Over Sink Kitchen Lighting Ideas That Make Total Sense

Task lighting is very important in the kitchen, especially a large one as the overhead fixture doesn’t provide sufficient light for certain types of activities or certain areas within the kitchen. The sink is one such case. Over the sink kitchen lighting is almost a must-have most of the time yet a lot of kitchens tend to overlook this feature. When installing fixtures in this area, make sure to hang them 30” to 40” above the counter so they’re not in the way and try to find a model that’s water-safe since there’s always the risk of splashing to consider.

When choosing the lighting for the area above the kitchen sink it’s important to be mindful of the height at which it’s installed as well as the style and the context. This kitchen has windows in front of the sink so something minimal and small suits it well in terms of lighting.

If the sink is a part of the kitchen island that’s really a great setup because you would have task lighting above the island anyway. Most often a set of small pendant lamps looks amazing here. We really like how unobtrusive they look in this kitchen designed by Cindy Smetana Interiors.

Studio Warmington & North designed a kitchen that actually has two sinks, one of which is built into the island. They both have stylish task lighting overhead, featuring the exact same type of pendant positioned at the same height. A nice way to ensure continuity and harmony in decor.

Pendant lamps are only one of the many options you can choose from when it comes to over the sink task lighting for the kitchen. This chic and eclectic space designed by Randall Architects proposes a set of three sconces, one above each of the windows.

The over sink lighting fixture’s role is to provide ample illumination for this area without being obtrusive so the high at which it’s installed, its style, size and every other detail are all important. This farmhouse kitchen designed by Smith & Vansant Architects is a lovely example of how harmony can be achieved.

There’s no single type of fixture that’s best for this particular area in the kitchen. Hanging pendants are a nice option but so are sconces, spotlights and even small chandeliers. Mix and match as you see fit. Use this kitchen designed by Frank Shirley Architects as a source of inspiration.

If you don’t like the look of hanging pendant lamps or if the style simply doesn’t suit your kitchen, something flush with the ceiling can give you the minimalist and totally unobtrusive type of task lighting that you’re looking for. It can also be a nice change of pace if you’re planning a kitchen remodel. This project from recipegirl is a nice example in this sense.

We absolutely love this kitchen by Blair Design. The sink is right in front of the window which gives it lots of natural sunlight during the day and a stylish and delicate-looking hanging pendant offers ample yet subtle artificial light after sunset.

These over sink sconces not only look beautiful and chic but are also very practical. The Imbrie articulating sconce has an adjustable arm design that lets you position each one just right. If you’d like to find out more details about this beautiful kitchen you can check out stylebyemilyhenderson.

The kitchen is a good place to hang some rustic or industrial-looking pendant lamps. They’d look right at home above the sink or in key areas in need of task lighting. You can combine them with sconces or spotlights to create a diversified and practical design perfect for this space. Check out devolkitchens for more details about this particular kitchen.

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