add one layer at first, then add more leaves until you cover up the hoop completely. For more details you can check out northstory.

You can also incorporate a bunch of other items into your Thanksgiving wreath besides the usual ones. This wreath featured on skiptomylou for example has a half pumpkin at its center. It’s also decorated with a few tiny pumpkins and some leaves and it looks very beautiful.

If for any reason you feel like a minimalist, monochromatic wreath would be best-suited for your front door, then go for it. There are lots of different ways to make a simple wreath look amazing and one idea in this sense comes from tiffanyzajas. This yellow wreath contrasts with the black doors and looks exquisite. It was made using yellow yarn, yellow felt, a hot glue gun and a straw wreath form.

You can also make a very beautiful Thanksgiving wreath using paper. You can either print out a bunch of leaves or just cut out some leaves from colored paper. Mix and match different colors and patterns and maybe you can find Thanksgiving-themed designs too. Glue them all onto a cardboard circle and this will become your wreath. Check out alexamariezurcher if you need more details.

Flower wreaths are always beautiful and fairly easy to make. For Thanksgiving, you can make something super pretty using a grapevine wreath and a bunch of faux hydrangea blooms. You can also mix in a few other flowers if you want a bit of diversity and more colors. Check out theturquoisehome for details about this project.

It might be fun to use a basket instead of the typical wreath form. A round shallow basket would be perfect for that. Decorate it with faux fall flowers and ribbon and write “thankful” inside with a black craft paint. This will be your Thanksgiving wreath and everyone will love it. The idea comes from twelveonmain.

Pine cones are easy to find around this time of the year, especially if you have a forest nearby or some conifer trees in your garden or backyard. Gather a bunch of pine cones and turn them into a beautiful Thanksgiving wreath. You can leave them all natural and simply clean them up a bit or you can spray paint them if you want to give a nice shine. In any case, you can find out more about this project on tagandtibby.

Pumpkins are super cute, especially the tiny ones and you can use them symbolically in the design of your Thanksgiving wreath. Take a foam wreath form and wrap some burlap around it until it’s covered up completely. Then glue a few wooden pumpkins (you can also use felt or cardboard ones) onto the wreath, clustered on one side. Finally, wrap some ribbon around the rest of the wreath for a bit of color contrast. Check out designimprovised for more details.

Did you know you can turn a paper plate into a cute turkey wreath? It’s a really idea for Thanksgiving and it comes from nontoygifts. It’s a really fun project which you can do with the kids if you want to. The supplies you’ll need include a paper plate, some brown paint, a paint brush or a sponge, scissors, a circle punch, cardstock paper in different colors, glue and googly eyes. Hang this Thanksgiving wreath of your front door to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

Wheat wreaths look super cool but you’ll probably have a hard time finding the supplies needed for that right now. Still, that doesn’t mean you should abandon the idea completely. There’s actually a simple alternative: faux wheat which you can make out of paper. Check out liagriffith to find out all the details of this project.

If you enjoy working with paper there’s also a bunch of other cool ideas you can try. For example, check out this ombre paper loop Thanksgiving wreath featured on designimprovised. It’s made using lots of colored paper strips stapled onto the wreath form so they each form a little loop. Following the same tutorial you could also make a beautiful rainbow wreath if you think it would look nice on your front door.

There’s also one last Thanksgiving wreath idea that we want to share with you today. It was featured on designimprovised and it’s super cheerful and cute. It has this turkey ornament at the bottom and a bunch of colorful flowers with smiley faces all over the surface of the wreath.

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