How A Bathroom Bench Can Totally Change This Room

The bathroom is one of the few areas where there’s not a lot you can do in terms of furniture. There are definitely limitations in this case, with the focus being on storage. However, that doesn’t mean your bathroom has to lack character. There’s one particular piece of furniture that can definitely change this space for the better: the bathroom bench.

Use a bench to fill an empty area in your bathroom. It can sit between the tub and the vanity and act as a space divider. This is a wonderful idea which works best in large bathrooms with room to spare.{found on constructionologists}.

If your bathroom has large windows then you can definitely take advantage of this. Place a bench in front of one of the windows to create a cozy sitting area from where you can also admire the view.{found on gulchdesigngroup}.

Another good place for a bathroom bench is right beside the tub. This way you can have a comfy place to sit down when you get out of the tub. It’s important however to make sure the bench can withstand all the moisture.{found on prestigekitchenbath}.

Here’s another example of a bathroom bench positioned next to the tub. In this scenario the setup is reminiscent of bedrooms, more specifically the kind that have a bench at the end of the bed. This similarity alone is enough to make the bathroom extra charming and cozy.{found on jonesclayton}.

If you’re absolutely sure about the placement of your bathroom bench one idea is to have it mounted on the wall. This can potentially save some space and create a cleaner and simpler decor overall.{found on cornerstonearchitectsllp}.

We also really like this bathroom bench which is placed next to the shower stall. It gives you a place to leave some towels or clothes while you’re taking a shower plus it makes the bathroom look more like an inviting living area than a functional utilitarian space.

Assuming there’s enough space for a bench in your bathroom, it might be nice to place it against the wall and to create a sort of cozy sitting area. Add some shelving, maybe also some artwork on the wall too to create a comfy relaxation nook.{found on kanncept}.

Here’s another beautiful example of a bathroom bench placed in front of a large window. This time there’s cabinets on either side of it which creates a nice symmetry in design. You can give the bench built-in drawers for storage.{found on remickassociates}.

Some benches are too stylish to hide in a corner or against the wall so it would look cool to place them away from the rest of the bathroom furniture. It can become a focal point for this entire space.{found on applegatetran}.

If you really want something special, maybe look for ways to integrate the bench into your bathroom that take advantage of its unique particularities. For example, this elegant bench has a curved edge which lets it perfectly mold around the shower wall.

You can also add a bench to a small bathroom. It would have to be a small bench of course but that actually means it will look super cute. Place it near the tub so you can keep towels and other things on it.

There are lots of different types of benches to choose from, just like there are lots of different types of bathrooms. Look for a bench that suits your layout and style. Also, think of how you’re going to use it. It can give you some hints in terms of what design you should choose.

Of course, you can opt for something smaller than a typical bench. It could be an accent chair, an ottoman or a pouf. Either way, it can become a companion for the tub or you can place it by the shower stall.

Similarly, a little side table can really change your entire bathroom. It’s small but it has a big impact on the overall design and ambiance of the room.  It’s an opportunity to make the space more welcoming and comfortable.

A little stool shouldn’t be a big inconvenience unless there’s absolutely no room to space in your bathroom. You can opt for a rustic-looking stools or bench even if the rest of the decor is modern. It would add a nice contrast.

You can also use the bench as a sort of console table. You can place boxes, decorations or little storage baskets on it and create a sort of zen spot in your bathroom. Also, there’s space under the bench for even more storage. Check out insideoutmag for more inspiring ideas and designs.

Another particularly nice idea is to match the bench to the rest of the bathroom design and decor. Perhaps you can find inspiration in the rest of the furniture, the beams, the walls or some of the other accent details. Follow est_living for more beautiful ideas.

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