These Great Sofa Designs Will Spark Envy Among Friends and Neighbors

Sure it has to look fabulous, but above all, a sofa has to be comfortable. If it’s in the living room it should the place where guests will want to linger and in the family room, the spot where the family wants to plop down and snuggle in for some binge-watching. Big or small, the sofa is likely the largest furniture investment in the room. The idea is to choose a sofa that not only fits your interior decor style but also serves as a fitting focal point. More than that, your sofa will drive how you decorate and accessorize the rest of the living room.  We’ve pulled together a selection of great sofas that will be the highlight of any space.

Classy and Elegant

Elegant curves and a plethora of pillows make this the perfect sofa for a more formal living room space. Upholstered in a lovely neutral suede, the two-part Margret sofa from Ottiu anchors this room which features pink walls, but it would be ideal for any color scheme. The midcentury-style legs give it some extra glamour and pair well with other metal elements in the room. Even with its understated hue, it stands out against the colorful walls.

Unabashedly Bold

For a real statement-maker, nothing beats a boldly hued sofa like this red one. Paired with a piece of bold art from Lumas, the setting is unbelievably striking, even in a smaller space like this one. The styling of this sofa is very modern and streamlined but still very welcoming and comfortable. A piece as bold as this one would also be a fantastic pop of color in a monochrome decor scheme.

Uniquely Shaped

As stunning as a Hollywood starlet, the Gene Sofa from Ottiu is actually inspired by 1960s screen star Gene Eliza Tierney. Designed by Vanessa Deleon, the midcentury sofa is upholstered in shades of luxurious blue velvet and perched on polished brass legs. For a room that seeks to be super glamorous, this is the ideal focal point, perfect for guest seating as well as solo lounging.

Pure Glamour

With a classic glamorous profile, this sofa from Covet House has all the elements: a graceful, curved shape, sumptuous upholstery and metallic detailing. Any space this sofa resides in will instantly become more exciting. With some extra pillows finished in the same fabric, it calls to you to come sit or lounge. Although it’s upholstered in a neutral silvery gray, it’s so very far from basic.!

Simple and Streamlined

Straightforward, classic lines are always appropriate for fashion as well as for design and this sofa from EQ3 is a great example. The Replay Club sofa is a comfortable sofa with a versatile look that uses both foam and feathers for its construction. Loads of options for custom upholstery mean that it can be ordered in a wide array of colors and without the stitching detail shown on this version. The Replay is part of a larger collection that offers different sizes of sofas to fit homes or apartments.

Mixed Materials

The concept of mixing of finishes and materials has made its way from the kitchen — where it has become very popular — to the living room. No longer does a sofa have to be upholstered in just one fabric. Choosing different, complementary textiles for the frame and the seat cushions is a growing option for those who like to mix it up a little bit. The eclectic look works for interiors that run from the modern end of the spectrum to the transitional, depending on the style of the frame. This example from Flexsteel trends to the modern.

Special Design Accents

Plump and inviting, this tufted sofa from Green Apple stands out from the ordinary for a few reasons: First, the plump cushions comprise the whole seat structure, with a thin base at the very bottom.  Second, the design includes a unique linear detail that runs up the arms and across the bottom, which is actually upholstered in a golden Italian leather. The three-seat sofa is otherwise covered in a neutral fabric that has an abstract mottled design, perfect as the focal point in any color scheme.

 All Buttoned Up

A modern take on Chesterfield style tufting creates a striking sofa that has plenty of distinctive details.  To start, the overall design with its armless profile is perfect for a more for formal living room. The deep green jewel-toned velvet is a decidedly luxurious upholstery choice that gets extra emphasis from the contrast of the tufted back and the single-piece seat. There’s no way anyone would overlook this gorgeous piece in any living space!

Large and Luxurious

With a look very different from most sectional sofas, this magnificent Harry Probber Deep Tuft Sectional from M2L has it all — style, grace and major comfort. Designed by Probber in 1972, he actually developed the concept from the 1940’s, fueled by his interest in automotive design. The sectional seating pioneer used proprietary urethane foam to create exaggerated versions of the seating that could be found in the era’s luxury cars. M2L holds the exclusive license to make Probber’s designs, which still use the proprietary foam used in his original pieces.

Tailored Leather

This distinctive design takes leather upholstery to another level thanks to the combination of details on this sofa. The most prominent one is the abstract, somewhat geometric stitching on the sofa back, which is a counterpoint to the midcentury profile. Also, the metal legs have an unexpected angle that adds to the refined look. The dark leather is ideal for a living room, family room or study.

Curved Beauty

Smooth lines and a sensuous curve make the Dandy sofa a minimalist wonder from Massproductions. Available in different lengths, the design features a back that is a little higher than average and a seat that is deep enough to be cozy. With a longer length, the curve is helpful in facilitating conversations when four people are seated. The Dandy is also a modern style that is cozy enough for a family room and everyday use.

Small and Stylish

Having a small space does not mean sacrificing style as this lovely sofa from Materia demonstrates. The Swedish company specializes in furniture for public spaces but this channel-tufted sofa is plush and perfect for a small living room. The cool pastel velvet upholstery gives it a glamorous edge that adds a little something extra to any setting, whether combined with neutrals or a more colorful style of decor.


If there’s any brand of sofa made for family lounging and relaxing, it’s Montauk Sofas. The company’s designs — both sectional and standard — are most often plush and simply made for plopping down sighing with relief. Overstuffed and never stuffy, these sofas are the epitome of casual design that is, above all, comfortable. The name may call to mind the Long Island, New York destination, but the company is actually Canadian and the pieces are proudly made in Montreal.

Midcentury Flair

Feeling tailored and ready for guests, this custom midcentury-style sofa from Morgan Li is always ready for guests. This more formal look works for a living room or library and has a very classic vibe. Mustard-colored leather upholstery emphasizes the feel of the era and also makes it a perfect piece for adding some understated pop to an otherwise neutral space. The exposed wood frame and button tufting on the back and bolsters are especially nice.

Quality Leather

Leather upholstery lovers will swoon over this collab between Natuzzi and Brazilian leather. Collection Ginga is a collection resulting from the work of three tanneries — Gobba Leather, Indústria de Peles Minuano and Luiz Fuga —  and three design studios from Brazil: Estúdio Bola, Furf Design Studio and Lattoog.  Natuzzi Editions added its expertise and the result includes this modern sofa that is distinctive enough for a high-end living room and comfortable enough for a high-use family room.

Neutral Navy

Navy is often overlooked as a neutral color but it’s something to definitely consider when the design is as dramatic as this sofa from Naula. The profile features a low back and streamlined upholstery that makes for a modern look that is versatile enough for a contemporary or transitional space. Once again, the use of velvet upholstery ups the ante on the luxury factor. Use it for a dark pop in an overall neutral palette or combine it with bold accent pieces as is shown here. Either option is stunning.


If you’re looking for a color that is both bold and glamorous, it’s definitely bright pink. This overall tufted design from Pasargad Rug and Home might have some traditional leanings but the color makes it very up-to-date. It’s the type of sofa best paired with glass elements, metallic accents, and other luxurious materials like fur and leather. Millennial pink might be trending but this bold color is the most eye-catching hue of pink you can choose.

Elegant Lines

This sofa might be upholstered in a neutral textile, but it definitely saws “wow” thanks to its uber-stylish lines. The Luna Closed-Back sofa from Robin Baron Designs has a very refined look without being at all stuffy. The elegant dip in the sofa’s back and the slope of the arms are very appealing in their simplicity. The upholstery fabric is neutral but also very distinctive, and combined with the wood base finished in a Gray Fog, it is a standout sofa for any space,

Whimsical Lines

Pair whimsical lines with boldly striped upholstery and what do you get? A sofa that no one will ever overlook! A piece like this can be combined with prints, as it is here, or installed in a roomful of solids. Either way, bold black and white pair well with strong colors, which make the contrast even stronger. An armless sofa with such a distinctively shaped back is best suited to a living room or sitting room compared to a family room where small children might be inclined to try and climb it!

Formal Comfort

Sometimes combining formality and comfort can be a challenge, but the Elvie sofa from ArianSké does just that. A gracefully curved back is accented with a channel tuft and it all encircles an elegantly piped single seat cushion. This particular one is upholstered in versatile gray velvet, but a host of jewel-tone options is also available, allowing you to choose something bolder if desired.

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