Beautiful Thanksgiving Decorations That Anyone Can Make

Now that Halloween is over and out of the way, the next major holiday we should focus on is Thanksgiving. Although it’s usually considered to be an American holiday, several countries around the world celebrate it, including Canada, some of the Caribbean Islands and Liberia, with a few others having holidays that revolve around the same principle ideas. If you’re living in one of those regions you’re probably interested in some Thanksgiving table decor ideas that you can use as inspiration this year. That’s exactly what we had in mind too.

Since it’s pumpkin season right now, it would be a shame not to take advantage of that and create a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece starring white pumpkins. It can be something simple that uses neutral colors and to make it look a bit more glamorous you can add some golden accents to it.

You know what else you could make for this occasion? A table runner and matching placemats inspired by autumn. A lovely idea is to cut out felt leaves of different colors such as red, orange and yellow and to glue them to pieces of fabric. There’s no sewing involved in this case.

Here’s something that’s easy to make and also super cute: acorn eggs. You can make these using plastic eggs, jute twine and some spray paint in the color or colors of your choice. You’re also going to need a glue gun. Just take the eggs apart and spray paint all the halves, then wrap twine on half of the pieces and reassemble the eggs at the end. It’s not necessarily a Thanksgiving-specific project but you can definitely use it for this occasion.

This wood slab serving tray is also a really cool project for fall in general but which can also be a Thanksgiving craft if you want to. To make this you need a wood slab, a paint brush, some paint (in any colors you prefer), a leaf stencil and a pencil. It’s actually a super simple project which anyone can make since it doesn’t require any special tools or equipment.

Another cool idea can be to make special Thanksgiving dinner plates. It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy or complicated. Some simple glass plates, a copper pen and a stencil is all you need for this project. The idea is to paint cute messages on the back of each plate. Since the plates are made of clear glass, the design will show on the other side and will be totally food-safe. You can later scrub the plates the remove the design if you want to.

Not everything on the table has to be Thanksgiving-related. Some projects, like this polka dot tablecloth for example, don’t really follow a specific theme. This is actually a super simple project. You can make it from an existing tablecloth if you want to give it a makeover or you can make it from scratch in which case you’ll need linen fabric cut to size and matching thread. To make the polka dot pattern you need gold acrylic paint and circle foam pouncers.

Decorative items can help create a special ambiance and also enhance the decor of the space. For Thanksgiving, a cute idea could be to make this Gobble Gobble sign which you can display on the mantel, on a shelf or on a wall. It’s easy to make and this could actually be a good opportunity to use some of those leftover supplies from previous DIY projects.

A Thanksgiving banner is also a very simple but also very effective decoration which you can craft around this time of the year. To make this banner you need printable iron transfers, some canvas fabric, transfer paper, a wooden dowel, leather string and some basic tools such as scissors, a ruler and an iron.

Garlands are also really great decorations, not just for Thanksgiving but for any occasion. This one is really cute because it’s made of cupcake liners. Perhaps you can find some with festive patterns and designs that match the theme of your Thanksgiving table decor. In any case, you can find out more details about this simple project on diys.

Some festive candles would also look nice on the mantle or the table. You can paint the candles so they look less boring and to give them a special, custom appearance. If you plan on burning the candles then choose the type of paint carefully. You should use non-toxic, water-based and formaldehyde-free paint. Check out lydioutloud for more details.

For an added touch of sophistication on your Thanksgiving table decor you could make some of these pumpkin place card holders. They were featured on firstdayofhome and they’re fairly easy to make. According to the tutorial, all that’s needed for this little project is some pumpkin floral pick, pliers (or wire cutters), a hot glue gun and some paper.

Of course, the big picture is just as important as all the little individual elements. When creating your Thanksgiving table decor pay attention to how the different shapes, colors and textures interact with each other. A light and soft chromatic palette such as what’s featured on blissmakes looks exquisite.

Another amazing idea comes from wellmadeheart. The project shows you how to make scented bundles for your Thanksgiving table decor (or any other special occasion really). You need herbs such as sage or rosemary, small flowers such as lavender, cinnamon sticks and cotton string. You can either use fresh or dried herbs and flowers, depending on what’s available and also what you think is better-suited for the decor.

We love original ideas and this menu pumpkin featured on themerrythought is definitely a very good example in this sense. It’s a really way of showing off the menu plus the pumpkin also becomes a decoration and can be turned into a centerpiece. Add a few smaller pumpkins around it, maybe some candles too and it will look great.

Pinecones are wonderful too. They’re super versatile and can be used in a lot of different ways. A particularly interesting idea is to turn them into place card holders for the Thanksgiving table setup. To give them a more refined look you can spray paint them and give them a nice golden finish. Check out squirrellyminds for more details.

Speaking of golden decorations, check out this Thanksgiving table setup featured on apumpkinandaprincess. It has golden pumpkins, pinecones, candle votives and a lot more. It’s amazing how much you can achieve with just a simple can of spray paint. It’s a cool way of taking your table decor to the next level.

If you prefer bright, vibrant colors then that’s wonderful too. You can use things like orange pumpkins, greenery and sunflowers to create a truly beautiful and colorful Thanksgiving table decor. The inspiration for this comes from poppytalk. Feel free to create your own original version of this using your favorite colors and items.

Last but not least, we’d like to show you this lovely Thanksgiving pallet sign that we think would look really cool on the fireplace mantle, on a shelf or even leaning against a wall. It’s made using reclaimed pallet wood and it has a very authentic and charming look. Check out all the details of the project on pitterandglink and feel free to create your own original version based on that.

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