Best Ways To Decorate Your Dining Room Like French Bistro

Dining Room Like French Bistro

The French Bistro is a staple when it comes to casual dining, good times, and good booze. You can spot a bistro from a mile away, because the design really tends to stand out.

Have you ever wanted a French bistro style dining room?


Dining room is a place where your family comes together to enjoy a quality meal. Many memories are made in dining rooms, and there are hundreds of styles you can choose.

The French bistro style dining room will provide your dining room with a touch of class, simplicity, and elegance all at once.

There is a reason the French bistro style has become a staple both in France and abroad, so let’s take a look at these tips for a French bistro style dining room.

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  • The lighting

This is all going to start with the lighting. The atmosphere that your lights provide will either make or break your bistro look, and everyone knows a bistro uses hanging lights.

Hanging lights?

If you’re unsure of what hanging lights to use, the pendant light is the best way to go. You can easily find one to fit your color scheme, just make sure they’re not blinding. The atmosphere pendant lights provide will definitely have your French bistro style dining room looking better than ever.

It’s all in the atmosphere, and every detail counts.

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  • The flooring

Every French bistro style dining room should incorporate a white and black checkered design. This is a staple of the modern French bistro, and will help your design stand out from the fakers.

Luckily, if you’re not a fan of the black and white tile, you can opt for a hardwood option. You should definitely avoid rugs, and make sure the floor option you choose looks clean and cozy.

Coziness is key in a bistro design

  • Vintage artwork on the walls

This is crucial, because many French bistros feature quite a bit of vintage art on the walls. If you want your French bistro style dining room to really pop, you need to have the proper style on the walls.

Sure, your color scheme can be good, but it can all be in vain if you fail to include the right artwork. You should start by looking for vintage food related art, or artwork that is French in nature.

The little things are definitely important. Posters can also work well to.

  • The table

The dining room table is going to be tricky, but a good rule of thumb is to use black or white.

They always say presentation is half the meal.

  • The chairs

You also need to consider the chairs, and the color of your chairs. The color should obviously be black with a white edge or checker pattern, but you can get a bit creative here with the materials.

You should always opt for bistro style chair, which typically features a relaxed backside. These can be found online or in furniture stores, but these can really be a deal breaker for any French Bistro style dining room.

The Vienna style chair is an excellent choice to use, or should definitely be used for a point of reference.

  • The walls

When it comes to the walls, you should be sticking close to the black and white color scheme. You don’t necessarily need black walls, but going with a dark gray could be a great choice. This will provide a great contrast between the black and white aesthetic.

Sometimes a new paint job really goes a long way.

  • Furniture

If you have any additional furniture or decorations in your dining room, you should make sure that they follow the color scheme.

You don’t want a red cabinet in your French bistro style dining room.

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  • A chalkboard

This is like a bonus tip, but can really bring the whole design together. A staple of any French bistro is the chalkboard used for showing customers a glimpse of the menu.

Why should your French bistro style dining room be any different?

Feel free to get creative with this, and leave the size up to your own judgement. If you really want to get creative, write down the menu on the board for your guests.

Make your bistro feel real, and put the extra in extraordinary.

We went over a lot in this brief post, but if you follow these tips, you should have no problem setting up a French bistro style dining room. It is not difficult, but getting everything right can tend to be difficult.

The most important part is definitely the color scheme, and that should be where you start. This will at least give a glimpse of what’s to come to your guests, and will allow you to slowly build up your French bistro style dining room to your preference.

Set the stage, and really go all out with these dining room tips. Who said restaurants should have all the fun?

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