Wall Pictures for Living Room – How To Display Instagram Moments

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Instagram is a popular way for people to share little moments from their everyday lives. Bringing these moments into your space can create a homier atmosphere.

Wall Pictures for Living Room

But how can you display so many photos all in one place in the living room or bedroom? Here’s how to create a large wall display of Instagram photos.

Step by step guide to display pictures:

1.Decide where you want to display them

The first thing you’ll need to do is find wall space in your home. Ideally, the space should be at least 50 to 60 inches (127 to 152 cm) across, but you can use a smaller space if you print smaller photos or include less of them.

Photos can be centered above a sofa, desk, or another piece of furniture. Or, like in the example pictured, the photos can be centered between a window and another wall. The display can be in your living room, entryway, office, or anywhere with enough empty wall space.

2. Measure and mark

Once you’ve selected a wall, you’ll need to measure the width and height you have to work with. This will impact the size of your photos and how many you can use. In the example pictured, the wall is 60 inches (152 cm) across. So with photos that are about 5 square inches (13 cm), there are 10 inches (25.5 cm) on both sides of the collage and 2 inches (5 cm) between each photo.

3. Select Your Favorite Photos

After measuring your space, you’ll have to decide how many rows and columns of photos you have room to include. In the example, there are 5 rows and 6 columns, so 30 total photos. Go through your Instagram feed and choose photos that would look nice together.

You can select a color family or just include a variety of photos that you can mix together at the end. Size each photo to your specifications and print them, either using your own printer or a service like Printstagram.

4. Create a Grid.

Start by taping a strip of either painter’s tape or masking tape the length of your wall. Make sure it is level either by using a level or measuring the distance between the tape and the floor on each end. Mark the tape at the edges of the display and the edge of each photo.

Then place strips of tape vertically at each of the marks you made. Make the same marks along one of the vertical strips of tape, indicating where each photo should be located. Place strips of tape horizontally at each of those marks. You should then have tape squares slightly larger than your photos.

5. Attach Photos.

For a renter-friendly way to create your collage, simply take four strips of your painters tape, roll them, and attach them to the corners of each of your photos. Place them in the center of the squares in your tape grid, and then remove the grid around your photos.

This collage gives you an easy way to display a lot of everyday photos in your home. You can even customize your collage by adding colorful scrapbook paper behind each photo or writing out captions and attaching them to some of your photos. You can also easily change out each photo as you take new ones on Instagram.

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