How To Use Bedroom Shelves For Storage And Much More

In interior design, shelves can serve a variety of different purposes. Their incredible versatility makes them ideal for every single type of space so let’s focus on some specifics. Bedroom shelves for example can be of lots of different types, each with own set of unique characteristics and features. Check out some of the options below.

In the case of this apartment designed by studio Archetonic, the bedroom shelves act as space dividers. They create a clear distinction between the sleeping area and the en-suite bathroom without blocking the visual connection between these two spaces.

The interior designers at studio Hospitality Mood created a custom shelving unit doe this elegant master bedroom, one which also incorporates a floating desk, a pair of drawers and a set of closed storage compartments.

You can add floating shelves on the wall just above the headboard since there’s usually nothing going on there anyway. This way you can keep a few useful items there on the lower shelves and fill the rest with books, decorations and other items. Let this chic design by architect Stéphanie Lizée inspire you.

This bedroom designed by Dan Gayfer studio enjoys an amazing view but doesn’t let it overpower its decor. instead it uses warm materials, colors and layered textures to feel extra welcoming and cozy. The shelving unit stands out and looks perfectly at home in this context.

This glamorous bedroom has shelves built into the wall. They form a vertical storage nook in the corner of the room, being the perfect place for storing favorite books for reading in bed. This is one of the suites at hotel La Clef Champs Élysées in Paris designed by Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel.

These bedroom shelves fill out the space above the bed just under the ceiling, connecting the two closets. At the same time, they frame this side of the room and add more storage space in an area that usually remains unused.

Adding LED strips to the underside of the bedroom shelves can eliminate the need for a ceiling fixture which is wonderful, especially if the bedroom has a low ceiling or if we’re talking about a loft bed.

You can also choose to fully embrace the versatility of open shelves and to cover an entire bedroom wall with them. Fill the shelves with books, collectibles, planters and whatever else you’d like to add to this space to make it more wholesome.

These bedroom shelves highlight the symmetry of the decor in addition to being useful and adding more storage space to the room. They’re white which helps them seamlessly blend into the wall. This is an interior completed by studio INTO.

This is a great way to emphasize the items displayed on the bedroom shelves and not the shelves themselves. These are in fact little storage nooks built into the wall. They blend in and are only subtly framed, allowing the decorations to stand out by contrasting with the backdrop.

This is another example of bedroom shelves with LED accent lights. This time the light comes from above, adding a warm glow around the built-in shelves and creating a gallery-like vibe.

A combination of open shelves and closed storage compartments or drawers is often preferred and that’s not something strictly related to bedroom but rather a general preference. This way you can put some things on display and keep others out of sight.

This type of nook-like bedroom shelves is useful for maintaining a minimalist interior design and works well in small spaces. You can have them built into the wall itself or integrated into a large furniture unit.

You can’t really go wrong with bedroom shelves. They suit all styles and layouts and they’re easy to customize. Accent lighting is just one of the options. Studio H. Gary Frank Architects managed to seamlessly integrate the shelves into this bedroom, almost making it look like they’re embedded into the wall.

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