DIY Hanging Planter Ideas – Original Ways To Add Greenery And Freshness To Your Home

Adding plants and flowers to a space can really change the overall decor and the ambiance and what’s great about this is that there are lots and lots of different ways to do it. If you don’t want the plants to take space on your floor or the shelves and tables, hanging planters are a wonderful alternative. There are of course plenty of options if you want to buy them but there’s also the possibility to craft them yourself. We’ve gathered a bunch of inspiring projects for you today, all centered around the DIY hanging planter idea. Let’s check them out one by one.

Before anything else we should mention that for this project as well as for a lot of the others you can use any regular pots that you might already have, like the basic terra-cotta kind. The idea is this particular case is to wrap yarn around the pot starting from the bottom and adding glue as you go. You can then use more yarn to add decorative tassels and long lines to hang the planter.

For this project you don’t even need a planter. You can use any wooden bowl or container as long as the size and shape are right. Apart from that you also need some rope or cord, a hook, a drill and a second smaller bowl or container able to fit inside the first one. You can turn this wooden hanging planter into a beautiful decoration for areas such as the kitchen, the balcony and so on.

If you’re going with a more retro style it might be nice to make one of these macrame hanging planters. This can be customized to fit all sorts of different types of pots and containers so take some measurements before you start. The wooden beads are a nice little detail and they highlight the overall pattern and design in a subtle and authentic way. The required supplies for this project include the following: some jute twine, wooden beads, a rattan cane ring and scissors.

Here’s a really cute idea if you want to make tiny hanging planters. You can use any small container as a pot as long as it fits inside a larger transparent cup or container. The idea is to cup the top part of the cup and to make a ring. You can then tie some string around the ring, fit the planter inside and then hang it. You can do this for small plants like cacti and succulents and you can customize your colorful string hanging planters in lots of interesting ways.

Large hanging planters can look great too, especially outdoors. You can turn them into decorations for the porch or patio and this way you can add color to your outdoor spaces and give them a fresh and inviting look. To save a bit of money you could use reclaimed materials. This right here is a wood pallet hanging planter. It’s simple and relatively easy to build.

This metal tubing planter looks similar to certain types of pendant lamps so if you’re a fan of that look this is a chance to extend to something other than your light fixtures. Crafting this planter is simple and only requires a few supplies such as the metal tubing of your choice, a pipe cutter, some twine and of course a planter. You can also use a bowl or any container you think would fit. You can also spray paint the tubing if you prefer a different finish.

Everyone knows you can repurpose an old tin can and turn it into a planter so no surprise there. However, did you know you can also hang the planter and even attach several of them together to create a beautiful green display for one of your room? It’s really simple actually and you can do it with only some string or twine, some empty cans and some glue. The project is described in detail on diys so be sure to check it out if you’re interested.

If you’re willing to use clay to craft the planter from scratch a whole new set of possibilities opens up. One idea is to make a crescent moon hanging planter. Getting this shape is actually easier than you might think. You need a bunch of brown air-dry clay, some rope, a skewer, a cutter and a few round cork boards. All the instructions can be found on diys. Doesn’t this look absolutely lovely? You could make it in your own favorite color or even decorate it if you want to.

Check out how sleek and stylish this hanging gold planter looks. Can you believe it’s handmade? If you like it, you could potentially craft an identical one. You would of course need a few supplies which include a bowl approximately 8” in diameter, a 14” gold metal ring, gold wire and chain, a matching hook, a 1/4” wooden dowel rod, gold spray paint, a drill, a saw, sandpaper and glue. Getting the proportions right could be tricky so be sure to follow all the instructions on diys to ensure good results.

Regardless of the type of planter or pot that you’ve chosen, you can make a planter holder for it. That’s a good idea if you want to free up some space on your shelves or counter by hanging the planters that you already have. You can use wood for this particular design along with some leather rope and some wooden beads. The design is simple and customizable and all the details and instructions can be found on bybrittanygoldwyn.

Turning a faux pumpkin into a planter could be a really cool idea for Halloween, Thanksgiving or fall in general. Of course, this would also look nice the rest of the tear as well so it’s not necessarily a seasonal project. In order to turn it into a planter you need to cut the top off and to make a few holes for the rope to go through. Other than that, it’s up to you to customize your new planter in other ways. Check out clubcrafted if you want more details.

This project is quite similar to the macrame hanging planter we mentioned earlier but with denim and leather instead. It’s an interesting idea and a way to make use of an old pair of jeans, a jacket, a bag and so on. You’ll also need tin cans for this project (you can use any kind of planter if you prefer something else), some glue and curtain rings. You can print out the cutting template or make it yourself with a pencil and a piece of paper. The project is featured on pillarboxblue.

This basket planter looks amazing and is actually pretty easy to make too. We found this DIY project on hearthandvine so that’s where you can find all the necessary details and instructions. Make sure you have everything ready first. You’re going to need embroidery hoops, a basket that fits inside them, twine, a hot glue gun, rope and a hair tie. That’s quite the diverse list of materials but the design as you can see is really simple. You can customize the planter in lots of different ways and you can even use the same technique to create some other accent pieces such as hanging storage for the kitchen for example.

Individual hanging planters make great decorations but you can also display a few in groups if you want to. This can be useful for example if you want to have a few potted herbs and plants in your kitchen and you want to keep them all in one place without using up any space on the counter. Check out this nice hanging planter combo featured on hunker for some inspiration.

If you’re prioritizing looks and you want to make a hanging planter that looks very organic, you might like this moss-covered one from hearthandvine. It’s a hanging globe planter which you can make by combining two wire baskets and securing them together with zip ties. You fill the interior with polling soil wrapped in moss and you add small plants an flowers of different types.

A cool thing about DIY hanging planters in general is that you can interpret them in lots of different ways and even use non planter containers. For example, this project that we found on ourcraftymom makes use of a galvanized bucket. It has a nice farmhouse-style look and the greenery inside looks beautiful against the dark backdrop.

This is a very simple type of hanging planter and it would look great in a modern or contemporary decor. All that’s needed to make something similar is a plastic planter, some clothesline rope and a drill. Simply drill four holes into the planter at the top, run four pieces of rope through and tie them together at the bottom, then connect them at the top and hang your new planter. Additional details and information can be found on wecanmakeanything.

A floating shelf is a really cool alternative if you want to be able to group together several small pots or if you want to be able to display a new planter without having to modify it in any way. To make this floating shelf you need lots of yarn and a round piece of wood. It’s a very simple craft and the same technique can also be used if you want to make a hanging shelf for a different reason. Check out hometalk for more details.

If by any chance you happen to have a disco ball, this could be an opportunity for you to turn it into an eye-catching hanging planter. It’s an unusual project with an unusual design so it’s not for everyone. Of course, there are ways to customize it and make it more suited to your style if you want to. In any case, the general idea behind it is a very interesting one. If you’re curious to find out more about this project, check out the tutorial from abeautifulmess.

Instead of hanging the planter itself, you can alternatively make a hanging leather sling for it. This idea comes from adesignerathome. It’s stylish, elegant and quite easy to make too. All you need is two square pieces of faux leather (make sure it’s water-resistant), some cotton rope, scissors, embroidery floss and a needle. Once the sling is done you can hang it somewhere and put a potted plant inside. One that flows over the sides would look nice.

Wooden planters are super easy to work with because you can just drill holes into them and hang them using some twine or rope. If you have a set of small wooden planters you can have then displayed side by side on a wall or you can create a cool-looking decorative installation. You can find additional inspiration on thesurznickcommonroom if you decide to pursue this project idea.

This DIY hanging gutter planter looks really great outdoors but can also potentially be used as an interior decoration. The most interesting part is using gutters as planters. This is a tiered design and additional planters can be added to it if desired. As you can see, the design is simple and that makes the project accessible and versatile. If you’re interested in making your own tiered gutter planter and you want to find out more details, be sure to check out boxwoodavenue.

Another interesting and quirky idea is to use a bunch of wooden beads to make a plant hanger. In addition to the beads you’ll also need twine or thin rope and a bowl (or a pot). Optionally you can also use tape and spray paint to decorate the planter and some of the beads as well.  There are lots of different ways to personalize this design so be creative and come up with your own cool ideas. You can find out all the details about this project on thecraftedsparrow.

Although technically this is not really a hanging planter, the design and the idea behind it is very interesting. We think this could inspire you to create something similarly beautiful for your own home. The idea here is to use test tubes as miniature vases, one for each stem and to display several in a row. You need a thin piece of wood and some string in order to achieve that. You can find out all the details and instructions on burkatron.

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