Stylish Ways To Take Full Advantage Of Your Laundry Shelves

Laundry rooms and shelves are a match made in heaven. We can’t really think of a better storage alternative for things like cleaning detergents, towels and everything else that you want to keep easily accessible and close at hand. It’s not just laundry rooms that make great use of shelves but also bathrooms, hallways and other types of spaces too.

It’s amazing how much a simple shelf can change a space. This laundry room makeover project featured cherishedbliss reveals exactly that. Initially there was nothing in here except for the washer and dryer. Now the design is much cozier with that robust wooden shelf and that lovely “laundry” sign.

Another lovely laundry room with shelves and also some hidden storage inside cabinets is featured on thelilypadcottage. This time there’s patterned wallpaper which highlights the decor and allows the white shelves to blend in seamlessly.

You know what would actually look good in the laundry room? Some pipe shelves with an industrial design, the kind that you can actually build yourself. Use metal pipes and fittings for the frame and supports and reclaimed wood for the shelves. You can find the instructions on tarynwhiteaker.

Built-in shelves such as the ones featured on angelamariemade are a good idea if you have awkward nooks in your home or if you want to take advantage of a small space such as let’s say that area between your washing machine and the wall or that little area in the bathroom when nothing else fits.

Doing the laundry can actually turn out to be pleasant or at least not that bad if you create a nice and pleasant environment for you to work in. A few little things can really change the decor and the ambiance in your laundry room. Consider adding an accent shelf above your washer and dryer so you have a place to keep a few things handy or to display a few decorations. Check out cherishedbliss for inspiration.

It’s quite possible that your laundry area is not a separate room but rather part of the kitchen or the bathroom. In that case, open shelves make even more sense as you can surely find plenty of good uses for them plus they’d ensure a seamless transition between larger pieces of furniture.

Ever wondered how people make their shelves appear to be floating, with no visible mounting hardware anywhere? Well, one way to do it is described on fourgenerationsoneroof in a project that shows you how to make the perfect laundry room shelves.

If you have enough space to setup a separate laundry room in your home then you’re in luck and you have a wonderful opportunity to customize it however you want and to make it as practical as it can be. That would require a variety of storage options, including shelves. You can have the shelves seamlessly incorporated into the design. Don’t put them up too high though because then you won’t end up using them as often as you’d like to.

When you’re short on space in the laundry room a good solution is to have the washer and dryer stacked. These ones fit perfectly in that little space and the shelves frame the window establishing balance in the design and maximizing the storage potential of the room.

This laundry room designed by the Stonebreaker studio has all its shelves integrated into a storage unit. It has classical open shelves at the bottom and two sets of triangular cubbies at the top which turn out to be a perfect towel rack. You can also use the top surface as an extra shelf.

Similarly, this traditional laundry room designed by Crisp Architects has a variety of different storage options. The shelves make up a good portion of the corner unit, offering room to display decorations as well as to store supplies and common items. Use them as you see fit, depending on the size of your laundry room and your storage needs.

Speaking of corners, shelves are absolutely perfect for these areas. A good example is the stylish laundry room designed by Studio Envie which makes good use of every little bit of space it has without looking cluttered or tiny. You can use the same strategy in all the other rooms of the house. As it turns out, shelves are incredibly versatile.

Isn’t this farmhouse-style laundry room great? It’s definitely oriented towards functionality more than aesthetics but that doesn’t mean it’s not charming. The two open shelves on the wall are useful both for storage and display purposes and they keep the space looking bright and airy by matching the white wall behind them. Also, the subway tiles add an elegant and timeless touch to the decor. The space was designed by studio Kelly McGuill.

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