Inspirational Kitchen and Bathroom Wares and Styles for 2019 by Porcelanosa Grupo

Porcelanosa Grupo, the highly esteemed manufacturer of tiles, kitchens and bathroom wares, is at the cutting edge of high-end kitchen and bathroom solutions, for both indoor and outdoor environments. With more than forty years experience, eight group companies and a truly global presence, Porcelanosa strives to offer a superlative level of design, innovation and technology.

With its pioneering research, state-of-the-art building solutions and a diverse product line, Porcelanosa continues to bring a fresh and imaginative approach to design. In 2019, expect to see a range of inspirational kitchen and bathroom wares and styles across the Porcelanosa Group.

Porcelanosa Grupo.

Some new and upcoming projects by the Porcelanosa Group are outlined here.

The Lignage collection from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, part of the Porcelanosa Group, collaborated with Spanish architect and designer Ramón Esteve to develop the new Lignage collection. Ramón Esteve founded his eponymous studio in 1991. Here, architects and designers work in partnership, seeking to create innovative design solutions across a range of signature projects.

In the course of his work, Ramón Esteve searches for a number of constants, including harmony, serenity, timelessness, atmosphere, universality and contextualization (of culture, place and the physical environment). Such constants are intrinsic to Ramón Esteve’s approach to design and can be found in the new Lignage collection (Ramón Esteve previously designed the Faces and Minim bathroom collections for L’Antic Colonial, another company in the Porcelanosa Group).

The Lignage collection by Ramón Esteve.
Lignage collection by Ramón Esteve.

In creating Lignage, Ramón Esteve drew upon elements traditionally found in classical faucets, reinterpreting them in a contemporary and visually expressive manner. The architect explains that ‘the spout tracing an arc or the oversized conical handles make this collection a natural heir of the most classical, sophisticated faucets.’

The components of the minimalist Lignage collection are designed to be ergonomic, elegant and effortless in their function and appearance. The slender taps and faucet sit on a conical base, and have an incredibly sophisticated, industrial-esque mien. With several finishes—chrome, polished gold, brushed gold, brushed titanium and brushed copper—Lignage is well suited to both modern and traditional spaces. Moreover, the tap handle is available with a plain or textured finish.

This diversity ensures the Lignage collection is both a distinct and exclusive design. 

Lignage finishes include chrome, polished gold, brushed gold, brushed titanium and brushed copper.

High-Ker by Porcelanosa

High-Ker by Porcelanosa is a premium ceramic designed with infinite possibilities in mind. Combining architectural style with technological innovation, High-ker provides a commitment to the availability of larger sizes in ceramic solutions. This new material is available in four sizes: 120 x 120 cm, 100 x 100 cm, 29.4 x 180 cm and 20 x 120 cm. In addition, High-ker is offered in a number of smart finishes, including cement–stone, wood or polished, and a range of colour options.

High-Ker by Porcelanosa.
High-Ker Bottega is a large industrial format tile.
High-Ker Bottega tile.

Noken, Oxo and XTone

As a manufacturer of original bathroom wares, Noken (part of the Porcelanosa Group) is known for its singular attention to detail, a focus on great design and a commitment to the highest quality products. Noken’s new Oxo collection combines a series of modular elements, including countertops, shelves and auxiliary furniture—these elements can be arranged according to personal taste and need.

Oxo bathroom furniture with Xtone.

The central feature of the Oxo bathroom furniture collection is found in its use of Xtone. An advanced solid, sintered mineral compact, Xtone is a coating that achieves a high-performance surface, able to withstand all manner of demands: Xtone is watertight, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and knock-proof.

An aesthetically pleasing design, Oxo is fully customisable and Xtone supports a number of versions: Raw Smoke Nature, Liem Black Silk, Lush White Nature and Aged Clay Nature.

Oxo bathroom furniture with Xtone.
Oxo bathroom furniture with Xtone.

Magma Black from Venis

A porcelain stoneware tile collection in ‘Magma Black’ from Porcelanosa Group member Venis, was conceived with opulence and personalty in mind. Inspired by black Marquina marble, the large-format Magma Black wall and floor tiles are ideal across a wide range of settings, from bathrooms to dining rooms, and hallways to terraces.

Magma Black is especially effective in achieving a striking, clean and minimal setting.

Magma Black tile collection from Venis.
Magma Black tile collection from Venis.

Krion® Solid Surface

Krion® is a new generation solid surface that was developed by Systempool, a company in  the Porcelanosa Group family. Similar to natural stone, Krion® is made from a combination of natural minerals and high-resistance resins. Smart and versatile, Krion® is antibacterial, hard-wearing and requires minimum maintenance. Offering extensive design potential, Krion® can be used in a myriad of private, public and residential projects.

A Krion® bathroom project.
Krion® has been used throughout this penthouse in Valencia.

Gamadecor kitchens and Krion®

A union between Gamadecor, part of the Porcelanosa Group, and Porcelanosa’s innovative Krion® Solid Surface, resulted in the design of a premium kitchen. Features include a Krion® T902 Pietra countertop and induction chargers, with a Torrefacto Oak finish.

Premium Gamadecor kitchen and Krion® Solid Surface.
Gamadecor kitchen featuring Krion® Solid Surface countertop.

It’s going to be a great 2019, no?

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