Fresh Pairings of Sofas and Coffee Tables to Enliven Your Living Room

They are the most integral furnishings in any living room: The sofa and coffee table. Together, they are the centerpiece of the room and anchor for all the rest of the decor. The sofa is where you’ll want to flop down after a long day at work but also where family and friends will sit when they come to visit. This means you’ll want to choose carefully when you make the investment.

The most important thing before shopping is to determine the size and style of the sofa and search for that first. Once the sofa has been identified, it’s time to pick a coffee table or tables. There are so many sizes shapes and styles available today that it’s easy to find something that fits your taste and is distinctive as well as functional. Here are some of the latest designs and combinations that’ll make your living room look fresh and stylish.

This fresh sofa with a curved metal base is the Cervino from Linteloo. Designed by Marcel Wolterinck of The Netherlands, it is inspired by nature and an elegant but super comfortable sofa. The pale color gives the large piece a light feeling, ideal for today’s contemporary living rooms. The sofa is paired with a collection of side tables that collectively take the place of a traditional coffee table, which is a growing trend. the company says that the Balanced Side Tables, crafted by Dan Yeffet of wood and glass, are characterized by contrasts such as warm and cold, flat and curved. The offset wooden tops also add a little edge to a space.

Stuffed and plump but with a tailored vibe, the Arp Sofa, is said to be inspired by the ample lines of the Sculpture des Silence created by Hans Jean Arp. Modular and neutral, the sofa — also from Linteloo and designed by Sebastian Herkner — adds a softening influence to the living space and works with a wide range of side chairs and tables. The coffee table shown here is also by Herkner. Called the Terrace, it is rectangular but far from ordinary, with its top made of smooth and textures ceramic plates. Inspired by the quilt-like squares that make up fields in the countryside, this coffee table, and the accompanying side tables, add an unexpected and playful note to the traditional silhouette.

Another contemporary, modular style from Linteloo is more streamlined but no less comfortable. The Njoy XL sofa, designed by Jan des Bouvrie of The Netherlands, has a more angular, casual appearance. It’s a straightforward design that melds well into many types of living room styles. Paired with it is a more rustic coffee table that has an organic shape that nicely contrasts the straighter lines of the sofa. Designed by Roderick Vos, the Isola table was inspired by the pattern that waves leave on the sand at the beach. The piece is crafted from solid oak and features lightly milled rings and can be finished in anthracite or whitewash.

Situated between the two sides of the modular sofa is the jazzy Miles table, inspired by the music legend Miles Davis. Designed by Niels Bendtsen, this arrangement includes two sizes and coffee table heights that are styled together as one unit. Crafted from elegant marble and solid walnut or ash wood, the table is a modern addition on its own. Or, this dual arrangement is a more design-forward style that helps update the room. The side chair is also from Linteloo’s Miles collection.

The Madison sofa has cosmopolitan flair that is totally customizable thanks to the various units that can be combined to fit your particular space. Created by the Linteloo Lab, the sofa has cushions that come in a number of sizes and the armrests can be high or low. The design was modeled after the vibe in the area restaurants and hotels around Madison Square Park in New York.

For a larger living room, a modular sofa is an ideal choice because it dominates the space and offers plenty of seating (or napping) space. Made for lounging, the Only You sofa from Bonaldo is accented with little wings that extend out from the arms and backrest. The 45-degree angle of the two sections encourages interaction and conversation among guests. Also, the sides and back of the sophisticated sofa feature channeled quilting that makes it an attractive piece of furniture for the middle of a large room. In the front are the Frinfri coffee tables that can be used in multiples, which is a growing trend replacing the traditional square or rectangular coffee table. These have added functionality in that the top is a removable tray, making them ideal for entertaining. Available in three height, the base can be painted in a variety of colors and the top comes in either the painted metal tray or as one of four styles of ceramic top for a mixed-material look.

A more modestly sized living room does not preclude using a modular sofa! Here the Positano sofa from Casa is one section of the customizable modular system. The curved multilayer platform lets you add seating or low side tables as needed in designs that are straight or made for a corner. Armrests can be high or low, depending on preference. In front of the sofa is a collection of pieces that can be used individually as coffee tables, or as a unique coffee table collection as shown. Closest to sofa is the Panarea which is available in brushed copper, brushed brass, titanium, and anthracite bronzed steel. The flat top can be done in glass, marble, or lacquer. insert for the tabletop, which slightly rises above the metal base. The round table is the Filicudi, distinguished by the curved edge at the base where the table meets the floor. Nestled between those two pieces is the Martanba Pouf, whose solid wooden frame padded and upholstered in leather as shown, or in a selection of textiles.

A sofa can also make a very strong design statement as the Wood sofa from Softline does. The innovative wooden frame is largely exposed and features moveable cushions, allowing for a more traditional sofa set up or this lounging or conversation arrangement. At the back, the wide frame forms a tabletop that is wide enough for a lamp, a laptop or a cup of tea, making the sofa extra functional and space-saving. Designed by Jakob Schenk, it’s perfect for a smaller living room because it eliminates the need for side tables. Here it’s paired with the Conga coffee table, which can be used individually or in a set. The design, by Sascha Sartory, is a pouf that features a removable wooden tray that allows it to be used for extra seating too. All this extra style and function make this a great cheap coffee table because it eliminates the need for additional furnishings.

Softly rounded but not overstuffed, the Lilin sofa is an elegant modern piece that is comfortable and welcoming. The slight curve helps encourage relaxation and conversation. Flexible in size as it is available in both two- and three-seat versions, the sofa is a bold but relaxed design that is ideal for today’s multifunctional living spaces. Designed by Nichetto Studio for Won Design, the Lilin has a frame of solid wood, steel and MDF with a special spring system. The legs are black powder-coated steel and the sofa can be upholstered in leather or textiles. The lines of the sofa are well matched with the Floema coffee tables. Elliptical or round tops are made in different sizes and heights that make for an interesting coffee table grouping, especially in an array of mixed surfaces such as wood and stone.

Glass is not such a novel material for the top of a coffee table design but these Arc tables present it in a fresh new sculptural context. The design by Toan Nguyen creates an artful base form the elementary geometric arc form, giving it different volumes depending on the viewing angle. From above, the round glass coffee table tops offer a glimpse of the form below. Used in a pair of different heights, they make an interesting focal point in a contemporary space, especially in front of Nguyen’s minimalist Hang sofa. The contrast of its large volume is balanced by the slight style of the legs, forming a visual monolith that is supremely comfortable.

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