25 Space-Savvy Small Kids’ Bedroom Solutions: From Bunk Beds to Smart Shelves

When it comes to rooms where you need to maximize space, kids’ rooms come only next to the kitchen! Making most of the available space in a kids’ room is particularly difficult since the little ones are pretty demanding when it comes aesthetics as well. This makes the design of the small kids’ room a difficult job which requires a balance between form and functionality. One of the easiest ways to do this is by maximizing the vertical space on offer using several different methods that are also trendy. You can start with something as simple and yet perennially popular as the bunk bed and move on to smart modular shelves and a whole lot more. This is a look at 25 of such smart ideas –

Gorgeous wood and white Scandinavian style kids’ bedroom with innovative bunk beds [From: Urbanology Designs]

The best small kids’ room solutions do not feel overly demanding on either the aesthetics or on your pocket. You want a certain sense of flexibility in the chosen idea as your kids’ bedroom needs to grow along with them and fast! Smart, sensible and stylish, these are 25 space-savvy small kids’ bedroom ideas and inspirations that you will fall in love with!

Bunk Beds that Save Space

One of our favorite ideas to save space in the kids’ bedroom, bunk beds are easy to incorporate and do not demand a lot in terms of resources as well. Having grown up in a home with four kids, we totally understand the value of bunk beds and all the practicality they bring to a small home with a single kids’ room. A wall of bunk beds is currently a hot trend and is perfect for those sleepover parties that your little ones so much love. You can even create custom bunk beds that add to the theme and style of the bedroom and do so without wasting space. Think out-of-the-box to create that amazing kids’ bedroom with limited square footage!

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Corner bunk bed with smart shelves and cabinets built into it [From: Savannah Surfaces / Richard Leo Johnson Photography]
Modern industrial kids’ room with wonderful bunk beds that make most of available space [From: Brandner Design]
Smart little bunk bed in blue in the corner keeps things casual and efficient [From: BuildHer Collective]
Spacious kids’ room with vaulted ceiling and multiple bunk beds
Wall of bunk beds for the space-savvy beach style kids’ bedroom in white and blue [From: Croom Construction Company]
White bunk bed for the dark contemporary kids’ bedroom [From: House of Orange]
Attic bedroom with bunk bed that provides plenty of storage options
Bunk beds with ropes add to the modern nautical style of the bedroom [From: PEG Properties & Design]

Maximizing Space and Corners

Many homeowners often forget that the corners are an important part of the room and have plenty to offer when it comes to smart spatial solutions. Custom corner wardrobes, shelves and cabinets can be created to meet the specific demands in the kids’ room. While open shelves allow you to create beautiful displays and can be used as bookshelves as well, closed cabinets allow you to tuck away stuff with ease. There are times when beds and bunk beds can be placed in the corner as well to free up rest of the room and to create additional play area or even home workstation.

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Design your own custom cabinet in the corner that makes most of the forgotten space
Finding the right decor to maximize the corner in the kids’ bedroom
New design for kids’ bedroom with corner bunkbed and storage above
Open shelves and closed cabinets in the bedroom combined with smart lighting
Putting the bed and the workstation in the corner frees up the rest of the kids’ bedroom
Beautiful round daybed in the corner with bookshelves all around
Brilliant modern industrial bedroom in gray with beautiful orange accents
Clever corner storage unit coupled with twin beds in the kids’ room

Creating Custom Look with Right Theme

Just because the bedroom is small, that does not mean you need to compromise on the style of the room or the space-saving solutions you wish to try out. In the small eclectic bedroom, you can try out shelves and cabinets in multiple styles while modern bunk beds can fit into rooms with a wide range of themes. Instead of just shelves, cabinets and bunk beds, you can even think of idea like a loft bed with workstation underneath or a Murphy bed to create that additional space out of nothing!

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Dashing kids’ bedroom with climbing wall, monkey bars and smart under bed storage [From: Considerate Building]
Dashing Scandinavian style kids’ room in grayish-blue
Exquisite cabin-style kids’ bedroom with rustic beauty [From: Jean Macrea Interiors]
Loft style bed for the tiny kids’ bedroom [From: WhiteRoom]
Small kids’ bedroom with walls in white, angular ceiling and ample natural light [From: Creative Space Design and Build]
White and small kids’ bedroom with pops of color to enliven it
Beautiful and eclectic kids’ room with a touch of shabby chic
Contemporary kids’ room of New York home with a map on the accent wall

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