What Kills Ants Instantly: Natural, Pet Safe Home Remedies

Some of the most annoying things in life can be things that seem trivial in the grander scheme of things. A home that is often infested with ants is definitely one of those. Once ants settle in, it seems almost impossible to remove them entirely and using modern chemicals to rid your home of ants brings with it another set of complications. In a house with kids and pets, a chemical-filled solution is just not acceptable.

Ants pest control – Killing ants in a pet safe way

This is exactly why we have for you some of the best and most natural methods to get rid of ants in a jiffy. A few of these remedies kill the ants instantly and others kill the ‘ant problem’ by keeping them away forever! Step in to discover these pet-safe home remedies to get rid of ants.

1. Baking Soda

Using baking soda and vinegar to clear out fire ants

This is undoubtedly an explosive solution to your ant problem. Mix a bit of sugar to the baking powder to encourage ants and make sure they taste your special mix. Baking soda disturbs the digestive process of ants and soon their insides will be on the outside and even if that sounds bad, you can rest assured that the pest problem is all but gone.

2. Dry Peels of Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruit peels keep ants away in an effective manner

The strong smell of citric acid and other organic acids from dried peels of citrus fruits is strong enough to keep ants away. Be it oranges, lemons or anything else citrus, these dried peels will kill a few of the ants and easily drive away all the others. This also gives your home a fresh beautiful fragrance and you will not have to spend a fortune on this DIY solution.

3. Coffee Grounds

Fresh coffee grounds to clear out ants

The most effective way to get rid of ants without completely killing them is by removing their chemical communication trail. A smart and fragrant way to do this is by unleashing the aroma of fresh coffee grounds. Much like those peels of citrus fruits, this is definitely a smell we can live it and the ants will hate. A smart solution that works in more ways than one!

4. Lemon Juice

Spray some lemon juice to keeps ants away

Just like the peel of citrus fruits, you can go a step further by just spraying lemon juice wherever you find ant infestation. Lemon juice also contains citric acid and its strong smell makes sure ants just cannot thread in the same area. An easy way to do this is also by soaking some cotton in lemon juice and placing them at door entrances, window sill and other openings to ensure ants stay out forever.

5. Peppermint Fragrance

Peppermint fragrance oil can be turned into a spray that kills ants

If you love gardening and the smell of fresh peppermint, then you are in luck as a few of these plants in the garden can make a big difference indeed. For those who are not avid gardeners, spraying a bit of peppermint oil mixed with water around the house can do the trick. Once again, this is a trick that ensures ants simply cannot communicate with one another to form that annoying line that eats away at all things sweet in your home.

6. Boiling water and Dish Soap

Keeping it simple when getting rid of ants

Much like the baking powder solution this is another one of those explosive ideas that kills ants almost instantly. This can be used both within the house and to remove stubborn ant hills in the garden that you just do not want out there. Pouring boiling water along with some soap quickly clears out the ants and wipes things clean. You will not have to worry about any side effect either.

7. Chalk Works all the Time

Use just normal chalk to keep ants away

There are plenty of fancy chalks out there specially designed to keep out pests. But what many homeowners do not know is that a simple line from the daily chalk that you use on boards is both safe and helps drive away ants. Once again it is the story of the chalk breaking up the chemical scent path of ants and even though this might look a touch ungainly, the idea never fails to give you results.

8. Making Things Spicy

Use the spice rack to keep away ants

Anything from the spice rack keeps away ants almost instantly and you can take this as a general rule since we have tried this first hand. Ants are not really fond of strong, pungent smells (as you would have known by now) and keeping those sugary items close to the spice rack will easily keep the ants away. You can even use a bit of this spicy overdose around the house in form of pepper powder to drive away the tiny critters.

9. Garlic and Pungent Smells

Turn to garlic cloves to get rid of those ants

Continuing with the theme of strong smells and ant-killing properties, garlic is another item from your kitchen that can turn away ants with ease. Once again, a bit of garlic here and there works or you can even use its paste to ark out edges where you frequent find those fiery red ants. As and added feature, you will not have to worry about vampire attacks either!

10. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth used to keep ants away

This is particularly a great idea for those who want to rid their small garden, deck filled with plants or patio that embraces greenery of ants forever. Diatomaceous Earth is non-toxic, eco-friendly and you will never see an around as long as you have it around. Just spray a bit of this ‘magic dust’ in the garden and let its magic unfold!

11. Bay Leaves

Using bay leaves to keep ants away

Bay leaves might seem innocuous, but they can be powdered up and used to kill ants almost immediately and to keep them away forever. You can sprinkle dried bay leaf powder in the garden or outdoors as well and it is easy to see the results almost instantly. Another great pet-safe and child-friendly way to keep out ants!

12. Salt and Talc

Salt and talc can keep ants away with ease

Looking for a quick and cheap way to kill those ants and keep their irritating line away from your goodies? Talc or even salt does this effectively and cleaning up is not a hassle here. In fact, salt does much more than just drive ants away. It dries them to a point of death and you will see them drop away and wither within not time at all.

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